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  1. Neuhaus

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    So perhaps this minimal level of due diligence should be performed before we declare it to be a fraud next time?

    The first was so easily explainable (that the school's HQ is in SA) that I'm a bit confused as to how you could possibly try to write it off as a trivial detail. The second, while certainly an opinion to which you are entitled, basically leaves no room for any school to ever become RA.

    It seems these days we have two extremes; we have accreditation doesn't matter at all versus accreditation is the only thing that matters. But now we're also starting to see non-academic training making a resurgence in terms of employer acceptance. So, perhaps, we can find a happy place somewhere in the middle.
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    Black or white is sooo much easier AND it's much more fun to get all strident with everything.:soapbox:
  3. heirophant

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    I'm only guessing, but it might conceivably have something to do with enabling WCBC&S to qualify for Texas postsecondary education licensing.

    Scroll down to 'subchapter G' here:


    I'm curious whether the Dallas branch of this thing has all of the necessary TX approvals.
  4. Johann

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    Is this what you need to see, Heirophant? The good ol' "religious exemption." That's all.

    "WCBCS has received a letter of authorization to operate in the state of Texas and to offer degrees in religious studies. Additionally, WCBCS has obtained authorization from the Texas Workforce Commission to operate in the state of Texas. Also, on October 3, 2011, WCBCS obtained a letter of exemption from the Texas Workforce Commission as granted under Texas Education Code, Section 132.002(a)(2). See the letter here:"


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    Well, I do now. Here it is: 8528 Koni St, Tsakane, Brakpan, 1548, Gauteng, South Africa


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