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    That InsideHigherEd article you cite is a year old. Apparently, however, the sale did not go through after all, because:

    Trident is still currently owned by Summit Partners:

    AIU, meanwhile, is currently owned by Perdoceo Education:

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    November 2019 Actions
    Board of Trustees

    The Higher Learning Commission’s Board of Trustees took the following actions on November 7–8, 2019.

    American InterContinental University, Approved the extension of accreditation related to the institution’s application for Change of Control, Structure or Organization, wherein the institution, through a related limited liability corporation, executes an Asset Purchase Agreement and thereby acquires Trident University International, with Trident University International to be operated as an additional location of the Institution.
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    Okay, I stand corrected. But, like Rich, I still don't see what all the fuss is about.
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    Probably doesn't matter unless you are a Vet.

    TUI 1998-late 2007 was a Not-for-profit.... 80% of grads were Military or Vets.
    Summit Partners buys TUI for 190M (with visions of it being another University of Phoenix) they flip it to for profit Oct-Nov 2007.
    After being caught recruiting survivors with misleading information. TUI loses around 3K in enrollment (Go from &k to 4K)
    Summit Partners realize that their flip to For Profit was a bad decision and decide to sale TUI to AIU (CEC) for 44M they lose over 100M

    Worst of all the vets who attended a Not for profit may see TUI close. CEC has a history of acquiring For profits and closing them in teh name of keeping AIU and CTU going

    Again probably doesn't mater unless you are a vet....

    There are still a ton of vets who do not know that if they graduated from Touro University International (a former Branch Campus of Touro College, NY) 1998- Sep 2007 and was issued a diploma from Touro University International, they are entitled under applicable laws and regulations to have their academic records maintained and issued by Touro College, New York. This arrangement is already in place, and was facilitated by the MSCHE. It MUST apply to all graduates of Touro University International. This is non-negotiable.

    Trident University International is NOT a continuation of Touro University International, however it will be harder (still can be done) for them to do this when AIU buys Trident.

    Again probably doesn't matter unless you were a Vet who grauated from Touro University International (a former Branch Campus of Touro College, NY) 1998- Sep 2007
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    Hmm. Maybe, but I doubt it. At that size, it's not that hard to build up a decent SEO surface for two different brands.
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    OK, this is getting weird.
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    I'm a vet. Still doesn't matter.
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    Here is the official link from Trident about the merger with AIU.

    The transaction is expected to be completed sometime mid-March with no changes in tuition rates. The Trident name is expected to survive in some fashion (probably Trident College) but probably by the time I finish my diploma will be AIU. One thing to note is AIU doesn't have any doctoral programs which is why Trident was an attractive purchase. Trident also recently announced a new dean for their Business Programs and will also start to offer a Doctor of Health Administration degree this April. I expect over the next year or so there will be some consolidation however I'm guessing that AIU will look to Trident especially for them to probably manage the graduate programs of the combined operations. Unlike some other for profits a few of Trident's faculty has actively been engaged with publishing and presenting research.
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    So its official....its now Trident at American InterContinental University. Got an email that says once requirements are complete that I'll be a graduate of Trident at AIU. Trident website now shows accreditation from HLC instead of WASC. I"m sure more is to come.
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    Tell 'em it was Harvard. No one will check anyway.
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    That might be an interesting little experiment. Just make up a total lie and see who checks. Would they be more or less likely to check if you listed Harvard or UMass or whatever?
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    In my dissertation, HR managers participating in the study were more likely to find acceptable degrees from Columbia State University than Capella University. (They were encouraged to consult any resources available to make that determination.) The latter was (and is) a regionally accredited school. The former was a mail-drop diploma mill, selling degrees at all levels and in all subjects, and willing to back-date your degree(s) as required.

    So, different question, but I suspect the same phenomenon.There's nothing to indicate it's gotten any better, either.

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