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    One of the things that we've repeatedly seen is some entity creating itself in some small country with murky oversight and claiming to be accredited or registered or approved or chartered or whatever verbiage they use. The best example, in my memory, is what happened in Liberia some years ago. There are lots of threads on this board that approached that "Liberian accreditation" question and in the end it all came down to the prevailing politics of the country. Basically it comes down to whether the government knows, cares or can be bought. We saw it in Pakistan with the whole Axact empire thing (which hasn't really died and which is probably being run from inside a prison cell). So, I said all that so I could say this, I've got the idea that the country of Myanmar is not exactly a shining jewel of efficient, functional democracy. So even if a school has all it's "papers in order" according to local standards it's still prudent to withhold judgement and dig a little deeper for more relevant information.
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    St Clements is an Australian thingy originally. There's some confusion as to whether it was run from a liquor store or from above a pub in Adelaide. Either way, David Le Cornu, the founder, knows more than most people about whisky.
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    Yet they don't offer a program in mixology or brewing :(

    Quick google dig... and it's certainly sounding like a suspicious operation, that was outright called a degree mill by a politician.
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    Some of the programs are innocent enough. An "English Training Program" that might really offer some English Training is an example. But then there's this

    "Bachelor of Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism and Management of Finance and Banking graduates will be accepted into the American International Univesity Los Angeles campus MBA programme. "

    So it's one questionable school being used to validate an even more questionable school? Who's buying that?
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    Schools operating in the Turks and Caicos--a British territory--are not recognized unless they are recognized in the UK--by royal charter or an act of Parliament. This school has neither.
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    The Khmer St Clements section on recognition is interesting. The Institute of Professional Financial Managers, that’s a Jeff Wooller (Irish International University) organisation, also featuring Prof Dr Usman Ali Awheela (who holds very many degrees, including degrees from Irish University Business School and Charisma University).

    There’s also DTMSI, Design, Technology and Management Society International, Johann Potgieters school, not recognised in South Africa.

    I don’t know what Albion College UK is but it’s neither a recognised nor a listed body.
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    There's been a St. Clements location in just about every unregulated or semi-regulated place, for years and years. There's even a cantonally-registered one in Switzerland.
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    Yes, it’s a bit like all the Prestons: from Pakistan to the US and back and then on to Finland. And Myanmar and Cambodia, and affiliates in very many places. When I was in Nepal last year, I tried to locate the hotel school there affiliated with Preston but couldn’t find it. But then again, I’m not very good at that stuff. My search for the Academy of Science of the island of Nzwani (Anjouan) in the Comoros, an affiliate of École Supérieure Robert Sorbon wasn’t very successful either.
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    Yes -- Preston. A guy named Abdul Basit was Lord of the Nine (Preston) campuses in Pakistan. Prior to Preston, he was a VP of WAUC - the late Dr. MAxine Asher's creation.
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    Degree mill royalty

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