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    Two notes...

    1. Glassdoor is pretty unreliable. For starters, to access their data they want you to provide salary data for your company to grow the dataset. The result has been that people have been entering very clearly false salary data. Look up some top NYC law firms and you'll see equity partners pulling an average of $110k according to Glassdoor. Many of these firms have profits per partner in the millions and their base salaries would have been higher than that as first year associates. The data is further skewed because there is no standard pay for an assistant professor at a university. It depends greatly on the discipline. A CS professor might make $200k while an english lit professor may top out at 60k. I have no great love for Liberty but using this very imperfect number to draw any conclusions about them isn't as revealing as it would appear at first glance. If the only respondents to Glassdoor taught religion or philosophy, that number is going to be much lower and not capture what they may be paying a CJ professor or a business professor (and certainly not a professor at their medical school).

    2. Has anyone noticed that most of the outrage as of late has come as a result of people just not staying in their lane? If Falwell were as careful with his words as a university president who is actually qualified for the job, I don't think there would be much controversy around him at all. Unlike his father, the younger Falwell doesn't need to build an empire based on bluster. He inherited it. He's also not the only one. The CrossFit guy just had to stick to matters of fitness. No flippant remarks about people who have died under tragic circumstances and certainly no doubling down on that because you only meant to crap on scientists in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. Dude, just stick to fitness. Raging against the scientists you feel who hurt your business likely drove a spike through the heart of said business.

    We all have opinions. And on a forum like this we often express them. But as you rise in prominence your words take on a different power and it seems many folks, especially with the ease of platforms like Twitter to spew rather than sit with a notion and then let it go, just don't get that. If I had one wish for LU for 2020 it would be that Falwell find a more subtle way to push his agenda. Publicly, support all students from all backgrounds. That doesn't mean he has to believe differently. But I suppose the notion of dignified behavior of a president has died long before this specific incident.
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    What did this professor say? Unless I missed it, several articles simply refer to it as "insensitive". Whatever it was was enough for immediate termination by the University.
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    I can's seem to find what the comment was either.
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    Well, Chris, I see that you have finally removed the HSOG reference from your sig file. It's about time. Let's face it, you've always known that I was right on this issue, and finally gave into reality. But I still laugh at your sig file - it references Don Bosco University, and as you have noted elsewhere, there is more than one DBU. Until you correct it to read Assam DBU it is still a potential misrepresentation. And whether you like it or not, I'm right again. But, of course, that is because I have a doctorate, and you don't. Yet. (Yes, people, I'm saying that with tongue in cheek. If you're taking me seriously, piss off.)

    But onto something more relevant that is beyond your scope: Offensive statues are being pulled down out the proverbial wazoo, and yesterday Princeton University announced that it would rename the Woodrow Wilson School. Other universities are making similar moves. So when will Liberty University rename the HSOG and stop paying tribute to Jesse Helms, one of the staunchest racists ever to sit in the U.S. Senate?

    (For that matter, as an incidental note, when will multiple towns and cities in Virginia rename the primary corridor of U.S. 1, which is named Jefferson Davis Avenue/Highway?)
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    My signature line change had nothing to do with you. Since you're so observant, you probably know that I changed my sig line multiple times (including two other times in 2020 alone). Don't be surprised if I change it after a few more weeks or months. HSOG still display on my Liberty email signature (see attachment). I even sent two external emails from my Liberty account with the signature on it, yesterday. Like I said before, I am an HSOG student so almost everything I encounter has HSOG on it. Since you want the school to be renamed so bad, why not pen a letter to the Dean?

    I encourage you to Google "Don Bosco University" and see what comes up as the first result. After that, visit Read "About University" then scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the copyright name. Finally, head over to and take a look at the university's name.

    Keep waiting for me to add Assam to Don Bosco University. :D Have a good life, Steve!


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