Cal Coast to begin three doctoral programs

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by JWC, Jan 16, 2010.

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    If you'd like to post a link then post it. Your clear suggestion that your "freedom of speech" has been limited is both incorrect and insulting. So go ahead, it's not as hard as you're suggesting. You just right click... We delete links to degree mills and blatant advertisments of other sites/products. Valid, relevant links are not deleted. Your move.
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    Can someone explain to me why there is a featured pictured of a gentleman on the CCU home page with the following credentials:

    Richard Lane Hendershot, Ed.D.
    Graduate, Doctor of Education

    He is quoted as saying: "CCU is a great place for working professionals who are looking to complete their education."

    So, if CCU is just getting ready to launch their Ed.D. program next month, how did this guy already get his doctorate from them?! Did he go Back to the Future??
  3. JWC

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    He earned it prior to DETC accreditation when CCU had doctoral programs.
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    Where are you finding the info on CalCoast doctoral programs? I see nothing on their website. (Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the prospect of more DETC docs.)
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    Understood, but the APA has a more powerful lobby and schools who train educational psychologists have to listen both to the APA and to other associations, some of whom have no discernible voice...
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    I encourage you to subscribe to academic research email lists and attend conferences associated with all the various and sundry traditions of psychological research. Also, get to know some principal investigators who are actively publishing in the psychology disciplines.
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    This was just emailed out on 1/19/10:

    we have received approval to launch the following Doctor of Education Degree Programs:

    Doctor of Education, Educational Administration
    Doctor of Education, Organizational Leadership
    Doctor of Education, Educational Psychology

    We plan to begin enrolling students on February 1st!

    Thank you,

    See ya TT (Teodorito Travieso) :)
  8. japhy4529

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    This sounds fishy too me. Why highlight an alum on the home page who has a pre-accreditation doctorate, especially when they haven't even rolled out their accredited programs yet?
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    Can someone post these new programs to the EdD Sticky?
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    Not just a "pre-accredited doctorate." That sounds like the doctorate that person earned was the same as one of the ones approved by DETC. No way. CCU had to drop its doctoral programs in order to apply for DETC accreditation. They offered, for example, Ph.D. programs in several areas. Those programs aren't coming back, at least not under DETC's current scope.

    It is safe to say, given the changes CCU had to make to its degree programs in order to finally get through DETC's accreditation, that those old doctoral programs were considerably different than the ones DETC approved. DETC has standards and doesn't accredit junk.
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    Hmm, this one didn't make it to my inbox for some reason. I'm glad they are finally unveiling the doctorates. I look forward to more seeing more subjects in the future, although I am very interested to see what the coursework looks like for the Ed.D. in Educational Psychology.
  12. japhy4529

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    I had heard that CCU used to offer PhD programs prior to obtaining accreditation through DETC.

    I am still curious as to how they can promote an alum on their home page with a degree program (Doctorate in Education) that doesn't exist yet!

    So, it sounds like the two possible scenarios here are:

    1. The gentleman on the home page obtained his Ed.D. from CCU prior their DETC accreditation date (assuming that they offered an EdD back then) .


    2. The gentleman in question did not receive an Ed.D. from CCU (since they haven't even launched the programs yet).
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  13. Rich Douglas

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    They used to offer the EdD. Then they didn't. Now they will.
  14. japhy4529

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    Got it.

    I guess they can promote whatever (or whomever) they like on their home page, until (or if) someone (DETC) tells them to stop.
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    You hit upon a relevant point. Several posters with "Name it and Frame it" doctorates appear to protest the loudest regarding THEIR perception of the inferiority of DETC doctoral programs. This is ironic because these posters obtained their doctorates from a university that had its share of less than favorable publicity pertaining to questionable levels of scholarly content of dissertations and academic content of doctoral programs, resulting in the board of regents of Ohio placing their school on probation.

    How does that aphorism go regarding those in glass houses not throwing stones?
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    If the critic's perceptions are sound, then none of that matters. If his perceptions aren't sound, it still doesn't matter. Trying to insult him into silence won't put his issues to rest. You need to engage with his ideas, not just express frustration at reading them.

    As for me, I doubt that any of the current DETC doctorates would show well in competitive academic or research hiring. None look to be research productive or show very much evidence of creative intellectual life.

    That's not to say that it always has to be that way. DETC could stop accrediting so many low-end proprietorial schools and maybe try to lure something a bit more academically upscale. The NY-Regents have been very successful at doing precisely that and consequently compare very well with the regional accreditors in terms of roster strength.

    And DETC could poke its doctorate granters with a sharp stick from time to time, adding research to its accreditation standards and requiring initial and renewal applications to describe projects, collaborations, grants and publications that satisfy the standard.
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