Unaccedited Faculty at Accredited Schools

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Jeffrey Levine, Feb 4, 2001.

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    I just don't get it......with so many legitimately-credentialed people looking for part-time/adjunct teaching positions, why do these otherwise good schools hire these people with train-wreck resumes????

    Not long ago, I helped a member here find an adjunct job at a legitimately-accredited school, after he had no luck elsewhere. Here was someone with an impeccable resume, but couldn't buy a teaching job, while Warnborough "graduates" seem to be flooding the market........
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    Re: Warnborough MBA Running Troy E-MBA Program

    Can you provide a link to that listing?
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    I once took a course at Jones International paid by my employer and emailed them about the professor with bogus credentials. The director sent me an email thanking me for this and the next year I see the same professor "promoted" as content expert. The course in question cost 2K that was about the same that this professor paid for his education.

    I'm sure that this professor is good at selling himself but the fact is that students are paying a fortune for their education to get bogus professors. In my opinion is not good to have people like your friend with excellent credentials looking for work while people with bogus credentials get them all.
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    Re: Re: Re: Unaccedited Faculty at Accredited Schools

    This guy is a real "salesman". In his resume he lists

    United States Navy 1988 Eq. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

    As far as I know, the United States Navy is not a University. Also noticed that he used the word "Eq" which seems to be for "equivalent".

    So he is claiming that has an equivalent of a master's degree in electrical engineering with no undegraduate in engineering at all based on same training at the Navy?

    So let me set the record straight, he is professor at 3 universities based on two degrees that he bought and a made up degree based on his training at the Navy?

    People like this is what encourages others to buy degree mills. You might think, if this guy made it to be a professor of IT with a bacherlos degree in human resources and bought credentials, why not me?
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    Re: Warnborough MBA Running Troy E-MBA Program

    According to that listing, he has most of his qualifications from Middlesex University. Anyone know the deal with them?
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    Re: Re: Warnborough MBA Running Troy E-MBA Program

    They're in the UK. It's a legit school:

    "Middlesex Polytechnic was formed in 1973 by the amalgamation of Enfield and Hendon Colleges of Technology and Hornsey College of Art. Later mergers added All Saints College, the New College of Speech and Drama and Trent Park College of Education. The polytechnic adopted the title of Middlesex University in 1992."
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    Re: Re: Re: Warnborough MBA Running Troy E-MBA Program

    The obvious question is, why would he buy an MBA from Warnborough if he already had a legitimate one from Middlesex?
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    I think it's because many administrators who hire adjuncts don't know enough about the accreditation system of their own industry, but that's just a supposition based on experience with only a few of them.

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    Warnborough MBA Running Troy E-MBA Program

    Possibly a misprint: his MBA is from Middlesex, and his DBA is from Warnborough ?

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    You know what? I'm going to be the lightning rod who mentions the elephant in the room.

    It's just the Martin Luther King syndrome that we're witnessing here. He was a great guy in many respects and a brilliant, passionate leader, but got a pass on plagiarism for his PhD dissertation at BU--they evidently just overlooked it. There are plenty of people "of color" who are legitimate scholars with legitimate credentials, there are also those who are phonies and frauds--you get the same mix of wheat and chaff irregardless of race.

    Mr. Johnson and Mr. Schwabe apparently fit into the latter category. They're frauds. But that's uninteresting, ho-hum common in this world; like I said, you see it everywhere among all peoples.

    What is interesting is that Troy State, a very respectable program that should darned well know better, would hire a guy with a fraudulent degree to head up an MBA program, of all things! Middlesex is fine, legit, but Warnborough has the effect of undoing the whole thing and proving the guy to be a petty crook. You get a phony degree to boost your pay or get a position, even if your other degrees are iron clad, in my mind you're committing a crime: theft by deception. But what's really interesting to me is why did Troy allow this, and what would have been his fate had he walked into the interview room with identical credentials but with lighter skin tone? I personally doubt he'd have survived eight seconds.

    My honest take on this, given the situation described here with Schwabe and Johnson is that, in their blind rush to prove their diversity, even RA universities will turn a blind eye to fraud if it emanates from a given racial category. Not exactly in keeping with M.L. King's words that one "be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin."
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    As a friend mine used to say, if you are "white" bread and are one of the "guys", then the degree is pretty irrelevant. These professors are "white" bread that fit into the school profile so the degree is not questioned.

    I wonder if a member of a minority group would be able to deceive as easy as these "guys" with a phony degree.

    Which basically translates to, are there any professors from a minority group that are teaching with bogus credentials?
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    Is Warnborough University a diploma mill or an unaccredited distance learning institution? If it's the latter, we must all remember that schools are not mandated to become accredited although, as well all know, it's highly recommended.

    The accreditation process is voluntary review by their peers to assure academic quality. Just because a school is unaccredited doesn't necessarily eqaute to an automatic label of "fraud."

    Diploma mills are where you pay a set fee for a review of your credentials and life expereince and in return, you recieve a diploma saying you've met the requirements to be awarded such a degree. This has been called a diploma mill because they award academic credit and don't have the authority to do so.

    Someone had posted elsewhere stating that "we" (posters on forums regarding online education) seem to be more knowledgeable in the field of accreditation than most employers and, at times, colleges and universities.

    Perfect example, my father was a tenured Ph.D professor at University of New Hampshire for many years. He had no clue as to the process or who the recognized accreditors are. He did not know who UNH was accredited by and really didn't seem to care.

    Now, this is an isolated incident, but how many others do you think out there have the same mindset? And, even if you explained it to them, would they really care? To be honest, I'm not really sure.
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    Did we look at the same the faculty bio pages?

    My point was that these guys are black, and perhaps that's why they got the pass, diversity being valued in this case over integrity and standards. They should get no more or less a pass than any other candidate for the position.
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    Mr. Schwabe looks pretty white to me. LOL

    In any case, we are looking at this from the racial perspective but I'm pretty sure it was nothing more than an overlook from someone. The guy got experience in one university so the other ones just assumed his degrees were fine as the other ones accepted them.

    As a matter of fact, for adjunct work at least at the University that I work for never checks credentials. The part timer is hired based on resume and there are no complaints he continues teaching with no questions asked. Only if a student goes and complaints that the teacher has bogus degrees then the chair might look into the matter but part timers hardly disclose their credentials. We might have many people teaching with bogus credentials and we will never know as the university calendar doesn't show credentials.
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    I was the poster, and in my experience, it's not that isolated--I can relate to your experiences. I have a few examples: I was in correspondence with a person in an administrative office at a major B&M university, the kind with the century or so of tradition and the ivy-covered buildings. This person did not seem to have any inkling that RA was the highest level of accreditation for an institution in the U.S.. They actually implied that regional accreditation is ok, but above and beyond that, you've got national and then, at the top of the pyramid, international. At another state university which aspires to have an online MBA program, I was not long ago talking to an administrator who informed me that they "were soon going to have the only online AACSB-accredited MBA in the country." I didn't have the heart to tell her that her school had been beaten to the punch by dozens.

    I never cease to be amazed at how little many professors and administrators know, but how authoritatively they will say whatever they say.

    It seems that once a certain personality type gets a PhD, they consider that they cannot possibly be wrong about anything, irrespective of fields, and that those of us who do not possess their qualifications cannot possibly be right (unless we agree with them, and unless they have said it first). They just know everything by dint of having obtained the most prestigious degree and being paid to either pontificate or manage those who do. As a result, once they're established and tenured, they don't see the need to learn much about anything other than those narrow things that will enable them to produce good scholarship in their chosen specialties.

    This is why many in the ivory towers stagnate intellectually and do a fair job of reacting blindly and violently against any who would question their orthodoxy. Just ask Galileo.
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    That is because most school administrators, not to mention most employers, are ignorant of the works of Dr. John Bear and his young protege Dr. Rich Douglas.

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