But what if there was an internationally accredited program that is both flexible and affordable?

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    Pursuing higher level international education is a huge commitment.
    Recognised for its outstanding contribution to research and learning, UNICAF University offers programmes that are either available fully online or use the blended learning approach, which integrates e-learning with traditional classroom sessions.

    Available programmes include:

    • BSc in Computer Science
    • BA in Hospitality Management
    • BA in Business Administration
    • BSc Accounting & Finance
    • MBA – Master’s in Business Administration
    • MA Education
    • MSc Organisational Psychology
    • MA Public Administration
    • MSc in Web Design & Development
    • LLM Master of Laws
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    International accreditation?
  3. Stanislav

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    This came up before. Apparently this university is accredited in Malawi. Not at all clear how affordable this really is.
  4. decimon

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    What, you don't want a Buddy4Study?
  5. Johann

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    Indeed, we've been here before. Differing versions of whether or not you get a UNICAF diploma or one from the partnering University. Different opinions as to cost. Quite a few reservations expressed. Nothing much was clear.

    If I were looking for an ultra-cheap, accredited MBA right now (and I'm not) I'd not be sending ANY money to Cyprus for a school in Malawi - no way! I'd be choosing between Don Bosco Global (India) and University of the People (US). Living in Canada, I might lean towards Don Bosco, as (I think) it should come out to RA equivalent and do decently on an evaluation. My take: U. of the People is a very good school, but in certain instances, NA degrees don't always get as good mileage here as they do at home in the US.

    Then again, depending what I want the degree for, (e.g. to run my own business) I might not CARE who thinks what - and that would definitely influence my decision towards UoTP. Not caring sometimes makes life easier - sometimes not.
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  6. Johann

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    Isn't Cyprus where people sent money for the 30-odd "schools" in the UDP (University Degree program) scam back in the 90s? Cyprus, Romania, Israel and a Boston rabbi, IIRC. Those UDP guys had a mail-drop two blocks down the street from the house I lived in, as a kid in England. (Palmers Green - one of the UDP fake schools was "Palmers Green University")
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  8. decimon

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  9. Ted Heiks

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    There is no such thing as international accreditation.
  10. mintaru

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    That's true, but there are (outside the English-speaking world) what I would call "multi-national accreditation agencies". FIBAA, for instance, is a recognized accreditation agency in Austria, Germany, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The term "recognition" has, of course, slightly different meanings in different jurisdictions, and FIBAA is virtually unknown in English-speaking countries and many other parts of the world. Therefore, I would say this kind of accreditation isn't "international", but I think it is possible that genuine international accreditation may exist somewhere in the future.

    UNICAF University also lacks "multi-national accreditation", of course.
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    It is almost impossible to get tuition information out of UNICAF. I am not accusing them of bait and switch but their marketing approach has the potential of bait and switch by only promising large scholarship without disclosing their tuition. Their approach seems to be geared towards attracting/preying on the poor and vulnerable. If UNICAF does more disclosure it may receive better acceptance. Otherwise being skeptical is the only option at this time. UNICAF may have just lost an admirer (me) by not being more transparent.
  12. Kizmet

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  13. John Bear

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    Private press releases (like BusinessInsider) are the Apostilles of the business world. You can say anything you want, and it looks very real and 'official'.
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    Hi! I am nearly completing the USW MBA program through Unicaf, hopefully by June this year. Actually, I'm on my second to the last module. The program costs 2,935 pounds as I was given 80% scholarship. As far as I know, others were paying more as they were only given 50%-60%. I enrolled in the program because the cost is a very good deal for me.

    But I'm still thinking if USW was the right choice compared to University of the People. Can I ask for anyone's opinion on which of the two has a more respectable degree?
  16. Kizmet

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    The fact is, in the US, it's almost certain that no one will have heard of either school.
  17. Phdtobe

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  18. Kizmet

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    First of all, they're not all press releases. Secondly, you wouldn't expect anyone to simply believe every word. It draws your attention and then you do your own research. Finally, I don't think you actually have any information that indicates that UNICAF degrees have no utility or substance. You might want to actually look at some data before you get so judgmental.
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  19. Phdtobe

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    No where in any of my posts have I ever wrote that UNICAF have no utility or substance. As a matter of fact, I once contacted them but did not pursued because I couldn’t get the cost of studying.
  20. dlbb

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    Save a little money, get student loans, etc., and go to a regionally accredited US program.
    It is baffling how people continue to promote such places. Is this not a US-based web site? Certainly if you live in the target country/region of one of these places, then by all means go there. UNICAF seems to be reputable, but will be unknown and baffling to most prospective employers in the US.

    So many people here promote odd places, or even unaccredited or NA offerings. I personally would like to see discussion of such places moved to a private subforum with clear warnings, to help protect uninformed students.

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