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    Thomas Edison hiring

    Economics Mentor
    Thomas Edison State College
    State/Region: NJ
    Posted: 01/23/09

    Thomas Edison State College is seeking mentors (online instructors). Mentors at Thomas Edison State College are not full or part-time employees, but are independent contractors. Thomas Edison State College mentors are expected to meet the challenges of the pedagogies of adult and distance education and understand how to foster student learning at a distance.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    * A master's degree or higher from an institution accredited by a regional accrediting agency.
    * At least two years of previous higher education teaching experience is a requirement for consideration. Previous training or experience in the use of Web-based educational tools. Experience in Blackboard is preferred. We do not train mentors for online course mentoring.

    We are currently seeking mentors for the following areas:


    Please email a cover letter referencing the above content area along with a current C.V. to [email protected]
    Application Information

    I teach online macro and micro with my MBA and Econ BA. (This is also an accepted combination at California community colleges according to their rules.) This TESC position might be fun, but I have too much on my plate now so I thought I'd post it here so folks can see what TESC is looking for.
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    Thanks for the post. I've recently quit my full-time job to spend more time on my dissertation, but could use an adjunct position to help pay the bills.
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    Good luck to you!
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    How exactly do you answer this question?
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    I tell them to shape up or ship out! ;) :D
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    Does anyone know any schools that may be looking for ESL or Applied Linguistics/Linguistics/TESOL adjuncts? Online, of course. Community college would be fine.
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    I realize you posted this last year, but I've only recently joined the group. I have a masters degree and have just finished the additional coursework I need to meet the 18 graduate hours requirement. I've been teaching two years at the high school level and I tutor at an Asian school on the weekends. Your post was very informative; however, I am not sure how to answer the questions posted under item #11. Any pointers? Also, any ideas on where to find jobs in English/Literature? Thanks for your help.
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    This looks interesting...

    but my plate is too full now to look at it, so I thought I'd pass it along to my friends here at DI. Might be good for someone in a discipline with low demand.

    Job Title Academic Strategies Online Instructor
    Kaplan Division Kaplan University
    City Telecommuting
    State/Province USA
    FT/PT Part Time
    Job Level Faculty
    Required Working Hours Afternoons
    Job Description Purpose of the Job/Principal Responsibilities:

    Kaplan University offers academic-year, non-tenure track teaching appointments to qualified individuals who are dedicated to a high quality associates, baccalaureate and masters program. These positions offer an excellent opportunity for individuals to work with other instructors to contribute to, and be a part of, an innovative learning environment.

    Typical activities include:
    • Providing a learning environment in which students with differing learning modalities may attain success.
    • Maintaining program and course outcomes at a level to ensure appropriate workplace skill levels for graduates.
    • Reporting concerns regarding student academic progress to Academic Advisors.
    • Referring students with questions regarding financial aid, academics, attendance, and personal issues or concerns to the appropriate departments.
    • Actively assisting the University in retention efforts which may include telephoning students who are not engaged in the course.
    • Participating in institutional assessment.
    • Regularly attending and participating in faculty meetings and continuous improvement sessions.
    • Serving on University committees as assigned.
    • Assisting Chairs and Deans in developing and implementing new programs as assigned.
    • Remaining current with trends, techniques, and advances in technology that are applicable to the program.
    • Maintaining open and timely communication with students and the University via Kaplan University e-mail. Responses to student emails must occur within 24 hours (with weekends counting as one 24 hour period).
    • Providing students with appropriate guidance regarding academic excellence and attendance.
    • Completing other duties as assigned by the Academic Department Chair, or Deans.
    • Maintaining and submitting accurate and timely reports for student grades.

    Experience Required:
    - Master's degree
    - Experience with experiential learning
    - Experience with first term students at the college level
    - Experience teaching higher education, online experience preferred
    - CAEL certification preferred

    Please submit a letter of intent with your resume, describing your experience with first term students.
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    Everest, Kaplan, Ashford, and UMUC.

    Anybody have any experience teaching online undergrad for UMUC? Salary, expectations, dependability of getting a course, etc.? I have been accepted to teach, but they seem to be dragging their feet on the actual hiring process. They seem to be losing things. That concerns me.

    I teach for FMU/Everest. It is OK, but you end up doing a lot of admin stuff, which seems to take a bit of added time on top of your work. The breakdown of the assignments is also a bit annoying to me. They have a quiz, a paper, at least one discussion board, and a teamwork project due every two weeks. It seems like a lot of busy work. I spend so much time grading that my real feedback and interaction is minimized quite a bit. Each course is 12 weeks long. So, multiply all those four assignments by 6 (once for each unit), then multiply that times 20 or so students. That is a lot of grading. I only have an M.S., so I started at 1500 per class, and moved up to 1700 when I got promoted to senior instructor after a year. Add 100 to each of those numbers if you have a doctorate.

    I taught one course for Kaplan. The set up seemed great, but man they expected waaaaaay too much time for availability every day. You had office hours, weekly seminars, and I think some other stuff as well. Bottom line: If your schedule isn't set every day, don't mess with it. However, the course was great, the students seemed OK, and the pay was pretty good (especially after you teach for a while). I believe the pay eventually made its way up to 2800 per course, which is really good for an online for profit type of school.

    I never taught for Ashford, but I went all the way through their training. They offered me a course twice, but I turned it down. The process was really strange to me. They get all the way to the point that they are offering you a course, and they never tell you what you will be getting paid. Each course is 5 weeks, and your pay can be anywhere between like 800 per course and I think 14 or 1600. It didn't sit right with me that they still never told me how much I was going to make per course, so I turned them down.
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    What admin stuff - attendance?

    How much really has to be graded? Don't the quizzes grade themselves? The homeworks are stright forward and so are the team projects. I have found the time required is not overwhelming and far less them other schools. To teach online, it does require time and effort. It is not "easy money" from any school. By the way, if you find one where it is easy money, let me know. ;)

    As far as UMUC, I did intreview with them a while a ago and that was it so I guess they did not like me.
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    I thought UMUC required terminal degrees. Randall, you're close -- so maybe you'll have another chance soon.

    Not4profit, do you have a doctorate? What do you teach? Do you teach in a high-demand area that does not require a doctorate?
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    Yeah, you know, now that I think about it, the admin stuff has been reduced. Attendance is a little annoying, but not a major problem. We used to have to several academic events that required a bit more steps to them. Again, things have gotten better.

    I think my perception may also have been skewed by the fact that every couple weeks I am doing at least one or two plagiarism reports for students who think they can cut and paste from a web site without using a reference. Some semesters are better than others when it comes to this.

    Your last point was conceded (sp), but I still disagree on the grading. This is too much busy work. Yes, the quizzes grade themselves to some degree, but many of my quizzes have essay questions that I end up grading. Again, not a big deal. I was talking more about the constant papers and teamwork papers. That is a bit excessive. I can see two or three papers throughout a course. But, 6 papers AND 6 teamwork assignments? Of course, that is on top of the two or three discussion boards per unit. Tooooo muuuuuch buuuuusy work. Give em one discussion board per unit, either a quiz or a teamwork assignment each unit (I hate teamwork assignments in online classes), and three papers over throughout the course.

    I agree about the time required not being out of control, especially after the second or third time you have taught a course.
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    Homeland security, terrorism, emergency management, and security management.

    I kind of have a lot of specialized experience in homeland security/security mgt./emergency mgt, and my masters is in emergency management (which is a big part of homeland security). I think they looked at me simply because there aren't a lot of people with doctorates in homeland security or emergency management, so an M.S. carries a little more weight... for now. I'm not saying HS/EM doctorates aren't out there, but I don't think they are as rampant as the other degrees. I am also about 3/4 finished with my doctorate related to security. So, that may have helped.
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    The "At Risk" reports were my killer - I hated them but they are gone. I teach the computer classes so there are not many papers just Word docs and Excel projects. I do not deal with plagiarism issues too often since every paper/project should look the same. The homework either matches the one in the book or it does not - period. Didn't mean to be an ass and it probably came out that way. I have been teaching the same classes for 3 years so they are "easy" in a sense because I know what direction most discussion take and what issues students have with homeworks and teamworks. I think if the teamwork assignments were gone, students would be happier and things would go smoother. Just my opinion.

    If you can give any feedback on UMUC I would be interested in hearing about it. What other schools do you teach for?
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    That makes sense...

    Yes, I'd consider yours a sub-specialty where not many have doctorates in that particular area.

    Where are you getting you doctorate...just curious?
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    I was/am going to Northcentral, but I am now applying to Northeastern University's EdD online program.

    Too many things added up that eventually pushed me over the edge with NCU. It is an OK school. I guess it just depends on what you are OK with and what you aren't. I probably should have never enrolled since I have worries about the perception of online for profit PhDs. Don't get me wrong. I worked by butt off, and you definitely have to be self motivated and independent, maybe a little too much so.

    I just don't think the rest of the world sees those types of doctorates as legit... yet. I found myself defending the school without cause.
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    As big a supporter of online learning as I am, I have to agree that the perception of online for-profit doctorates is not as high as I'd like. The costs, though, are what are hindering me. I still have a few years before I want to start mine, though, so I'm hoping options open up.
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    Online teaching positions?

    Hi all,

    I have been reading through the forum posts here and was hoping someone could help me out with a question I have.

    Are there any schools that will hire someone to teach online with a BS degree?

    I have a BS in Sociology with a specialization in Criminal Justice. I am also in the process of beginning my Master's degree in Criminal Justice.

    I thought that schools may hire someone with a BS to teach Associate level classes or certification classes.

    Thank you in advance for any information.

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