Course accreditation crisis in top Ugandan Universities

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    That would be Isaac Maliyamungu. Unfortunately, I lost my father during that period (he was caused to disappear). A traumatizing period it was.
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    Oh wow, so sorry. My friend is back to Uganda, married a Nigerian woman and took him with her, He's a Pastor at the Mavuno Church.
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    Mavuno Church is in Kampala. That's about 300 kilometers from where I am
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    Awesome! How's it under Yoweri Museveni, he's been the president since 1986.
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    Congratulations to the Hon. Mr. Virani. His refugee status (Indian family - fleeing Uganda) occurred when he was one year old. He was born in Kampala, Uganda. His educational and professional record looks outstanding. I wish him every success in his new role.
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