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  1. gary1095

    gary1095 New Member

    Congratulations to all

    Hope everyone is doing great so far in the New Year, and congratulations to everyone who has achieved so far in there life. I'm new to the online degree space, but I'm hoping it works out for me as well.
  2. Josep

    Josep New Member

    Wow!. How you manage that? How old are you now?
    I'm new here and starting to plan DL education. I'm looking for MIS study.. please provide tips.. you have excelent time management skills.
  3. 2L8IWON

    2L8IWON New Member

    One down, umpteen to go.

    I recently (December '09) finished my M.S. Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University entirely at a distance - haven't visited the campus once; not sure I will!

    I immediately (January) enrolled in the MPM (Master Project Management) at Western Carolina University. And off to the races we go...nothing like taking a breather :)

    Wish me luck!
  4. RobThurman

    RobThurman New Member

    I stumbled on to DegreeInfo back in the late 90s. Since then I did one degree traditionally- BA in Biblical Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological College, Wake Forest, NC 1999, and MA in Biblical Studies, The Master's College, Santa Clarita, CA 2010.
  5. chingontester

    chingontester New Member

    Thank you degreeinfo

    Rather than just list my exams or degree, I'd like to post what my degree has done for me.

    For those that don't know, I used to post as "cmt."

    After finishing my enlistment in the Marines I found it very difficult to find a decent job (I was a grunt for 4 years). After a string of miserable minimum wage jobs I found myself working 2 security jobs for $10/hour and trying to keep a marriage together and find enough money to pay my bills out here in Cali. I had to drop out of college a month into my freshman year because I couldn't afford it (even with my GI Bill).

    I scoured the web searching for hope and I found BAin4weeks and then this wonderful community. I'll skip through the degree portion quickly, but essentially the information everyone here gave me allowed me to complete my degree from COSC in a few short months. I think I ended up with around 160 credits from various exams within 6 months (most within about 10 weeks). I did work my tail off preparing for the exams, but I owe several people here more than I can express in words for the help and encouragement they gave me.

    Why am I so grateful? Apart from the satisfaction I received when my degree was conferred my lifestyle changed nearly overnight with that degree. I got a job in management that would never have happened without that degree and immediately stepped up a tax bracket. I moved up the corporate ladder very quickly after that to become an executive and found myself turning down VP level positions only 3 years after receiving my degree.

    Four years after finding this site I own 2 successful companies, I've saved enough for my 3 year old son's education, and I don't have any personal debt (I own my home and cars).

    My degree opened a door for me that would still be locked if I didn't have the key. I'd also like to state that if my degree would not have been regionally accredited none of this would have been possible.

    From my entire family: "Thank you degreeinfo!"

    Your advocate,
  6. oxpecker

    oxpecker New Member

    Well, here's my track record:

    University of London External Program -- BSc Geography. FLUNKED OUT
    University of Gloucestershire – BSc Theology. FLUNKED OUT
    University of London Birkbeck – MSc Structural Biology. Awarded with Distinction
    University of Southern Queensland – MIT (Master of Information Technology) in Applied Computer Science. Completed
    New York University, Intellectual Property Certificate. Completed
    Florida State University, Financial Planning Certificate. Completed
  7. cdhale

    cdhale Member

    Well, let's see. Since I first joined degreeinfo several years ago (with some long absences in the meantime):

    1. Enrolled with Abilene Christian University, working toward a Masters in Christian Education. I stopped the program when I was informed that I had 18 semester hours and they wouldn't accept any more distance credits toward the degree. Since I lived in Europe at the time, that was the only way I could complete it (would have been nice to have been told about that requirement before I started - so now I always check. Consider it a lesson learned).

    2. Sheffield-Hallam University. I started the Masters in Imperialism and Culture, but withdrew after I entered #3 below. However, I did pick up a Post Grad Cert. in the subject along the way.

    3. University of West Alabama. I completed a MA in Teaching (English) in 2007. That opened up numerous doors for me, including my present full time job teaching English at a Texas community college and several online adjuncting positions. I earn 100% of my income from positions that I am qualified for because of this degree.

    Future: I am considering a PhD, but no firm plans yet. I really don't want to spend the money it would take to do it DL. I have looked in my area at some B&M schools, but since I can't really do the whole TA route, they are pretty expensive too. So my cheapness has kept me from going forward with it. Perhaps in the future...
  8. mingan

    mingan New Member

    Another thank you for everyone at Degree Info!

    I am your typical mid-career - back to school scenario.

    In 2003 I was going back to college and due to my responsibilities, a traditional college was not an option. I found this site, and thanks to everyone here I was able to learn about accreditation.

    I got a nationally accredited bachelor's degree and I respect NA schools.
    However I Learned the importance of a regionally accredited degree here, so I went back an obtained an RA - MBA.

    I teach for Online colleges and I am a big supporter of accredited distance education.

    Thank you again everyone.
  9. ArtLover84

    ArtLover84 New Member

    I love this website

    Unlike some websites, the posters on here are very nice and helpful. This website rocks! I have found quite a few good schools to look into. I LOVE distant learning and online classes. Keep up the good work Degree Info:)
  10. Dr.B

    Dr.B New Member

    I've only been a member for a month or so, but since then, I finished the (interminable, it seems) corrections on my dissertation and, now, am done.

    Carrying that 'thing' (as I had come to call it) to the library was a major woo-hoo moment, but, at that point, I was too tired to care
  11. Lostcomm

    Lostcomm New Member

    Just completed PhD from NCU.

  12. pointclick

    pointclick New Member

    Received my MS Human Nutrition (online) at the University of Bridgeport.
  13. RoscoeB

    RoscoeB Senior Member

    I earned a PhD in Church History through the Univ. of Pretoria, S. Africa.

    Oral defense was Jan. 14. Graduation was April 22.

    I am grateful to DegreeInfo for helping to make this achievement possible.

  14. Bakz

    Bakz New Member

    Been a member since 98

    1999 AAS - Technical Studies Computer Technology -- Regents College
    2000 BS - w/ Concentrations in MIS and Business -- COSC

    Considering enrollment in WGU MBA-ITM
  15. NGC6205

    NGC6205 New Member

    I do not post here often. However, I decided to stop by and post my obligatory "I am done" post. At this moment, I have completed all the requirements for an MBA with an Accounting emphasis at Upper Iowa University.
  16. Abner

    Abner Well-Known Member

    Right on NGC!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen you around in quite some time. Congrats. I too completed my MBA from Aspen 6/10.

    Have a good Fourth!

    Abner :)
  17. Bruce

    Bruce Moderator

    Congratulations! :D
  18. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Welcome to the MBA Club!
  19. litlnemo

    litlnemo New Member

    I'm not quite ready to post in this thread yet, but I didn't want to start a completely new thread just to say hi. (When I logged in just now it said "Welcome, litlnemo. You last visited: 09-30-2003 at 10:18 PM." It has been a while!)

    When I last posted here I was partway through the CSUDH HUX MA program. Then I took an extra long time to finish (some time off and I also ended up redoing some credits because, um, they expired), and now, I just mailed in the (hopefully) final edited version of the thesis. It's been approved by the committee, so I've just been doing the usual formatting corrections for the last few weeks.

    So, unless I screwed something up, the world's slowest MA will be officially finished pretty soon now. :)
  20. Longwaytogo

    Longwaytogo New Member

    Success - at last

    Thanks to DegreeInfo for all the support and advice over the long haul - after more than 5 years, I have earned the B. S. in Psychology (at a "bricks and mortar" institution: James Madison University). I was the oldest student to complete their traditional program, I think. Did not go the "degree completion program" route.

    I started out with an online program at Old Dominion University, and all the help from DegreeInfo posters has made me feel less like a trailblazer as I found the best combination of courses and schools that would work for my situation. Having graduated with top honors and having had all my online courses count towards this objective, is almost too much to believe, considering where I started out!

    Thanks to the posters who cheered me on so long ago. Now, if I can find the right graduate program in the philosophy of psychology....want to do it online, of course!

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