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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Randell1234, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. PhD2B

    PhD2B Dazed and Confused

    The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines wash out as, "One who fails in a course of training or study." By this definition, I have not washed out of any schools. However, I have changed schools quite a bit. ;)

    My doctoral pursuit has left the following trail of schools.

    1) Northcentral University
    2) Old Dominion University
    3) Northcentral University (returned to NCU after my less than satisfactory experience with ODU)
    4) Dakota State University (currently taking my last class for the MSIS)
    5) George Washington University (attended for one semester, took 2 classes, and earned 2 A's)
    6) University of Maryland, College Park (will begin fall 2009)
  2. twosidneys

    twosidneys New Member

    I think that there is a real market for a RA university to set up some sort of masters degree in ... (continuing education?, liberal studies?, arts?, further education?) and let us transfer in 30 semester credits of RA graduate courses for a completed degree. They could make some money from application fees and/ or graduation fees - say $1,500 in all. If a person had less than 30 semester credits, they could transfer more courses in later to complete the degree, and pay an annual fee to do nothing at about $400 a year. No complex rules.

    Do you think any enterprising university would do it? It would be respectable.

  3. tomlazarus

    tomlazarus member

    great job man, :) i got washed out from V-tech in molecular physics, 2001 :)

    was almost on the verge of a an absolute nervous breakdown
  4. PhD2B

    PhD2B Dazed and Confused

    Now that sounds like a nasty major! ;)
  5. cumpa

    cumpa New Member

    I left the DPA program at Valdosta State shortly after starting. It felt like I was repeating my entire MPA program. I also wasn't dealing very well with the liberal leaning professors and their guidance of the discussions. I also had recently been promoted at work and was adjusting to that so the timing just wasn't right. It's a great deal and I hope the other members who are still in the program are plugging away. I'm not sure if I'll pursue anymore education, but if I do I'm leaning towards law school perhaps down the road.
  6. abnrgr275

    abnrgr275 Member


    It sounds like you had quite a bit going on when you were enrolled in the DPA program at Valdosta State. Every doctoral program I've looked into seems to touch on many of the same courses one would have completed at the masters level, but isn't that the point? To produce an expert researcher/scholar in a given field? The only way I could see someone getting out of these courses would be to complete a PhD in an entirely different field than one's masters program or go the research-only route common in many overseas programs. I looked into Indiana University's PhD in Criminal Justice program and they require that doctoral candidates complete several introductory courses at IU and specifically state that those course requirements cannot be transferred into the program.

    I'm keeping the DPA program at Valdosta State on my short list but I've heard that Indiana State may be starting a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice in the next year or two and will be looking into that once it comes out now that I live an hour or so away from the main campus in Terre Haute. I hope your promotion is going well and you are successful in whatever educational goals you pursue in the future.

  7. cumpa

    cumpa New Member

    You're right it probably is the point, but for me I just didn't want to repeat everything. The criminal justice program sounds interesting. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that one.
  8. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Well ...

    I was about ready to count it as a wash for financial reasons, but ...

    I started thinking about WNMU's online MAIS program last summer, but I waited until about five days too late for the Fall 2008 application deadline. I was accepted for Spring 2009 admissions but didn't get word on my financial aid until too late (procrastinated too long getting the transcripts in). Was ready to count that one as a wash. Finanally managed to get my application for re-admissions in for Summer 2009 and got my financial aid application accepted in goos time too! With Katherine Warren's help, I got enrolled in HIST 514 History of the Southwest and also successfully registered for POLS 520 Economic Development of Latin America (begins July).
  9. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Yay for you Ted! I'm really happy for you. We definitely want to hear about your progress.

    As for me, I'm still knee-deep in the Old Testament, New Testament as well as the Apocrypha. Then hours and hours of other Great Books selections for this 3rd of 4 parts for my second course. Gaaaa!
  10. aklover

    aklover New Member

    Washed out

    I washed out of Penn Foster College. Got the materials and they were out of date, I almost laughed. Curently attending California Coast University and the University of Alaska Anchorage. Will soon wash out of UAA, they just do not offer much online, but I will finish CCU. Looking at OSU, they have some great online degrees and tuition I can live with. Online learning rocks!
    Patricia in Wasilla AK
  11. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Pat -- is that Oregon State or Oklahoma State? Just curious ..... I didn't know about either one's online degrees, but I was looking for Master's programs. Always interested in other colleges just to keep my options open.

    I did OU (Oklahoma) Bachelor of Liberal Studies, even finished, woo hoo! Then washed out of the Master of Liberal Studies there, twice, probably because it was just more of the same as my Bachelor's program. Guess I'm a slow learner.

  12. redwingsguy

    redwingsguy New Member


    Patricia....Just curious...Do you know Sarah Palin?!
  13. honesroc

    honesroc Member

    I washed out of an undergrad program (Polish Studies) at Central Connecticut State University.. not for academic reasons, but for a lack of funds. It's a shame.. I loved that school.
  14. sideman

    sideman Well Known Member

    What was/were the subject/s that you were studying at Penn Foster?

    Sideman Jd
  15. jayncali73

    jayncali73 New Member

    Hopefully this is not off topic too much!

    I wanted to update my entry for future lurkers....

    I have "washed back into" my South University program; I am about half way done. The negatives mentioned above are still present but the instructors and classes are very good. I have decided just to buckle down and work through it until I finish.

    I really like the course line up, it has a mixture of organizational behavior, negotiations and personal leadership classes. All the stuff you would need to know to run an organization. I like the 5.5 week class format, although you do work your tail off. Each week you typically have two discussion questions (250 word min), two papers (3-5 pgs ea) and a mountain of reading to do (avg 40-50 pgs). They are very strict on APA formatting and require you to incorporate outside research into your course work; so just using the book won't cut it.

    To date all of my instructors have had Ph.D's, been very strict but have given excellent feed back on my assignments. The work load is manageable and I do not think the instructors demands are unreasonable. It is a masters program and you do have to pass the comps in your last class so all the help I can get on the way will help me in the end.
  16. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Hi Jay - I think it's great that you decided to wash back into a previous program. It sounds like you've found a way to make it work. That's great perseverance. I hope that you can keep it rolling.
  17. heimer

    heimer New Member

    I washed-out of UMUC undergrad in 2000 to wash right back in 2005 and complete my BS a few years later. Also, washed out of Mountain State's MSSL online program right after orientation (Nothing wrong with the program - I just got accepted into a B&M program last minute and opted for that.)
  18. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    That's such an impressive washout history that it almost doesn't qualify as a washout. Nice work! Which B&M program?
  19. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Why would OSU necessarily mean Oklahoma State University or Oregon State University? Ohio State University http://telr.osu.edu/resources/distance.htm offers online bachelor's degrees in business, online master's degrees in nursing practice, and online doctorates in nursing practice and pharmacy.
  20. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Washed Out ... But May Wash Right Back In

    This past summer, one of the administrative gnomes at WNMU decided to perform a server change mid-semester. I ended up locked out of the online classroom for two weeks out of a foreshortened eight-week semester. Having lost 25% of a mini-semester, I fell irreparably behind and could see no recourse other than to withdraw from university. But Katherine Warren, the Program Director, assured me that I was welcome back. I just met a new friend who was able to assure me that, provided that those two classes are Ws and not Fs, I will likely still be able to qualify for guaranteed student loans. I will try to wash back in in the Spring of 2010.

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