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    My Story

    3 Semesters at Eastern Washington University - Couldn't decide on a major, wasting money and time.

    7 Courses from Chapman University, Campus on base at 29 Palms, CA. PCS'd from California to Oregon.

    1 Class from Amberton University, decided to try face-to-face courses at another school.

    5 Courses from Webster University at Fairchild AFB, WA. Liked them enough but couldn't decide on a Masters degree to complete. Change my mind 3 times. Could not take the 3 hour a week classes.

    Enrolled at Fort Hays State University, but never actually took any courses.
  2. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Hey Ted, long time no "e"!! Hmmm, I guess my answer is -- my daughter lives in Oregon and I earned my bachelor's from U of Oklahoma. So it's all contextual -- Ohio is on your radar. Didn't mean to slight your great state -- my kid was just accepted into U of Cinci med school. So, now Ohio moved up on my list.
    How are ya, whatcha been doing? I changed my HMU program from religion/philosophy to political science. Taking a little rest between my courses so I'm lurking here again.

  3. Ted Heiks

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    No offense taken. I've lived relatively near all three OSUs. I lived in Ohio from 1962 to 1963 and 2001 to 2009 and Michigan from 1966 to 1978. In Big Ten country, OSU means Ohio State University. I lived in Colorado from August 19, 1978 to August 19, 1986. In Big Eight (now Big Twelve) country, OSU means Oklahoma State University. I lived in Washington from August 19, 1986 to August 1, 2001. In Pacific Ten country, OSU means Oregon State University. So, I know of three OSUs and all three offer some DL.

    Well, I was in hospital from 13 October to 22 October. I had inadvertently forgotten about six weeks of meds for my diabetes and my manic-depression (bipolar). I had been back on my meds for about three weeks when, at a Diabetic Education function at the local hospital, I began having "racing thoughts" (a sign that one might be about ready to go out on a wild manic swing). I told the nurse about it and she convinced me to go to the local community mental health agency for a psych eval (instead of going straight home as planned). Initially, I was a bit ticked about being put on psych ward but I had a major attitude adjustment when I found out that my sugar levels had been 299 when I entered hospital (sugar levels should be 80-120). Further, I was told that sugar levels that high can put one into a diabetic coma. I was placed on the smaller side of the ward (there were only 4 other people on my side of the ward). One of my fellow patients has already come up to see me sing karaoke and another is planning to do so soon. Since getting out of hospital, I have been working on family history materials for a couple of cousins 18 and 21 years my junior. One of my cousins had a child earlier this year. I discussed with these two cousins their willingness to save the name Lamar in the Heiks family (I am 47 and childless) and one of them said yes. I'm also in process of developing a business plan class to be offered through a local social club and through my church. I dressed up as Frosty the Snowman for Halloween karaoke. I'm going to have my sister-in-law take my pics as Frosty the Snowman and email them to me so I can email relatives. I've got all my Christmas gifts wrapped. Tomorrow, I will be making mediaeval pine nut Christmas candy for a church dinner.

    EDIT: Oh! I've also been helping my 17-year-old nephew research schools.
    And I just got back from karaoke.
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  4. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Good heavens man, you're busy! I hope you're feeling better, sure sounds like you are.

    I understand about the diabetic thing tho. My husband recently had lab tests come back with fasting glucose level at 159. He was diagnosed last year as diabetic and he doesn't even do his daily testing any more. He thinks just taking metformin will take care of everything, plus he eats all kinds of junk food. When I found his hidden stash of Halloween candy I threw it out. He accused me of "stealing" it!

    Sigh. What are we of the female persuasion gonna do about you menfolk? :eek:

    So I read about your unfortunate incident with your latest course. Are you planning on continuing next year? What university is that, where you had the troubles?

  5. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    I had taken a couple of 8-week courses last summer at Western New Mexico University www.wnmu.edu and I had some technical problems logging in to the online classroom (probably had something to do with a server change mid-summer). I'll be re-applying to WNMU. I'm told I'm welcome back.
  6. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Well you educated derelict, I hope they got their act together. Yep, ya gotta keep up when you only have those 8 weeks. I checked out online courses at Excelsior -- 8 week courses were too much work! I enrolled in a 12 week course and couldn't stand it. The assigned readings were outdated garbage and there was only one other student! That made it really hard to get some good discussions going so I dropped out. Then I had to scramble to replace that course with something else for HMU.

    I'm still paying for that mistake. I chose Spinoza's Ethics based entirely on the number of pages -- it's only a 1 credit course and I picked Machiavelli and Spinoza, for a total of about 165 or so pages of reading. Didn't pay attention to the details -- Spinoza uses the form of geometry to "prove" his philosophical points. I'm brain dead when it comes to geometry and I look at those triangles and such, then I panic. He's tough enough to read without trying to understand his arguments in such a form.

    Worra worra worra.
  7. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Find out whether your local hospital teaches a diabetic education course. Does he even know how to test himself? Is he afraid of needles? Diabetics should not be living on junk food!!! ;)
  8. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Ah, he's been to the classes, he's read the books, he subscribes to David Mendosa's newsletters, he has several test meters, hundreds of strips. He doesn't like needles but his newer meter allows testing on his arm, yet he won't do it. He just ignores everything (except food) and hopes the problem will go away. He's also about 75 lb. overweight, which sure doesn't help, huh? His overeating turns me off so much I've shrunk to 90 lb. I guess you'd call us Jack Sprat and his wife, but in reverse.
  9. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    cutedeedle: I see you're on Whidbey? How close are you to Oak Harbor, WA?
  10. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    We're in the rural south of the island, about an hour's drive (one way) to Oak Harbor up north. We call it "the big city." Pop. about 20K or so in O.H. We've been here exactly 6 years to the day and I'm still not used to the inconveniences.
  11. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    The reason I asked is because I am in the Village of Oak Harbor, Ottawa County, Ohio.
  12. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Well that's a hoot! I checked out your town -- it sounds like it's fairly rural. I've visited Cleveland and Cincinnati in the past, my daughter will be at Case Western in December to interview there.
  13. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Oak Harbor, Ohio is very rural.
  14. cutedeedle

    cutedeedle I speak Geek. Will translate on request.

    Then do you have livestock and such, crops, what .... ?
    It's all I can manage to feed my two dogs. :D

    I wouldn't like to be living in this place by myself. It's a really tough life here on the island and we only have 1/2 acre. When The Hubs passes on to that great synagogue in the sky I will definitely need to move.
  15. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    I personally don't own any livestock or crops, but in the area there are many farmers raising cattle, pigs, corn, and soybeans, just to name a few.
  16. Love2Learn

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    Why do some have more than one Bachelors degree? what is the purpose of having 2 Bachelors degrees and 2 Masters degrees? I don't understand why some people have so many degrees. I can understand if that person is changing careers but to have so many degrees and to continue one's education, one could be considered a professional student (part time "job") LOL
  17. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    I have two of each because one set is RA and one set is NA.
  18. Love2Learn

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    Okay. I see one is Regionally Accredited while the others are Nationally Accredited..
  19. In my case I have completed a BA and a masters degree in politics and am now working on a masters degree in history. The reason is that I am keenly interested in both subjects and always had in the back of my mind that I would like post graduate degrees in both. All being well, I may do something beyond that, either a masters in a different field or a doctorate in one of my areas. Maybe both.

    I am in Australia where doing combined or double bachelors degrees is quite common. In fact, I read that it is becoming the standard. There is a wide variety of degrees that can be combined. One person I know has a law degree and an engineering degree. Some universities are now promoting combined masters degrees eg MBA/M Info Tech, MBA/M Project Mang etc. I think we will see more of that.
  20. 03310151

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    We do it to make people with only one degree feel bad :rolleyes:

    In my case (2 Associates, 2 BA's, and working on MBA) I am an expert at utilizing military tuition assistance along with my active duty GI Bill so that when I attend school, I actually get paid to do so. I make around $400-$500 per month.

    In my case I only go to school to make money. Once my GI Bill runs out, I'm done with school. And, I can hardly wait for that day. Although I will need to pick up a second job in order to supplement the income, that will suck.

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