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  1. icebergisonfire

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    Hello, I have an MBA in healthcare management and I would like to teach health care and business online. I would like to know of some schools that are willing to take on some people without previous teaching experience such as myself so that I can start my part time career as an online adjunct. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Kizmet

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    I think that reading through this thread will give you 99% of the answer to your question. However, I believe that I'm correct when I say that an MBA is considered to be bare minimum qualification for teaching on the college level. I'd suggest that you start by investigating your local communitiy colleges. Beyond that, you should look at the various online business programs like the University of Phoenix. Don't get discouraged if you don't get hired quickly, most people need to apply several times before they even get an interview.
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    Getting the first teaching position is always the hardest and I think it's harder now that 4 years ago. My suggestions (probably posted above...they haven't changed) are one or more of the following:

    -You may have to teach in person first to get skills.
    -Try a community college or technical college. Teaching skills are teaching skills but you have to find a way to demonstrate that you know what you're doing. Even teaching a training class at work or for a volunteer position would be good.
    -Walk in and talk to the dean or department head at the local community college, technical college or ITT-type program. Tell them what you want to do.
    -Sometimes people are hired at the last minute when someone else quits unexpectedly. If your name and face come to mind first, you may get a call.
    -Develop a written teaching philosophy and a sample syllabus: I scoured the web for samples when I wrote my first.
    -I'm not sure what the demand/supply equation is for healthcare management, but since not many MBAs have that concentration you may luck out.
    -I think I sent over 100 application letters before landing my first position.
    -Some of the big for-profits churn through instructors and provide training, so that is an option. For some, your Masters must be at least two years old to qualify.
  4. icebergisonfire

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    Thank you and Kizmet for your help.
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    Is this a cumulative right or must it be exercised immediately?
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    I will be graduating with an MAA shortly but am interested in teaching IT based undergraduate courses (20 years in IT, multiple certifications, BSIT).

    For an RA Online Adjunct, would the "18 credit specialization" need to be part of the MAA or could I take additional graduate level IT courses to accumulate 18 credits in IT?

    If the latter is not feasible and it must be part of a completed degree program, would looking for an MBA IT or MIS program make sense? If so, are there any fast track MBA IT or MIS regionally accredited programs that accept transfer credit (Experience, PMP, MSCE, CISSP, ITIL)?

    In the meantime I will look into filling an online adjunct role with my MAA.
  7. mbaonline

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    What's MAA? Masters in Administration? Accounting?

    For most Regional Accrediting Agencies, one just needs 18 hours. Some are picky about the pre-fix ( like History versus Poli Sci) some aren't. You could do the 18 hours as part of a program or indivdually. I did part of my Finance hours with my MBA and the remaining portion of the 18 at APU. No-one questioned it, other than to verify the 18 hours.
  8. DxD=D^2

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    master of arts in architecture? Not sure...
  9. BMWGuinness

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    Master of Arts in Administration - This did include an IT Management and Project Management course which might fulfill 6 credits of the 18. Also, my capstone will the IT Management based .. who knows. Perhaps I should look into a Graduate Certificate Program in IT (I wonder if any RA Schools incorporate higher level IT Certifications or Experiential).
  10. BMWGuinness

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    FWIW I graduate in December with the MAA, have been approved to test the PMP and once that is complete, the PMP and courses in my MAA will count toward up to 9 of the 18 credits in the IT Project Management Graduate Certificate at AMU and the program is qualified for FAFSA. AMU Degree Program: Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management Thanks for everyone's help on this. Next up is applying for positions in 2013.
  11. icebergisonfire

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    Just dropping by. I am still teaching, where I got my first job, two years later. Crazy when you think about it. I'm looking for additional opportunities now as well.
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    Does anyone know if these rates for online adjuncts changed in recent years? Have my Master’s and was thinking of adjunct. Partially because I was injured on the job. I am curious as these posts are 10 years old. Any help would be great!
  13. Kizmet

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    You might be able to find the answer to your question here
  14. Marcus Aurelius

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    Landing work as an online adjunct is much more difficult now than it was in years past.
  15. ryran874

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    Oh man. Not what I wanted to hear. Worked emergency medical services for 20 yrs and had a career ending injury. So I went and worked on getting my Master’s in emergency management. I was hoping to find work adjuncting as an aid in a career change.
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    Two new members saying the same thing within minutes? What are the odds!
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    Did you have any luck?
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    Haha.. Apologies for that. My friend was already logged in and I thought it was my account. After posting i realized. Couldn't delete the first post since i already signed out from her account. Anyway It's all for the best. I gave a recommendation which i thought to be beneficial to anyone interested. ;)
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    On one hand, the availability to do doctoral degrees online have increased the supply and on the other hand, many of the online for profit such as UoP, Walden, etc are struggling for survival due to competition from traditional schools offering online programs.
    I lost all my contracts at for profits but was able to compensate from local schools that I got from professional networks. In few words, the game has changed, the idea to send CVs online and get a job seems to be obsolete so it is more about networking in your local community and getting a job through people you know. Linked is a good tool.
    One might think that getting a doctorate might be the solution but most of the local schools are fine with an MBA or a Masters degree for adjunct work so it is more about networks that can introduce you to a school.
    The other idea is to go international, as the US adjunct market is saturated you can try Europe, Asia or other country. Sometimes the salaries at the internationals schools are lower due to high value of US dollar but at least some are still available.
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