600 € for a PhD in Spanish?

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    I read a lot about this evaluation thing by WES or other similar institutions on degreeinfo or the other board. Why is that have such an important thing in the USA?
    Only for immigration purposes when a foreigner wants to move to the USA? Or any other reasons?
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    As the US and Canada welcomes people from all the world every year, employers normally require a foreign equivalency degree for jobs that require university education. WES is the most accepted evaluation service, if they say that your degree is equivalent to an American degree, many places like Universities, government, etc will honor the evaluation and recognize your level of education.

    Here we discussed places like ENEB, UCN, Azeteca, University of San Juan, etc. In the real world, these schools have no name but they can become powerful if they come with a NACES evaluation service equivalency certificate as this might mean a 100K+ job in the government if you hold a degree in demand like Psychology, business, engineering, etc.

    An American or Canadian, would prefer an ENEB or UCN degree if a WES certificate can be obtained than a local school with no accreditation.

    For this reason, WES is very picky in their evaluations.
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    That's one possibility. Another is simple arbitrariness.
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    Foreign degree evaluations are in much greater demand because foreign degrees are getting much more use here in the U.S. Part of this is due to the international community--people working and moving all over the world. (My daughter-in-law's brother works for an American company's London branch from his home in Bulgaria.)

    And part of it is the schools' ability to deliver education and degrees to students all over the world. Thus, employers will come across them in increasing numbers and their inability to understand what they're looking at will only get worse.

    As for WES, I get my advice from Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson.
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    I've never seen it myself, I only heard about it from a reliable source, so I'm curious... Do you know if there was an evaluation for education purposes, too? I know it might be a dumb question, but considering that it's WES we're talking about, the evaluation for education purposes could return anything.
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    I found this out from the following post from degreeforum.net:

    Interestingly enough, these are not evaluations on paper but badges using the Credly system. I'm just now finding out that WES uses Credly. Credly is a system used by ACE and other MOOC-type programs for validation of continuing education which can be used for professional development and academic credit. Since Credly uses criteria for a program or university to be accredited, my guess is WES recognized Universidad Isabel I as the accreditor of ENEB and thus issues a badge that gives ENEB full recognition. This is from WES Canada where the badges listed Universidad Isabel I as the institution instead of ENEB.

    When we received the WES USA evaluation for ENEB, it listed ENEB instead of Universidad Isabel I and during that time WES was not using Credly as they only had started in 2021 and the WES USA evaluation was in 2020 if I am not mistaken. It may be worth it for someone to try getting ENEB evaluated through WES USA again as this Credly badge system may be a solid reason to produce the result we've been waiting on. If you look at the links through degreeforum.net, you will find several badges for Universidad Isabel I being given full recognition from WES Canada. We haven't found this for WES USA however but this may be enough to persuade them.
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    Evaluations are subjective, I evaluated a degree from Australia with both WES USA and WES Canada. WES USA gave less credits for the doctorate than the WES Canada evaluation. I grieved and eventually became the same but one person might give one evaluation and another person another evaluation.
    However, WES keeps a blacklist of schools that will not recognize like Azteca, UCN, etc but as Rich said, just shop around and someone else might recognize them. Propio degrees are not well understood well so a service might say it is equivalent to a masters degree while others not.
    Things get more complicated if you are applying for a license because course requirements are very specific so a degree in engineering from Mexico might not qualify you to be an Engineer in Canada or US. Same for others like Medicine, Accounting, etc.
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