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  1. ali770

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    MBA is a competitive degree through out the world. Huge demand in job market globally. After searching many sites, I have seen that the cost of online MBA is too high. What is your suggestion for low cost universities?
  2. partykey

    partykey New Member

    I would recommend Thunderbird for its international reputation.
  3. ambravarieur

    ambravarieur New Member

    Do companies tend to prefer traditional MBA's vs. online courses? Have any of you been subject to "discrimination" due to the type of MBA you've opted for?
  4. skillacademy

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    MBA guideline

    Hello there, i think if you are interested in any stream of MBA then prefer HR field and then you can go for finance and banking. if you want to more information then plz go to Here you get very useful guideline for MBA.
  5. prasalvi

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    I'd advise you to go for an MBA in Construction project management or an MBA in Real estate and Urban infrastructure.
    Believe me this industry is quite blooming these days.

    In India,
    RICS in affiliation to the Amity university have established a campus in Noida and offer degrees in above mentioned specializations.
    They assure you guaranteed placements and if you still want to continue, you can even opt for a PhD.

    hope tats helpful
  6. enni85

    enni85 New Member

    About tution fees I think it´s a bit crazy to pay so much. I have already 2 bachelor´s degrees and I will start my master´s studies in spetember and I haven´t payed anything for the education. And in addition I got from school a computer and if you study whole time you even get around 400€/month. In Finland you can study for free if you belong to EU. I checked that the tution fee for a Master´s degree (if you live outside EU) was around 3700€/period so it´s much cheaper than in USA.. :)
  7. dirkcraen

    dirkcraen New Member

    That doesn't sound right ...? Unless you are far more comfortable with numbers than you are with softer subjects like history.. in which cas you have a gift my friend.
  8. danielstarr123

    danielstarr123 New Member

    if you are looking for a career in mba the best option is to do in finance or marketing
    There is a lot of boom in these fields and scope in Arab countries.
  9. Koolcypher

    Koolcypher Member

    Yup, you got that right. Lots of boom at many Arab countries.

  10. Ted Heiks

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    Louisiana State University Louisiana State University now offers an online MBA!
  11. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

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  12. Ted Heiks

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  13. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member Staff Member

    From the Great State of Louisiana:

  14. zhanglulu

    zhanglulu New Member

    Nowadays many people come to China for MBAs. Why don't you suggest your friend study in China?
  15. zhanglulu

    zhanglulu New Member

    Come to China and get the MBAs

    As well, it's not far away from Dubai to China.
    Also, China and Dubai have lots of business connections.
  16. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator Staff Member

    Go away 妹妹. You are 坑爹.
  17. BGPCEliza

    BGPCEliza New Member

    There are a ton of great MBAs out there! Its really important, however, to choose what is the right MBA for you. Not just, what is realistic based on your scores and background. But it would be less beneficial to go to a school that is renowned for consulting when you want to go into finance, or a school that specializes in consulting when you want to do non-profit management.
  18. TLTJ

    TLTJ New Member

    I'm a bachelor degree holder, and I'm presently in the USA. I want to extend my career by doing my master in MBA Accounting or Finance. I graduated with a GPA of 2.94 from Ghana and I'm finding it difficult to get an AACSB University with class room teaching in order to achieve my goal. I also took the IELTS Exams and I got 5.5 for my total band. Are there universities in the USA you can recommend to me? I wouldn't mind if I can take a semester for prerequisite courses. My major aim is to get a good university that will accept my GPA and also waive the GMAT.
  19. Kizmet

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  20. crisgarry

    crisgarry member

    I'm leaving in USA and honestly when people come here to study I don't mind. Welcome! Because I understand that everyone wants to have a better life and change it somehow in a good way. But I also agree that you were telling about people from China. It's too much!

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