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    "The new Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs will be released on 10/1/2009. We are excited about these new academic catalogs and the enhanced curriculum and degree programs; once launched, you can view the new courses that have been added and the various programs have been updated. Please know that as an active student, you will remain in your current degree program and will continue to follow your current catalog version."
  2. bazonkers

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    AMU's new catalog rolled out yesterday. I'm not sure of all the changes but there is a new concentration of Public History in the MA History program.

    Concentration in Public History (18 semester hours)

    Whether in archives, museums, cultural resources, historical editing, or heritage tourism, public history is the presentation and interpretation of the past to the public. Public historians should not merely learn the technical aspects of a given field; they should also be versed in the historiography and methodologies of contemporary scholarship so that they can apply skills and knowledge in the public realm. In that regard, even they work in a variety of professional venues usually outside the academy, public historians share roles as researchers and interpreters of history with their academy colleagues. Public historians find employment in archives, museums, historic preservation agencies, historic sites, cultural resource firms, national parks and forests, editorial positions, and historical agencies.


    Upon successful completion of this concentration, the student will be able to:

    * Categorize and assess important historical developments in public history and identify the intellectual, ethical, and professional issues that public historians confront.

    * Evaluate and verify current institutional collection policy and practices based on standard archival and records practice.

    * Establish and reconstruct the processing of a collection: arrangement and description, preservation and digitization, and develop the skills necessary to successfully undertake applied research.

    * Test and apply the use of oral history techniques and methodology to demonstrate how oral history supports a diverse resource base and audience across interdisciplinary fields.

    * Distinguish and prioritize issues such as the relationship of collections and landscapes to identify the intersection of commerce and culture; and the influence of museums and exhibitions in preserving a view of the past and developing an image of progress.

    * Prescribe and test the selection criteria for strategies for preservation, metadata to support digital preservation, maintaining the integrity and authenticity of digital materials, management of digitization and digital preservation programs, risk management, and disaster recovery.

    * Manage and improve field experience and practicum in applied public history.

    Concentration Requirements (18 semester hours):

    * HIST521 - Seminar in Public History
    * HIST522 - Archives and Manuscript Management
    * HIST523 - Theory and Practice of Oral History
    * HIST634 - History, Theories, and Contemporary Issues in Historic Preservation
    * HIST635 - Museum and Exhibition Culture
    * HIST636 - History and Digital Preservation

    Elective Requirements (6 or 9 semester hours)

    Select from other graduate courses not taken to meet core or concentration requirements. It is recommended that students choose courses from Military Studies, Military History, or History courses to fulfill elective requirements.

    Final Program Requirements (0 or 3 semester hours)

    Select 1 course from the following:

    * HIST696 - Practicum in Applied History (3 semester hours) - Taken once all other degree requirements have been met. The Practicum Version Option will satisfy 3 semester hours of an elective requirement. Students who select a concentration in Public History are required to take this course as their final program requirement.

    * HIST698 - Separate Comprehensive Examination (0 semester hours) - Taken once all other degree requirements have been met.

    * HIST699 - Master of Arts in History - Thesis (3 semester hours) - Taken once all other degree requirements have been met. The Thesis will satisfy 3 semester hours of an elective requirement.

    Total = 36 semester hours
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  4. bazonkers

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    They really need to offer that Public History track as a Certificate program as well.
  5. mattbrent

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    Any word on doctoral programs at APU/AMU?

  6. Ron Dotson

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    Last email I got...

    ...after an inquiry that I made, I was told that "I don't expect any programs or courses to be offered, if we gain approval, before 2011" (this from someone in Program Development). Sorry if this is old news to everyone.

  7. Tireman 44444

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    Hang in there, it might be sooner than you think. That is all I can say....
  8. imalcolm

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    I noticed that they added a new Aerospace Science concentration in the Space Studies Master's program. I'm doing the Planetary Science concentration, but might consider switching eventually.
  9. bazonkers

    bazonkers New Member

    No word on the doctoral programs.
  10. Malajac

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    Ok, with all this attention devoted to history programs I'm really starting to fall in love with AMU/APU now. :) Isn't the Associate's/Bachelor's in History also new, I don't remember it being offered the last time I was on their site? The site redesign is also nice, I'm glad they removed the "accredited online university", it sounded too millish for such a nice university.

    Also it seems all the courses in the Ancient and Classical History Master's program/concentration (maybe others as well) now have just one required textbook to buy. :)

    I hope they don't decide to increase prices as well.
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    I'm definitely enjoying my studies at AMU. The requirements are challenging and I am really learning both history subject knowledge as well as how to be an academic historian. I have no regrets so far.
  12. 03310151

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    My thought exactly. Oh well I'm down to my last two courses, so it wont be too bad if they raise tuition.

    Great school.
  13. raristud

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    A masters degree in psychology is in the works. In my opinion, a graduate program in legal studies would do nicely for a library science graduate interested in law librarianship. They now offer a masters degree in legal studies. I like the changes they are making. There are more choices and variety in course selection. I would like to see an ED.S program or even a specialist degree in Psychology.
  14. truckie270

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    AMU/APU is quickly becoming one of my favorite adjunct gigs. I have been there since 2007 and have seen programs and the school moving in a very positive direction - they are very progressive from an adjunct perspective.
  15. brow276

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    I'll be sold on this school when they get their ACBSP Accreditation. Other than that, it seems like a wonderful distance learning school.
  16. mbaonline

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    Truckie, I sent you an email. Did you get it?
  17. mbaonline

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    Another new APUS program...

    besides the MA in Legal Studies. It's a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, which might be a good for degree completion.

    Here's the email I got:

    I am pleased to announce the addition of two new degree programs, a Master of Arts in Legal Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies. These programs are now available to students of American Military University and American Public University.

    The Master of Arts in Legal Studies is a 36-credit degree program designed for students who wish to develop a better understanding of the law as it affects their careers, but are not interested in practicing law. Classes range from Criminal Law and Advanced Legal Research and Writing to Islamist Lawfare and Contract Law. This program complements our associate degree in paralegal studies and our bachelor's degree in legal studies and will help students continue their study of the law.

    Professionals most likely suited for this program are paralegals, law enforcement officers, issue advocates, practitioners in dispute resolution, and other professionals who want to better understand how legal issues impact their roles and responsibilities.

    Upon completion of this program graduates will have a solid foundation in legal doctrine and concepts and an expanded ability to identify and analyze legal issues within the workplace environment. Graduates of this program are not eligible for admission to the Bar of any state based solely on their completion of this program.

    The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies is a 121-credit degree program comprised of 1 institutional required course, 11 general education courses, 1 required core course, 12 major courses, 14 elective courses, and a Capstone course. Students in this program focus on the development of critical thinking through the study of four different disciplinary areas or fields of study: management and technology; culture, society and the environment; national and local security; liberal and interpretive arts.

    This degree includes 42 elective hours, so will often be the best choice for students wanting to maximize their transfer credit unless they are going from a very specific career to the matching degree program.

    Federal student aid for the B.A. in General Studies program is not available at this time as new degrees must be approved by the United States Department of Education for federal student aid eligibility. This process takes time to complete, and we will notify students when we have received that approval.

    For more information about these new programs, call 1-877-468-6268 or visit www.apus.edu.
  18. austinator

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    I'm considering doing the MA in History from AMU. I've had a lot of problems trying to log into the AMU/APU system and it's causing me to have second thoughts about AMU/APU
  19. emmzee

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    Hmm that's weird ... I just applied tonight to the MA in History-Capstone program through the APU site (not AMU) and had no problems?
  20. PhD2B

    PhD2B Dazed and Confused

    I agree. I have been with AMU/APU since 2008 and I am very pleased with the direction the university is going.

    They have other programs in the works not mentioned yet in this forum. With that, they are looking for adjuncts to teach Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equations, Analytical Geometry, and Calculus 1, 2 and 3. If you have an appropriate master's degree from an RA school and are interested, then now is the time to apply.

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