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  1. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    So basically, it takes only few forms to be an "institution of higher learning" in France. This kills the argument of RDS being a "real" school in France. Alain, Gmail and any other RDS supporters can pray in latin but if their degrees are not recognized they are pretty much useless besides the credential evaluator that will probably be shut down by the time the authorities figure out the scam.
  2. I wonder if it is cheaper to buy them by the roll. Please don't squeeze the Charmin.
  3. ham

    ham member

    in all fairness, the gif posted at the RDS site confirmed just that.
    RDS is just an association banded with (supposed) higher learning purposes in mind, same as a pedicurist, karate or stenotyping one.
    I don't know why, despite all that being apparent, RDS business peddlers were obnoxious & insisted on that (supposedly) proving RDS was a french university (adding apples to pig's manure=? ).

    the whole idéologie du ressentiment item is pathetic.

    I mean: who really cares!
    There are people ready to throw some race based plight claim-to-fame at just anybody no matter what.
    I once was discussing the similarities between Alfred Schutz & Husserl, and the professor (bothered by my standpoint there was more in common between Husserl & Schutz than HE would let believe ), retorted: ah, by the way i'm jew?
    1 who cares. It's your problem, not mine.
    2 would you mind keeping on topic about Husserl?
    Then i gave him a retort whining about non existent mozambican ancestors of mine killed by racist death squads; so much he got all red in his face.
    Then i told him it all was a farce ( as much as HIS could have been).
    I mean: what's that?
    A joke?

    Let's not play mind games.
    I am a believer in rational behaviour.
    Negroes KNOW that the slavery jolly joker means ( or may mean ) money, food stamps & whatever else "psychological" benefit.
    Fair enough.
    Jews use holocaust as a passepartout to sanctify whatever policy making Israel thinks appropriate.
    Or to discredit opponents with arguments having nothing to do with the controversy.
    Here a jewish anchorman got booted because he showed on public tv a snuff movie about real children.
    Then he alleged there was some "antisemitic" lobby against him ( some wh-re who had wandered all colors of the political spectrum i know of ).
    Fair enough.
    Until recently you had the "communist" accusation for people one thought were paving the way in to the "evil empire".
    But do you really expect me to take that rubbish seriously?
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  4. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    What a shameful post. Truly regrettable, given Ham's valiant work to expose the Sorbon sham, but no less vile for all that. How the shills will crow!

    I state categorically that there is nothing worthwhile about the pretended Sorbon university. I condemn entirely the shilling for that outfit. But I'm off this thread. I refuse to be associated with the sentiments expressed in Ham's most recent post.

    Mit brennender Sorge,
  5. ham

    ham member

    you exactly prove my point.
    You were first to pinpoint the inaccuracies in *** "rhétorique du ressentiment".
    You were first making humurous jokes & assumptions about those "claims" for reparation.
    In fact, that had nothing to do with the topic.
    1 this is the WWW. I can claim all sorts of things about me, my ancestry & its (supposed) plights etc.
    Nobody will ever know for sure.

    2 nobody was saying like "all *** die...now ".

    However from "valiant" i now become "vile".
    This is a 360 degrees reconsideration which questions not me ( who? an e-individual anyways ) but your own judgement.
    What's the difference between your sarcasm directed to *** (supposed) outrage & your reaction to my lines ( where no sarcasm was intended )?

    I guess i will have to live with that, too.
    In the end, RDS is still no french public university.
  6. gmail

    gmail member

    French Education Nationale & Sorbon

    Mr. Ham will like it., or is it a Fake ? I do not know.

    The Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon claims that they are supervised by the French Education Nationale.

    They posted a document from the Rectorat of the Académie de Poitiers , which is the local public entity (France National education is divided in geographic "Académies"), signed on behalf of the Recteur (the highest position).

    at : www.sorbonedu.com/poitiers.jpg

    From my translation (I am an ATA member but some will ask for a notarized copy of my membership transcripts etc, ... LOL)

    1) The Acdémie de Poitiers named Sorbon : " Un Etablissement d'Enseignement Privé" i.e. "Private Institution of Higher Education."

    2) They ask for each professor / staff copies of : Degree
    Birth certificate,
    clean felony record.

    3) The Rector ask for the programs of all the courses. By the way, according to the code de l'éducation, all courses with curriculum must be submitted to the relevant "Académie" in advance, with full disclosure of the quality of the professor.

    4) They ask also for a security report from the "commission de securité" and copies of the other two declarations done to the other French authorities (mandatory for Institutions of Higher Education).

    If it is not a fake (3 years of jail in France), I think that Ecole Supérieure de Sorbon is a not a "wild school" similar to a Karate School...as too often posted in this forum

    It is for me a legal "Etablissement d'Enseignement Supérieur" with a control of the French National Education ministry.

    You can not open a Higher Education Institution in France, as you like, you must meet standards procedures and Academic requirements verified by the French government , which absolutely logical in a developed country.

    I am ready now to receive your unjustified insults...LOL


    The shill, Sticnking Pepe la Pue, Fake, Ubiquous, Miiserable, On the Take, etc. nicely described as so by some "Gentlemen" (????) of this higher education forum .
  7. ham

    ham member

    you are a FARCE; a SHILL...comical yet not very bright

    1. you told us earlier that France no longer has a "list" of govt chartered universities...what a busload of [email protected]!

    No individual in his right mind would even make such a ridiculous statement.
    Here is a list of all the"enseignement supérieur" stuff, including oddities such as french polynesia but halas! Not this "prestigious" (bogus...fraud...scam ) RDS...

    It is for me a legal "Etablissement d'Enseignement Supérieur" with a control of the French National Education ministry.

    yea sure.
    Claims from a dodgy website hosted at fortunecity now hold more water & are more authentic than many emails, phone calls etc made to people with a @gouv.fr in their address.

    You are desperate for proving you're different from the next exotic scam, but you are short of proofs, hence you called back to Africa at 10$ a minute asking for help and they posted this new gif.


    I mean: i understand you are enduring a gender/race/identity crisis to sustain multiple aliases;
    I understand you are doing this because you do it for a living;
    You (RDS, Michal, & those triple Ph.Ds whose names just escape you right now ) have been caught with your pants down quite a few times.

    Now every 72hours you start it all from scratch shuffling your stacked deck & hoping to reword the old exotic degree mill concept with more persuasive words than ever before.

    I am an ATA member

    You claimed so much about your e-identity you're lamer than the lamest ICQ chatrooms, i'm tellin' ya.
    You're just someone typing on a keyboard telling lies (big, small, white, black & in-between ) to raise a buck; a meager dollar for your Campbell soup.
    Fair enough.

    What isn't fair to me is you're purposefully trying to deceive, confuse & fool the american public to extort $ from them for a "degree" worth nothing; anyways not a university degree & perhaps some vocational, low end one.
  8. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Re: French Education Nationale & Sorbon

    This just proves that you are associated with Sorbon. I checked with the search engine robot and this was not published but just recently. How is possible that this document was so conveniently posted recently if you have no connection with Sorbone?

    The strict requirements of sending birth certificates (of faculty) and programs of study do not seem to me a quality assurance process but a burocratic requirement to be listed as a private school in France.

    After all the evidence showed by RDS (and supporters) and members of the forum. I came to the conclusion that RDS is a legal, private school that is not recognized to grant degrees in France. RDs degrees won't have any more value than any other vocational private schools in France (Yes, like language or Karate schools).

    It is also clear that RDS is not straight forward and just put this clear information in their website rather than the whole complex African, American type of accreditation. It would be so simple to say "Private school that does not have authority to grant degrees in France but in Africa, US or whatever country is accrediting Sorbon"
  9. gmail

    gmail member

    Could we trust this guy ?

    Please look at the authenticity and truthfulness of Mr. Ham, which has the privilege (??) in this forum, to write about me, Robert de Sorbon and even other members:

    From Ham:

    1) Negroes KNOW that the slavery jolly joker means ( or may mean ) money, food stamps & whatever else "psychological" benefit

    2) Jews use holocaust as a passepartout to sanctify whatever policy making Israel thinks appropriate.

    3) Call a PhD candidate female, a Shill, a Lier, etc.

    This tone is unnaceptable and racist. I do not have to prove my degree, ATA membership or anything else to the "Black Shirt" brigade.

    Could we really trust this guy ?

    He never answers to the facts rationally, only to spit racial or antisemitic slurs, personal or sexual insults.

    I repeat that Ecole Robert De Sorbon is a legal Institution of Higher Education supervised by the French Govt. if the document produced at
    is genuine.

    Ham always refers to a page of the French Public "Universities".

    Please note that this list does not mention any of the top public French institutions such as; Polytechnique, Mines, ENA, Ponts, Centrale nor the top private ones, Université Catholique (Catolica in Italian), HEC, ESSEC, Sup de Co, INSEAD etc.

    Why ??? Are they scams..? LOL .

    No because it is a list of Public "Universités" (i.e. non compétitive by Law) not French Institutions of Higher Education.

    Sorry but, for me Ham is not Kosher... nor reliable.

    I think that, my analysis is balanced and fair.

    PS Contrary to what says the previous thread, I have checked carefully l'Ecole Robert de Sorbon is authorized in France to confer degrees as the article L 731-14 of the French ediucation code. HAVE A LOOK AT IT PLEASE !

    PSII Like you every morning I check the Sorbon site ... Why? I am doing a dissertatiion on the VAE. Is it forbidden?
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  10. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Re: Could we trust this guy ?


    You don't have to convince me or Ham. It is very simple, a phone call or email to the French authorities (French consulate or French Ministry of Education) says that you are not authorized to grant degrees period. You will need to convince them that you are a real University so people in the other side of the world can validate your views. You are not listed as a French University and no one will validate you but yourselves.

    RDS is using exacly the same arguments
    than Vancouver University College in Canada that is granting degrees based on their Montessori school license. They both claim to be Universities, both claim that they are not listed as Universities because they are private schools, they both claim that they can grant degrees based on some interpretations of the law, they both are dennied by their respective official goverments as having
    authority to grant degrees, they both have similar procedures of getting degrees based on life experience. The whole concept of building a University so "open minded" is old and has been used by many.
  11. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    See what happens!

    I'm back for one more post.

    Ham's indictment of Sore Buns is impeccable. I endorse it 100% and applaud him for it.

    His antisemitism and racialism are reprehensible--both intrinsically and for the opening given to shills' attempting to gainsay his research. (See the above shill post.) I condemn them 100%.

    How can both statements be true? Consider the old Adam.

    But I reiterate: his research has been sans peur et sans reproche.

    Goodbye to this thread now, for good.
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  12. morleyl

    morleyl New Member

    Hi Ham:

    I am really trying to understand what exactly you are trying to say or believe..

    I do believe all Race and nationalities are equal and should be treated as such.. Slavery was wrong as well as what Hitler did. If someone use those events to not trust others then its their right...

    The same way, we would love true muslims to condemn terrorism, its the same way a white man in North America or Europe should condemn slavery and racism..

    Believe it or not, racism is backward and uneducated... Remember Europe was in the dark days when civilazation was flourishing in Africa and the middle east.

    I think deep down our thinking is totally screwed up and that is the biggest problem in society today.
  13. ham

    ham member

    This tone is unnaceptable and racist. I do not have to prove my degree, ATA membership or anything else to the "Black Shirt" brigade.

    3) Call a PhD candidate female

    did the automatic translator freeze or...

    you run in circles like a mad chicken...
    what do you know about me?
    what do i know about you?
    Your absurd claims ( the french govt gazette entry; all that crap ) + your aliases etc.

    His antisemitism and racialism are reprehensible

    when a jew behaves like an idiot, i call him idiot, not because he's a jew but because he's an idiot.
    Then you make 1+1 & claim on my behalf i want Israel gummed from the map & all jews gunned...
    Someone's got very, very BIG feet & it is common they think too many people are stepping onto them...but what can i do?
    The big feet are theirs.
    I understand this method sells...but who cares...if that's all they've got to resort to.
    It's getting way old anyways.

    opening given to shills' attempting to gainsay his research.

    You Janko started this tirade after being the first of remarking how self-serving & futile the "rhétorique du ressentiment" was.
    Deux poids, deux mésures...

    I am really trying to understand what exactly you are trying to say or believe..

    My beliefs are of no interest to this topic.
    What i'm trying to say is that "rhétorique du ressentiment" is just a ploy, a trick, used by people who want to either get what they otherwise couldn't; be where they couldn't be if on their own ( see above ); be right when they may be wrong.
    Now don't tell me "it's too sacred" for such a trivial use as a dirty personal short-cut...

    Europe was in the dark days when civilazation was flourishing in Africa and the middle east.

    Muslims had mass murdered all roman settlers in northern Africa & greco-romans in the middle east.
    You'd speak LATIN in northafrica & GREEK in the middle east, not arab.
    That's a good start to talk about racism & bigotry

    a phone call or email to the French authorities (French consulate or French Ministry of Education) says that you are not authorized to grant degrees period. You will need to convince them that you are a real University so people in the other side of the world can validate your views. You are not listed as a French University and no one will validate you but yourselves.

    that is a sound start point.

    He never answers to the facts rationally, only to spit racial or antisemitic slurs, personal or sexual insults.

    You do answer.
    with half names whose surname just escapes you.
    with such idiotic statements as you've met 4 or 5 people at a farm; that you don't know their names, yet they are starring faculty at top notch universities...whose name just escapes you.
    4 or 5 people a university...?
    Come on, even a kindergarten has dozens on duty here!
    In the end all you had to say was you pleaded for our forgiveness on the basis of your private claims.
    But you're getting slow.
    Sooooo slow.
    Janko already played the antijewish card posts ago on me, to which i answered:

    i do not seek nor solicit "credibility". I don't care. I'm not a shilling alias trying to make a dollar. You can question my sources. Please do. GET IN TOUCH WITH THE FRENCH & GET YOUR OWN ANSWER!

    This far many OTHER posters here say they've gotten a no-no reply about the university-like status in France of RDS.
    They too probably disbelieved my reports; they inquired & got the same answer back: no-no.
    I guess the brownshirt club gets pretty crowded.
    In english it's called brownshirt because SA wore the BROWN shirt. But you're just supposed to whine & make a buck, not to know the difference between SA & SS.
    By the way, tens of thousands of SA got murdered through the "long knives night" i think, when SS raided the brown houses.

    Ham always refers to a page of the French Public "Universities".

    honestly, that is ONE of the MANY pages listing french schools honestly as well, your "université supérieure" ( we know you started talking of RDS as a "university", then once it blowed in your face you diverted to more plastic & generic definitions ) is NOWHERE to find on the ministry's website.


    so you claim you are "recognized" by THIS place instead ( the hell with these Paris ministries), right? After all, France no longer makes a difference between 5 guys at a farm & public universities.

    Fair enough.


    click on "l'enseignement supérieur"; you get:
    le CROUS
    Ecoles d'ingenieurs
    L'universite de la Rochelle
    L'universite de Poiitiers

    uh-oh those bad nazis hacked the site & erased the "ecole supreme Robert the Fripon " entry...


    I know RDS is NOT an university level outfit, hence i'll try "etablissements scolaires".
    I get:

    not even at high school level.

    But i must honor my circumcision ( divine surprise, n'est-ce pas?! ) hence i try
    I try "robert", "sorbon",
    NO MENTION; no results.

    when you're short of arguments, keep diverting attention from the main topic. That's what herr Schopenhauer suggests
  14. morleyl

    morleyl New Member

    Hi Ham:

    Sounds like you are experiencing Menopause. Why is it so important to research this school so much? Do you work for the FBI or something...

    You reminded me of a stalking experience, that would go to length to find out everything about me.

    I am not a student or faculty of Robert Sorbon or whatever but I do think you are too tied up with this school.. Leave them alone and have a life..

    In respect to Arabs, if this is the only thing you can remember about them then you are really uneducated.. Do you remember anything about how Indians were treated in North America?
  15. ham

    ham member

    ok, back from scratch.
    let's see if we can have our shill take distance from another long lived myth: the VAE (plar) procedure.
    This far 2 different sets of claims were made by RDS:

    a) to be a french "university"
    Proven FALSE over & over by official answers from french govt sources.
    fair enough.
    Their comeback now includes word twisting about RDS being not quite an university but yes somewhat like one under a cover name.
    I still have to understand what exactly...

    to have appeared in the french govt gazette

    Proven FALSE.
    Their comeback included some chamber of commerce/city hall ID dealing with the banding of an association devoted to higher learning.
    As if a chamber of commerce ID or a village's mayor were the authorities to grant university charters.

    That the VAE (PLAR) procedure is the ONLY mission of RDS. They're there only to deal with VAE procedures.

    Ok, as a moron i go to


    That's the ministry website.
    It says VAE is for everybody no matter what & in order to access the procedure you must get in touch with a prior learning assessing instance
    La validation des acquis de l'expérience pour l'accès aux diplômes et titres de l'enseignement supérieur

    then you get here:


    this is THE list of universities etc authorized by the french ministry to deal with the VAE/PLAR procedure. They're ALL LISTED.NO MENTION OF RDS. NONE

    The RDS shill, however, told us earlier they give diddly squat about Paris & its ministries.
    These days they're recognized by


    Here you can see where you shall apply for your VAE/PLAR according to your "académie" ( like scolar district but on a bigger territory )

    Select "poitiers" because our female doctorate told us so.

    You get
    Universite de Poitiers
    Universite la Rochelle

    No ENAC, No HEC, No Comoros Islands, nothing.
    Once again you're spotted big time, my dear female.

    Only fench public universities are recognized source of VAE/PLAR validation.
    is RDS to find &

    you notice they all are UNIVERSITIES; not HEC, ENAC or Ecole des Mines

    Do you want an odd example:

    Polynésie : Université de la Polynésie française Service de la formation continue FAAA - Tahiti (Polynésie Française) Outre-Mer

    now my lying Gmail, go back running in circles & playing boo-boo the nazi with whom likes that game: i don't care.

    I expect -however- some new trick to be pulled, like the VAE procedure not being anymore the core of RDS activities (perhaps karate or pedicure... ).

    I post this second message because i know you hoped i would do in the mud slinging session you (& your newfound allies) started earlier, wishing the unsuspecting american ( your target to raise bucks for your campbell soup..oops Ph.D ) would ignore it bothered by all those moochy & pathetic attempts to diversion.
  16. DesElms

    DesElms New Member


    I've visited this seemingly endless and now wholly self-serving thread a few times and have tried to stay interested but, honestly, I must tell you that your shrill is just too much to bear. Moreover, you diminish the credibility of your arguably sound research and justifiable institutional criticism with the unabashed and seemingly unapologetic racial and antisemitic accompanying diatribe.

    To my horror and dismay, the import and utter condemnation; the sheer awfulness of this stinging indictment seems completely lost on you, Ham. This is a shameful, inhumane way of looking at the world and the plethora of races and cultures which inhabit it. The compelling aspects of your other arguments are, in an instant, obliterated by your exhibition of an ignorance, intolerance, narrowness of mind and meanness of spirit which transcends cultural barriers and belies what would seem to be an otherwise rational sensibility... howsoever embarrassingly and hysterically expressed here.

    I'm sure I speak for many who dare not venture near this unwieldy fray when I tell you that your otherwise meaningful arguments are now falling on increasingly-deaf ears among those here who value, ne embrace, tolerance and abhor the kind of racism, antisemitism and unconscionable neo-fascism that you've revealed of youself in this place. You bring a dishonor to yourself and to your argument that is of all but biblical proporations. I don't know what things are like in your country, but in the United States your kind of racial and antisimitic vitriol is mostly found in places where people wear hooded sheets, burn crosses and have offspring with their siblings. I am appalled.

    Shame on you, Ham. Shame. On. You. Brought to mind by this are the time-worn and, indeed, sometimes-trite but nevertheless appropriate-to-this-moment words of the late Joseph Welch who, on June 9, 1954, effectively and gratefully ended the bitter communist witch hunt of the tyrant Senator Joseph McCarty by saying, simply, "Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"
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  17. ham

    ham member

    your otherwise meaningful arguments are now falling on increasingly-deaf ears among those here who value, ne embrace, tolerance and abhor the kind of racism, antisemitism and unconscionable neo-fascism that you've revealed of youself in this place.

    who cares. if you want to pose as some hysterical primadonna thus buying some RDS diploma thinking it is a real french one, please go ahead. The money & life are yours..

    On the internet many people are ( say...claim...suppose to be ) all sorts of things.
    In the end you are just lines on a screen pretending ( i have no idea ) to be jew or african or manhattanese...
    Fair enough.
    I never made claims about myself and i don't care who you are.

    your kind of racial and antisimitic vitriol

    You're just trying to divert attention.

    have offspring with their siblings

    Nazis claimed jews cannibalized children.
    You share the same labeling logic.

    ended the bitter communist witch hunt of the tyrant Senator Joseph McCarty by saying

    I mentioned him earliers as the one running hysterical crusades again those paving in the way to the evil empire.
    Anyways MCCarthy was very useful & very instrumental in his times.
    Otherwise it wouldn't have lasted that long.
    It was Foster Dulles "roll back" times ( after giving the USSR 50% world, the USA thought they needed some back ).
    Anyways he acted like you do.
    Accusing people (me) of something (antisemitism) which is just in your mind.
    Saying jews often use the holocaust as a way out of embarassement is same as the USA with the "free world" concept.
    I would probably do so if i were them.
    Do you say it never happens?
    More power to you.
    Nonethless i cannot say it's right or fair.

    Bottom line: feel free to buy a RDS degree if you like.
    600$ is not too expensive for the value.
  18. ham

    ham member

    After the diversion, back on topic.

    What is this French "VAE" process?

    Excuse me, but i think i gave an answer already.
    Same as the french ministry site confirms, VAE is PLAR no holds barred.
    They say there it's for about anybody who may have at one point or another extensively dealt with a job, even if unpaid, of charitable or nonprofit nature.

    La loi de modernisation sociale ( Journal Officiel du 18 janvier 2002) élargit les possibilités de validation diplômante des acquis de l'expérience dans l'enseignement supérieur. L'université peut reconnaître et valider les compétences acquises dans la vie professionnelle pour faciliter l'accès aux diplômes et titres de l'enseignement supérieur.

    " the law medernisation sociale gives you more chances to get credit for your prior learning experience when seeking university diplomas. Universities [the public state one authorized to do so] may recognize & accredit your past acquired competences in order to ease the transition to university diplomas. "

    How does "VAE" differ, if it does, from long established prior-learning assessments in the United States, such as the exams and portfolios used by Thomas Edison State?

    i have no precise idea.
    They explicitly mention public state universities will take care of the VAE procedure.
    Hence it look more like a credit transfer or equipollence procedure than else, anyways here's the french ministry of labour:

    here an extensive list of questions&answers

    Basically, VAE is just PLAR with many disclaimers as for what kind of degree you may get; anyways a committee shall deal with it, whose decision is final.

    Care to know who may tell you how to get started & whether or not the degree you seek is open to VAE ( not all are ):

    # S'il s'agit d'un diplôme de l'Education Nationale : Pour le cas du CAP, BEP, Bac Pro, BTS, il faut s'adresser au Rectorat qui dispose d'un service appelé " DAVA " (Direction Académique pour la Validation des Acquis)

    # S'il s'agit d'un diplôme de l'enseignement supérieur, il faut s'adresser à l'Université qui le délivre (Service Formation Continue de l'Université) ou à l'établissement d'enseignement supérieur en cause (ex : service d'orientation du CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, s'il s'agit d'un diplôme du CNAM).

    # S'il s'agit d'un diplôme de professions sociales ou paramédicales, s'adresser à la DRASS (Direction Régionale des Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales).

    # S'il s'agit d'un diplôme délivré par les Ministères chargés de la Jeunesse et des Sports, s'adresser à la DRJS (Direction Régionale de la Jeunesse et des Sports)

    # S'il s'agit d'un diplôme délivré par le Ministère de l'Agriculture, s'adresser à la DRAF(Direction Régionale de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt) ou dans les établissements de l'enseignement supérieur agricole.

    # S'il s'agit d'un titre du Ministère chargé de l'Emploi préparé dans les centres de l'AFPA et les centres agréés correspondants, il faut s'adresser à la DRTEFP, à la DDTEFP ou à la DR AFPA.

    # S'il s'agit d'un CQP de Branche porté par une Commission paritaire nationale de l'emploi, il faut s'adresser au Secrétariat national de la CPNE qui représente les partenaires sociaux (employeurs et salariés) ou à l'OPCA de Branche (Organisme paritaire collecteur agréé)

    # S'il s'agit de titres ou d'autres types de certifications portés par des organismes privés ou publics (chambres consulaires), il faut s'adresser à l'organisme de formation qui délivre le titre ou la certification

    what VAE is NOT...

    L'équivalence de titres ou de diplômes.
    Chaque autorité délivrant des titres ou diplômes décide des équivalences entre tel ou tel de ses propres diplômes et ceux d'autres autorités. Il convient de s'adresser dans ce cas au Service des Equivalences de l'autorité certificatrice.
    Par ex : Rectorat pour les diplômes du Ministère de l'Education Nationale ou pour l'enseignement supérieur, Service des Equivalences de l'Université qui délivre le diplôme.

    Une conversion " automatique " de l'expérience en diplôme.
    La VAE suppose de suivre une procédure pour faire évaluer et reconnaître l'expérience acquise.
    L'évaluation de l'expérience consiste à rassembler différents modes de preuves destinées à démontrer l'expérience acquise et son lien direct avec le contenu du titre ou diplôme visé.
    Chaque autorité délivrant des titres ou diplômes définit les conditions de recevabilité de la demande de validation et la procédure à suivre pour accéder à ses certifications.

    1 not a degree equipollence/credit transfer option between degrees issued from different sources.
    2 not granted & automatic degree on the ground of your past experience. There are many steps to follow to prove you're a suitable candidate and first you have to be accepted into the procedure.

    Why is there so much talk about "VAE" being an innovation that the US should accept? What's innovative about it?

    It is just PLAR according to the french authorities.
    And it is a bait for a few conmen to try some degree mill hunting season like they did with the "UK education act" earlier, then with Liberia, Pakistan, Malaysia ( Marlborough was playing this card ages ago, however ).
    In the USA, Canada, etc there are PLAR provisions as well.

    Finally, how can all of this stuff be independently verified by an English speaker who doesn't understand French?

    I have no idea.
    French ministries only answer general points like whether VAE exists and/or whether outfit X is ok.
    The implementation is left to french state universities.
    Hence you should contact them.

    these are the universties authorized to implement VAE procedures:

    There is no other outfit authorized to do so ( because as they say, VAE is not just a credit transfer or equipollence procedure ).
  19. DesElms

    DesElms New Member

    Sometimes when a man makes such a spectacle of himself that even his supporters avert their eyes, no further criticism by his disparagers is necessary...

    ...and the room grows awkwardly silent, save for the man's pathetic bray.

    Res ipsa loquitur.
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