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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Torry, Sep 30, 2001.

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    This could very well be a classic case of multiple personality disorder. If so, perhaps the right medication, along with counseling, could help. Can you imagine the inner tension if someone with this problem earned a degree mill degree? One personality would be proud of the degree, while a different personality would despise it. Eventually this could lead to some really severe internal conflict! [​IMG]

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    What specific controls do you have in mind? Automatically banning accounts that use the same IP (if so, what of people who use large providers with dynamic IPs)? Unilaterally banning all accounts that don't have a name attached to them? I'm really very interested in what you think the moderators are supposed to be doing here. (And why hasn't it occurred to anyone that Michael and I might be the same person, since we're both Mississippians with an interest in graduate theological distance education who have both--as you put it--visited this obscure little forum?)


    Tom Head

    co-author, Bears' Guide to the Best Education Degrees by Distance Learning (Ten Speed Press)
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    Well you could ask for a real name and a real address and real contact phone # none of this would be for publication, only for ID checking. When a question comes up things can be checked out.

    I do not find two people from the same company coming to this forum, one introducing another to the group. WHAT I do have questions about are different ISPs at the work place? they allow you to go on the net but YOU have to pay for the service?

    My work provides access to the net but it had better be WORK RELATED! and they DO check.

    Dan Snelson
    (former CAL COAST student who is the concentration essay away from his bachelor's degree from Charter Oak State College)
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    I don't think that the moderators need to enforce any kind of draconian security measures before the event. This is just an internet discussion group and the consequences of 'terrorism' here aren't very severe. Temporary inconvenience is about all we can possibly suffer.

    Probably all of us should be treated like adults and expected to exercise a little self-control. After some offense occurs, the moderators can respond as appropriate to prevent its recurrance.

    In this particular case, I like Byran. He's been a long time contributor to the group and has made good posts. I value his contributions. I suspect he just thought that the group was a little slow lately and he hoped to arouse us by creating some (fake) controversy.

    It was kind of uncool in retrospect, he's embarassed, and I don't really see any more reason to pursue it.
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    Rich, I have been reading the messages here for a very long time. So, it's not unusual at all that I finally jumped in when someone started being accused of being two people. I've seen it happen before here in other forms: where someone is accused of being a shill until they eventually just leave.

    I have no doubt about who I am. I am Quinn Tyler Jackson, of British Columbia, Canada. I was a sporadic poster but frequent reader of AED (before it died its death). I do not know Byran or Torry from Adam, but frankly, I felt your "liar liar" accusations were unwarranted, so I jumped in. The amount of conspiracy theory that goes on...

    Keep your conspiracy theories to yourself as regards me -- because you will always be wrong if you start going on a tangent about me posting under another name.I am a busy man, and can assure you that I do not have the time to play at being other people. When I have an opinion, sir, I have absolutely no qualms about expressing it under my own name.

    I try to keep my posts civilized and on topic, but last night I was particularly amused. When you start implying that I do not have the brass cajones to stand behind my own words, I cease to be amused.

    Quinn Tyler Jackson
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    And for that matter, how do I know that Rich Douglas and John Bear aren't really Shirley Temple Black? I've never seen the three of them in the same room together.

    My suggestion is simple: anyone accused of using more than one name ought to engage in a game of rock-paper-scissors with a accusor. The loser buys the winner a bottle of root bear.

    Quinn Tyler Jackson
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    Great. Now how am I supposed to get the image of John singing "The Good Ship Lollipop" out of my head?
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    Oh it is not the singing it's the dancing in a dress that is the image burned into my brain [​IMG]
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    Of course I don't speak for any moderator except myself, but I think the current system has worked well for the most part. Enacting PITA requirements for joining will, IMO, just discourage people from participating. Only the most determined people will go through the process, and we all know spammers and troublemakers are among the most determined groups of all.

    To ban someone, we moderators have an ultra-secret meeting, confirming our identities through face-recognition software, fingerprints, retinal scans, and DNA testing, before we don our hooded robes to cast our whiteball/blackball votes... [​IMG]

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    I feel so very insignificant after reading this statement--"obscure little forum." I really thought that I was participating in a forum which was read by literally millions. [​IMG]

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    <snip>This could very well be a classic case of multiple personality disorder.<snip>

    This is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder and has now become a very challenged and questionable diagnosis. I recommend the book HOAX and REALITY by psychiatrist August Piper, Jr.
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    The primary question on the minds of psychiatrists is whether it is permissible, in such cases, to send a separate bill to each identity. [​IMG]

    Gus Sainz
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    <snip>The primary question on the minds of psychiatrists is whether it is permissible, in such cases, to send a separate bill to each identity.<snip>

    Actually there are documented cases of psychiatrists billing BOTH personalities and being convicted of fraud.
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    What discourages me from posting is that certain members have diplomatic immunity, and can accuse whomever they please of dual identity and shilling.

    I had considered starting to participate here, but decided against it after Dr. Bear's insinuation that I am Byran and Rich Douglas' assumption (by the use of Quinn/Byran/Torry in a single address).

    Since I don't expect either of these people to apologize or retract, I will instead just leave. Nobody would dare ask them to retract their statements.

    Talk about discouragement.

    Quinn Tyler Jackson
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    I apologize for my last post. I let my ire get the better of me when I should not have.

    I have no ill will against anyone, and my comment about "diplomatic immunity" was uncalled for.

    I have asked a moderator to remove my account, realizing full well that I do not wish to post here if all it's going to do is make me touchy.


    Quinn Tyler Jackson
  17. Rich Douglas

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    I cannot determine whether or not I was correct in my assertion. I did not throw the first stone in this, however. Both the vitriol and the multiple identities began with another person or other people.

    Didn't this all start with the merits of Century University? That is where it should have stayed. Take a look back at the thread and see right where the emphasis changed.

    BTW, every time someone props Century, I'm going to respond. I would prefer to leave it at that, thanks.

    If I was wrong, I apologize. If I am right, so be it. Either way, it is moot, and certainly worth dropping.

    Rich Douglas
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    <snip>I have asked a moderator to remove my account, realizing full well that I do not wish to post here if all it's going to do is make me touchy.<snip>

    I hope you stay. I was accussed of being someone I was not on the AED forum. This forum is much more professional and void of the cruely, name-calling, attacks insults, profanity and otherwise stupidity that so characterized the AED. So, please stay. The more on here the more debate and the more we all learn.
  19. Torry

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    I see.

    I see that I should make an apology to John Bear Phd. I'm so sorry that all the businesses (which I'm sure that you know them all), do not operate around the clock in your area. I'm also very sure that you know what I do for a living, that I have to share workstations and pay for my own internet provider. I'm very sorry that 2 person from a group cannot share the same interest, and cannot work in the same company because we hold opposing views. Beautiful. Oh, and I'm very sorry that I did not include my CV in this forum before registration so you can check me out.

    Mr. Douglas, I admire your determination and apologize for causing you hypertension from reading my posts. One thing to prevent your veins from exploding is not to talk like you're God. If your assertion of speaking to a "ghost," is based on the mixture of IDs between byrann and me. I advise you not to talk like as if it's a fact. Btw, I still have a problem with your logic. While I don't have any reasons to believe that your flawed logic maybe an indicator of your education from National University, you might want to review Occam's razor. You wrote something like "2 user sharing the same computer and got screwed by IExploer, and because my buddy signed his name and the post was under my name, simpler logic would be to blame bryan." Very amusing there, Mr. Douglas. So if there was blood stain in my shirt at a murder scene, then the simplest way would be to blame me. Good, very good for you.

    You know what, I was just thinking about something. You think I'm a phony? I'll make sure you're wrong, just as wrong as calling levicoff a lonely man, asserting most employers do not know or care about unaccredited degrees (and now claims most don't know only), and choosing MIGS. Boy, this is getting even more entertaining.

    1)Call up, or email Century University and check your assertion that bryan lee is a student there.

    2)Earon lives in Vancouver. Let him be the judge so that I can come out for beer. Arrange this with Earon.

    3)Ask the administrators here to give you my IP and byran's ip addresses. Do whatever you can do with those numbers. Do whatever you have to do to find the names of the the accounts which they are billed to. Whose names are on the creditcards? Tell those internet people to email me or to call me for consent.

    4)Don't propose solutions. I want you to falsify your conclusion that I'm a "ghost." Do what you want to do, and plan what you have to do.

    5)There is a catch though. Unless you're going to post an apology here to me, and to byron especially, in front of all board memebers, don't bother.

    6)You have 2 weeks to arrange for all this.

    7)If you need more time, let me know.

    8)I don't think Mr. Tyler should be involved and I'm sorry that he was dragged into this. But if you think he's a "ghost" too, ask him , and see if he wants to come out for beer too. Check his IP if he'd let you. I'm quite liberal already.

    9)Make this a legal agreement, $500US is yours if I lose, and $500US is mine if you lose.

    10)Go at it. Otherwise don't say another word about it.

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    I'm still curious, as another poster was, why each of you (or either of you) must have an ISP for a workstation that you share at work.

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