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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Randell1234, Dec 29, 2007.

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    Sorry......all post-secondary institutions require a Master's degree with 18 graduate hours in the specified area they will be teaching in. The only exception would be in an adult-education area (for those attempting to get their GED or diploma). Other than Sociology or Criminal Justice, you will need to have obtained a Master's Degree.

    Probably not the news you wanted to hear but the Master's requirement assists in keeping college institutions accreditation in place.

    Though.....keep plugging away at the graduate level and you'll get there! Trust me, I wanted to teach college for a long time while working on my Master's and it was nerve racking waiting until I graduated to begin adjuncting...but well worth the wait!

    Good luck!
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    You could possibly land an adjunct position at a local community college's continuing education department. I obtained my first adjunct position at my local community college's computer section of their continuing education department, when I had only my 2 bachelors degrees. I was working on my masters at the time. I ended up creating and developing several online courses for the same department also. The pay was not that great, but I enjoyed the experience of creating courses in both a traditional and online setting. This experience is what lead to me obtaining my first fully online adjunct position, after I finished my masters.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for sharing this helpful information .
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    I realize this forum thread is about online teaching, but do you know if UoP pays the same for in-class adjunct teaching? do they pay more foron campus teaching?


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    I have not taught onground for UOP for a while, but the pay was the same as online a couple of years ago.
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    new girl in town

    I am 6 months from my Masters and then I will start my PhD, I have no experience teaching however my dream job is to teach online, is a adjunct position impossible for me to get? If not any tips?
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    An adjunct position is not impossible. You need to highlight your real-world experience and any training experience you have such as corporate training, volunteering at a community center,...anything that shows you can teach. If you do not have any of these, start working on doing something to boost your resume and gain experience.
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    Grand Canyon University

    What kind of compensation, and administrative support does Grand Canyon University offer? Also...someone said "on-line teaching certificates have questionable value" regarding the interviewing/application process. Care to elaborate? And are you including M. Ed's in that assessment, as well?
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    interesting openings

    Job openings at Kaplan.

    Kaplan has identified a position that matches your search parameters. Please click on the link below to review the position.

    These jobs matched the criteria specified for: Online
    1. Educational Paraprofessional Online Instructor (10116BR)
    2. Sociology Online Instructor (10115BR)
    3. Math Online Instructor (10114BR)
    4. Graduate Leadership & Management Online Instructor (10063BR)
    5. Graduate Business Strategy Online Instructor (10051BR)
    6. Health Information Management Online Instructor (10054BR)
    7. Human Services Online Instructor (10111BR)

    The links didn't transfer. Here's the search site address:^Y5KZxnMqS3bWwkzy6GgHPvKakVHPn37V19mg4oVBy4umuN4mZutZymqSvA7P_slp_rhc_v2mseru/AAU7DTX_C_R__L_F_A8slB1B5VQTAuYxKDxx9LGXBaQaZUR8=&ref=962009131011
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    Each school has their own certification program, so going through a proprietary program is unnecessary. I currently work for three different institutions online and had to go through training for each.
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    What do you suggest?

    How did you get hired to do it I have been frustrated. Even having extensive healthcare management experience a masters degree and a bachlors in Education I can't seem to get any bites. any ideas???
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    Send your resume out to as many schools as you can find that are looking for adjuncts in the subject you teach. It took me about 18 months to get my first one. Keep trying and it will come through.
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    This is a really good list....
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    there's nothing in your signature. could you possible repost?
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    Got this message today...lots of postings at Kaplan.^WTMuA2lPLoyDPumi2ze_slp_rhc_tPmUdg6wDr8BwPUzAbp2CYaDWwOzw/a1AqeipAmD0_slp_rhc_gqyMsCu54KLxFJ_C_R__L_F_Khwg/AD3E3Pd/7URD1JZkOq2gI4D2FY=&ref=1122200913284

    These jobs matched the criteria specified for: Online
    1. Nutrition Online Instructor (10459BR)
    2. Master's School of Higher Education Online Instructor (10677BR)
    3. Math Online Instructor (10670BR)
    4. Legal Studies Online Instructor (10666BR)
    5. Criminal Justice Online Instructor (10617BR)
    6. Environmental Science Online Instructor (10675BR)
    7. Graduate Nursing Online Instructor (10703BR)
    8. Public Health Online Instructor (10680BR)
    9. Applied Action Research Online Instructor (10668BR)
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    Western International University

    I would like to add Western International University to the list. I am in the training phase with them. WIU which is owned by Apollo Corp, which owns University of Phoenix and Axia College, has a somewhat lengthy orientation, hiring, and training phase. Students at WIU do not have an actual course management system such as Blackboard or eCollege, instead the instructor delivers 2 hour lectures (1 night per week) via Adobe Connect and has almost 100 percent total control of the designing of the course, as long as the topics align with the course objectives. Assignments are submitted via email to the instructor, there is a grading site to enter grades, but thats about it. Each course is 8 weeks long and they do not schedule lectures on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. Of course if an instructor misses a lecture, then a makeup is scheduled on Friday or Saturday.
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    Thanx randell

    I get ur list and write it in my diary...

    cleon dann
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    A note regarding online teaching..

    Two things actually..

    I'm not going to skim back and reread then quote what was written as I don't have time under my schedule. Secondly, I am currently obtaining my Doctorate degree at the moment and will be looking at positions that are beyond the MBA mind.

    Lastly, I worked for as a UNIX and MUMPS programmer for five years finally able to do something that I want to do. After which I built a project management consulting which I solely ran and operated for 15 years. During the last six years I have dedicated my life between work and going to school and now I now I am ready to make a transition from being a full time project manager to a professor.

    I'm ready to start giving back and teaching on a smaller scale just as I have done with the business leaders in my consulting group. This is only the beginning as my writing career has started to take form with teaching material for reference usage.

    At this time, I am currently completing classes for my Doctorate of Business in Information Services and nearing the ABD status. I have been reviewing options of adjunct teaching positions as that is what I prefer because of my status and secondly, I have considered two colleges at this time. One being National American University and the second as Argosy University (currently attending) as the choices are/will be my Alma Mater.

    Because of the dissertation and other involving matters all issues have been prioritized to ensure they are completed correctly and without failure.

    S. Elvins

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