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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Kizmet, Jun 23, 2016.

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    Works for me.
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    What do you think is going to be with property markets in the UK and the EU?
    I believe in the slight fall of prices in England and Spain. Spain will suffer a wane of demand for real estate from British buyers who were extremely active in this market. And in London the weak pound will play its part to attract new foreign investors. A sad thing that common people will suffer at the end.
    A good piece on the topic
    Pay attention to the part "the real estate market in Britain may benefit from heightened foreign interest"
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    This will only serve to hurt the UK. They'll have to negotiate all kinds of new agreements separately. Sometimes with each nation, other times collectively. It will interfere with trade. It will hurt immigration. It may chase away both Scotland (independence) and Northern Ireland (reunification with Ireland).

    It's hard to predict all the outcomes, nor their duration. But here's something: there's nothing good that will come of Brexit.
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    My casual understanding of the pro-Brexit position is that they wanted to hurt (slow down/reduce/eliminate) immigration. This may be misguided but I think it was an essential part of the reasoning.
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    The UK is still, what, the fifth largest economy in the world? I'm pretty sure they can put together reasonably favorable trade deals. And they're still Germany's most important export market, so for all the hand wringing, one of those reasonable deals will likely be with the EU.

    Maybe Northern Ireland, but I doubt it, and Scotland I doubt even more. Collectively speaking, the Scots are far enough to the left that as an independent country they simply couldn't afford the amount of government they want with oil prices at their current levels. (To be honest, it might be a good thing for England and Wales were Scotland to do it anyway.)

    Remain and Leave both offered good things and bad things, most of which would affect different people differently. For unskilled Eastern Europeans it's probably bad. For unskilled Britons it's probably good.
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    The Falklands aren't Scotland -- there's exactly zero chance the Falklanders would prefer rule by Argentina just because of Brexit. And from what I've read, there's roughly zero chance the Argentinians can invade it successfully, the UK made major changes after the Falklands War in the '80s.
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    incisive analysis
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    The author came across as a little too impressed with himself, but he did make a good point that the Tories behind Brexit are nothing more than elitists exploiting populist sentiment. What he didn't admit, though, is that the EU itself is so profoundly elitist and undemocratic in design that Brexit is still the lesser evil if the goal of British populists is national self-determination.
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    I find the EU's arrogant intention to "punish" the UK to be darkly funny. In all of the European continent, there are just TWO countries that go the the trouble and expense of maintaining a credible military establishment, France and the U.K. Since about 1940, France has uttered plenty of bombast in the best DeGaulleian manner but who really thinks much of them given their dismal string of failures since then? So if they drive the UK out of their world in a fit of exceedingly European pique, who's gonna face the Russians? Italy? Poland? Germany could have at one time but can no longer (thank God). No. The Brits have cut their defense budget dangerously close to the bone but the Empire at its end is still enormously powerful compared with the best of Europe.

    A hard Brexit will not hurt the UK in the long run. Staying in was undermining their very freedom to govern themselves. Some big financial firms in the City might get hurt; so what. And "punishment" will harm NATO, the only effective security blanket the continent has.
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