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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by Randell1234, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I realize this is a thread on online adjuncting, but it seems to me the qualifications are somewhat similar to traditional adjuncting. I'm almost finished my MSEd, and could potentially be teaching a dual enrollmen education course next year at my high school. (This courses are taught at the school through our local community college.) However, as a member of our social studies department, it would be great if I could also do our dual enrollment US History and US Government courses. Government would obviously require 18 hours in political science, but I'm wondering at US History. I'm currently looking into APU's program in Ancient History, and I was wondering if the 18 hours in history (the subject area) had to be specifically in US History, or if the 18 hours could be in any part of history?

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I'd want to know for sure in the event my school asked me about it. Furthermore, if I'm eligible to do the dual enrollment courses at the high school, I'd also be able to adjunct at the community college. Most of their courses are available as FLO (Flexible Learning Opportunities) courses, which is basically a big fancy way of saying "distance learning". I just want to make sure I cover all the bases to ensure my eligibility, so any help from you all would be great.

    Matt Brent
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    Matt, have you tried Florida Insitute of Technology, apparently they have pretty some good DL programs. I've spoken with the DL Coordinator the other day and they are beefing up their programs and looking for a lot of adjuncts. They pay something like $1750 per course for 15 students but they pay more when there's more students. I'm just trying to get my foot in somewhere as I'm hoping to go into a doctoral program in the near future.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't believe they have any programs in my subject area.
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    I agree that one can generally do much better investing in the market than by paying off a low-interest loan. On the other hand, I like the idea of having zero debt and zero payments. Intellectually, I realize I should invest excess dollars in the market -- psychologically, I want to pay off my mortgage early!
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    I am right there with you!
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    Nothing says you can't do both; send some extra money every month towards the mortgage, and invest some every month.

    I think that's what the financial people call a "diversified portfolio". :)
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    Exactly! More and more as I meander through life, I realize everything is about balance.
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    Give them time. :) Since Apollo Group bought Insight Schools, providers of online high school education, that can't be far behind.

    Tom Nixon
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    Bellevue University - Adjunct Pay

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the adjunct pay rate is for Bellevue University?
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    Right now MCC (Mohave Community College, AZ) is looking for online adjunct instructors in the following areas:
    * English (General Education qualification)
    * History (General Education qualification)
    * Mathematics (General Education qualification)
    * Nutrition (Health Education qualification)
    * Philosophy (General Education qualification)
    * Psychology (General Education qualification)
    * Sociology (General Education qualification)

    I have a real good rapport with the Director of DE, and even though the website is a little outdated meaning Fall 08 and Spring 09 should not be on there.....she did ask me to put the word out on the above mentioned.

    I currently teach for them in the sciences (Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental Geology). The pay is pretty good - I make ~$2200-2400 per term/per course, since it is a lab and online course.

    I am happy.
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    Out of curiousity, how does one teach a lab course online?
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    Well, The Meteorology & Oceanography courses are not really hands-on lab oriented - they are more data interpretation and applications within a workbook...but the students receive a lab credit for it.

    the Geology courses are actually "at-home" lab kits with a detailed instruction the instructor and students can both conduct the labs at home, and if the students run into problems then the instructor can have the lab activity handy to walk through the issues.

    Pretty sweet in my opinion. It takes teaching geology to a whole new level in an online format.
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    For example, Athabasca University has hands-on labs for many of its science courses. Each lab for a course is either conducted at home or during an intensive lab-week on campus.
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    I followed this link a bit and my first impression was that this could be a valuable site. However, taking it a step further it became clear that many of the links provided simply placed you into the schools hiring page where all manner of jobs are advertised. Janitor? Cafeteria Worker? Often times there was no indication that any of the available academic jobs were for online adjuncts. There were academic faculty offerings listed but no indication that these were online courses. Of course, there were some offerings that were clearly for online adjuncts. After all, if you see an ad for NCU faculty, what's your guess? Is it online or B&M. I don't need another website to help me find the NCU adjunct offerings. What I expected was a current listing of open adjunct positions at schools that are not already known to be 100% distance learning schools. What I found was a set of links to university hiring pages. I hope nobody paid for their listing. Overall I was disappointed.
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    You've just got to think about it like it's vacuuming. Boring, but it must be done on occasion.
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    Are there any community colleges that are lookin for adjunct faculty to teach online and D.E. courses?
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    Yes, quite a few. Check

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