So, What Are You Reading?

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    I am notorious for listen to audiobooks because I feel I almost never have time to read an actual book. I have been listening to "The Great Courses - Law School For Everyone" and "LSAT Study Guide by Dennis Reed". I just started reading a soft cover book I was gifted prior to the pandemic though, "LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim".
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    Just received a book from my brother who lives in Ireland. Celts, Catholics, and Copperheads - Ireland Views the American Civil War. Immediately it moved to the top of my reading list.
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    Ah! Dick Marcinko. The first commanding officer of SEAL Team 6, and to my knowledge the first of a long line of Navy SEAL authors. Just a few years ago I walked into the Barnes and Noble in Fredericksburg, VA, and much to my surprise here was Captain Marcinko. My brother has great admiration for him. He was answering questions and autographing his new book. I introduced myself as a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer [ One thing I've always loved about Captain Marcinko is his enduring respect and full understanding of the Navy Chief Petty Officer Community] He made the time to have a decent conversation with me and posed for a photograph with me
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    Against Itself: The Federal Theater and Writer Projects in the Midwest by Paul Sporn
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    the bible
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