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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Randell1234, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. John Kendrick

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    Welcome....I am new to this forum and this is my first post, it feels great to be a part of a growing internet community.

    I would love to participate with nice tips and tricks I learned in my several years of online experimenting...

  2. lilseth

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    New to the forum and brand new to this field...

    Finished with my MPA with 18hrs in Criminal Justice courses. Coming up on 2 years in state law enforcement, had 2 years in security/ loss prevention. Taught/counseled at risk youths for over 3 years.

    Want to teach CJ classes online.

    Any tips, leads, or any other information is greatly appreciated...looks like a great forum.
  3. truckie270

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    Norwich University

    I just got picked up to adjunct a few classes at Norwich University. I have been working on getting in at Norwich for quite a while and they appear to be a great school to adjunct for from my dealings with them so far.

    • $450 per student, increases to $500 per after two classes.
    • Classes capped at 16 students.
    • 11 week terms.
    • Angel platform.
  4. k_rae33

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    I will begin my first adjunct position with Argosy next month. Will I be on my own in the classroom or will there be another faculty member advising me? Do they pay more per class than South since it is 8 weeks? Thanks!
  5. Micheal1

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    National University.. their programs are great.
    Also, you might want to consider proposing an online course at your school. My school offers math and English 11 classes on line, and they have been huge successes.
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  6. Carleta

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    Online teaching jobs

    Hello everyone
    I am going to the schools website that are being talked about here( yes this is my first time on here) but I am not finding anywhere to look at possible jobs. Am I missing something or do you have to call them or how does this work. Also what are most of their requirements to teach online classes?
    Thank you all - Have to teach me the ropes here
  7. Brook Noles

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    Online teaching jobs

    Carleta and All,

    I found pretty helpful when it came to finding a list to apply to (that wasn't just an annoying spam site), with some tips on application. It seems they just started up a blog too.

    You might find it of use.

  8. akm5214

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    Norwich sounds great!

    Norwich sounds great!

    I am many years from being eligble to teach online (just a junior Psych major with a minor in Business.) However, I am planning on going for a PhD in Organizational Behavior or Psych, well see. Anyway, I want to be a professor and continue my research and writing. I am currently a Research Assistant at UT-Austin, as well as an undergrad at Penn State (World Campus). I am being considered for a position as an Online Teacher's Assistant, working virtually and through an educational consultanting firm as an independent contractor. Well see where it leads....
  9. Melisa

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    Really want to know ...

    I really like to know how much would you make if you would have only taken one course at a time?
    How do I get in to online teaching jobs??? is there mentors?
  10. Melisa

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    Hi, I am not going to lie, I am not even close to completing my degree in fact I am now starting on my jorney. I come cross this is something I want to do once I get out of the Military so I can be home with the kids. I am not looking for working my butt off working all day, I just want to make enough to put food on my table and pays bill. Something that can replace what I make right now when I leave but be flexible and not have to go deploy. I think I have some time to work my degree and get in to this job. But I have been looking to see what is the requirement is but can't seem to find where I can find all that information. I really would like to know if there is mentor or someone take me under there wings? Thanks.
  11. roncapshaw40

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    Online History and/or Composition Positions

    Anyone know of any schools out there that need online History and/or Composition Instructors?
    ron capshaw
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  12. nadp

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    choosing between Kaplan and Argosy

    I've been applying for a position teaching math online. Both Kaplan U. and Argosy U. have invited me to move to the next step - filling out the paperwork and starting the training course. Does anyone have any information or opinions as to which would be the better opportunity for me to choose? Which would be more likely to give me classes sooner, which program is better from the teacher's perspective, which is better as an employer? I'd appreciate any thoughts on these questions.
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  13. kzobb

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    Do you have any advice on how to get into Franklin or Norwich University? I am currently with Argosy and Grand Canyon University. I love them, but I am looking to expand.
  14. kzobb

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    Argosy acutally just reduced incoming adjunct pay. It used to be $2200 for undergraduate and $2700 for graduate, and now you get $1800 for graduate and $1600 for undergraduate. BIG difference. People that already work there are not affected. I just got assigned my first class, and that is what my pay will be for a 7.5 week class. And, the new dean would like adjuncts to only teach one class at a time, so you can only have 7 per year.
  15. sandford2

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    good piece of information there.
  16. burbuja0512

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    Hi - this is my first post here. I regularly am on degreeforum, but now that I'm about to get my BS, I am interested in all of the great info on graduate degrees that you've got here and will likely be popping up every now and again.

    I read through this entire thread and found it intriguing, and I have thought about teaching business classes in the future, but I could use a little clarification.

    The first thing that I find a little bit confusing is that a doctorate is preferred, however an online doctorate is generally viewed as less valuable. However, in order for someone to be a successful executive in the business world, they probably have not spent most of their life in the classroom. I would think that most execs graduate from business school, start working, obtain an MBA mid-career and work at least 50 hours a week.

    In this scenario, our hypothetical executive would be an excellent teacher because she (or he :tongue:) would have real-world business experience and could not only teach the subject at hand, but give her students pearls of wisdom gathered during a successful career in the real world.

    So, how does this person get a doctorate? If she has to spend most of her free time working in order to keep moving up the corporate ladder, and travels frequently for business, an online degree would be the only possible solution unless she were to quit her job or accept a position with less responsibility, which would seem to negatively impact the advice she could give her future students.

    Sorry,this is long and I'm not even sure I'm making sense. I guess the hypothetical executive is where I see myself in a few years. I will be doing an online MBA and was hoping that because I'm successful in the business world that an MBA plus my career would position me for some future part-time teaching position, but now I'm beginning to doubt that. I hadn't really ever thought about a DBA or PhD, but if I do, I can't imagine a program other than online.

    So.. are business programs as strict about their hiring or will a decent career in the field make up for a lack of a DBA/PhD? Would love to hear your opinions and I've found all of the info you've already provided on this thread incredibly interesting.

  17. AUTiger00

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    Because top business schools are typically in research university the schools are more concerned about high quality research than they are about classroom instruction. While someone with a wealth of professional experience might make a great instructor, they aren't trained in producing scholarly research which is what schools are most concerned about. This isn't the case with most Liberal Arts Colleges, but liberal arts colleges typically don't have business schools.
  18. burbuja0512

    burbuja0512 New Member

    Great information thank you! It also explains a lot.. I've struggled a little when I hire fresh-out-of college grads. They're full of enthusiasm but generally have two major issues: 1) They've been told that a good education will mean that they get promoted quickly, so usually waiting for that big promotion to come... within days or months and 2) Are horrible at business basics such as writing an effective email, networking, and professional etiquette. I've actually stopped hiring recent grads for entry level positions because they seem so unprepared for the work world.

    My thought had been "Oh maybe I could eventually teach part time and help these poor kids become a little bit more prepared." It sounds like my ideas, though well-intentioned, may not really be appreciated by a traditional business school.

    Any other ideas as far as teaching business part-time in the future? Keep in mind that it's ok if this isn't a good choice for me. It's not my life-long dream, just an idea I've had, and if I have to rule it out, that's not a problem.

  19. apageor2

    apageor2 Member

    Doctorate Candidate seeking insight on online adjunct positions

    I have been reading through this particular thread the past two days and it does provide a lot of great information which I greatly appreciate to all that have given it. This is the first place I have actually located everything in a reasonable understanding order for someone who is entering the academia area.

    I have been an executive all my life and decided to make the change midway while taking my MBA and "give back" because being the 60 hr grind was just a little bit too much for me to deal with [i.e. former Senior UNIX programmer]

    Sure the perks were great but you know, I can do without the egos and I can can deal without team mates that don't know the meaning of leadership when I have done my very best to guide and mentor them into success.

    Anyway, after I left and started to teach on the side by providing things like nightly HTML classes and financial business planning, it gave me a feeling of accomplishment -- In essence, that is where my mind started to open up and see the new opportunity. As I continued my education onto my Doctorate degree (currently a senior), I became more determined to move forward with this idea because I knew it was the right path for me to take on this scholar journey.

    So here I am now asking for help on the best way to enter the world of adjunct teaching before I have the Dr. in front of my name. I have spoken to my Alma Matter and received a wonderful response. Because of that, I am going to move forward and send out all transcripts and move forward with the application process.

    What I am unsure of at this time is since this is a new area I am entering, what is the easiest way of doing it for someone who does not know the ropes? I currently have a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems; an MBA in Finance and Economy; and attending my senior year in my Doctorate of Business Administration in Global Leadership with emphasis in Organizational Development.

    I did copy off the list of universities and colleges for online adjunct teaching. I also saved the summary detail another user provided regarding resume, salary detail. Thank you for supplying that detail as they will be helpful. =)

    I look forward to speaking with anyone that can assist me on this matter. Thank you.

    Note, I changed my doctorate major and it has made all the difference as I am more happier for the direction that I am going. My focus now is customized toward Global Leadership with emphasis in Organizational Development.

    Kind regards,

    Doctorate of Global Leadership Candidate -Argosy University Denver, CO
    MBA Finance - National American University -Rapid City, SD
    Bach. Science MIS -National American University - Rapid City, SD

    Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. -Robert Frost
  20. icebergisonfire

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    Would the schools in this thread still suffice for good online schools to try. I have an MBA in healthcare Management and would like to teach business and/or health care management online. I don't have an previous teaching experience. Are there any schools that could recommended for accepting entry level teachers or those without experience? That would be very beneficial to know, thanks.

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