Regionally accredited life experience degree ?

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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Well, it is not regional...but original. You just pay me some money, and tell me what you have done. I'll print you a degree diploma based on your life experience. I'll ensure it is original design. I'll setup a Google Voice number, so your new employers can call in to verify your academic credential.
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    IMHO, Life experience transitioning into a degree would be a sure indication that you got your degree from a mill. I would use your "life experience" and take advantage of the DANTES or CLEP and do this the right way . . .
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    Perhaps newbie12345 is a shill for Almeda.

    For anyone who isn't already aware, Almeda (and the other unwonderfuls mentioned) sell completely worthless degrees, literally worth no more than the one Tekman is (jokingly) offering to sell you. They are most certainly not "nationally accredited" by any recognized accreditor. They may have created their own phony accreditor, or have a deal with one of the many fake accreditors out there, but the degree they provide will not be accepted by any regionally (or legitimate nationally) accredited school.

    I can't speak for Edison or Excelsior, but Charter Oak will evaluate all the transcripts you send them as part of the $75 application process and give you a good idea of what you'll need to do to complete a degree there. They do require two three-credit courses be completed through them, one a "cornerstone" course, and one a "capstone", but other than that, you can use CLEP, DANTES, and ECE exams, portfolio, and various other means to complete a degree with very little new work (other than taking and passing whatever exams you need), based on what you've already achieved.

    The rates charged for degree completion via exam are actually quite reasonable. Not $500 or whatever Almeda is charging this week, but then... they are actually putting forth effort in evaluting your work and helping you through the degree completion process.
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    I'm not a shill. Perhaps Chip the administrator is a shill for Charter Oak. If you noticed, I did not mention Charter Oak because I don't recommend them. They are overpriced and after they get your $75.00, they won't transfer your credits. You have a better chance of getting your credits transferred at UOP.
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    Nope, IDS degree program is a completely different animal. One chooses concentrations (usually 3), backed by specific course work in each concentration. What I chose was Business, Social Science, and Behavioral Science, and there was considerable coursework that went along with my choices. I chose those three because I already had some courses that fit the mold of two of the concentrations they offered.

    Unfortunately, I have plenty of credits that went unused because they did not fit anywhere in the IDS program. I have no experience with a General Studies, but I would assume that credits would have to fit the liberal arts mold to gain acceptance for degree such as that.

    Just throwing 120 credits together does not constitute an Interdisciplinary degree program, or as Maniac stated nor does it constitute a General Studies degree program.

    OP: The best advice you got was from Ian, you can "clep out" of a degree, so if you have all that life experience, go for it. Testing out should be a snap and super quick! It's going to be a lot cheaper than attending classes, and you can do it in four weeks, the only catch YOU STILL HAVE TO WORK FOR IT.

    Also, the big three do not charge 3K to see if your credits will be accepted, a credit evaluation is about 75 bucks or so. These schools get the positive press because they are a great place for adults to attend and obtain a REPUTABLE state university degree. They are so good at degree construction that they can work with many various types of credits to devise programs that can fit almost anyone's needs (excepts yours it seems).

    WHY: Because you want something for nothing, and yes it's an odd post considering this forum. Even a lurker would have see that this in NOT possible had they read at least a few threads (and there are many - most not very gentle on this subject)

    Degree in Lawrie Miller's BA in 4 Weeks. Online degrees by distance learning. BA degree and graduate degrees - Accelerated Master Degrees by Distance Learning. It does not get any quicker than that, unless you go to a scam website like Almeda and buy some paper with gold leaf on it.

    Normally I would wish a program researcher luck in a search, however in your case I don't think you were here searching for a real degree program, and if by some chance you were, you just got an education compliments of

    Take care
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    You, newbie12345, are a brand new poster, hiding behind a generic username, and you're making some pretty serious charges against Charter Oak.

    Since Charter Oak is regularly discussed here, and since in the 10+ year history, and 350,000+ posts here at degreeinfo, there are no meaningful negative comments whatsoever about Charter Oak other than yours -- it is truly one of those rare schools that everyone who has been associated with them seems to have positive feelings about -- I would respectfully ask you to provide documentation of your claim that "after they get your $75.00, they won't transfer your credits" and "You have a better chance of getting your credits transferred at UoP."

    I have never heard of Charter Oak (or any of the Big 3) failing to accept credits properly earned at regionally accredited schools.

    Additionally, I find no indication on UoP's website that they will accept an unlimited number of transfer credits, as will Charter Oak. It appears they may limit transfer credits to 60, and only in certain circumstances, based on their website. This alone would seem to indicate your information is incorrect.

    Finally, you indicate that Charter Oak (and, I believe you said, all of the Big 3) are overpriced. Please explain what other regionally accredited schools offer lower total costs for degree completion of a bachelor's degree.

    Otherwise, I will stand by my original statement that you are either a shill or a troll.

    Oh, and... just for the record, neither I nor degreeinfo is a shill for Charter Oak. In fact, Charter Oak is not even one of the schools that advertises on DegreeInfo (though they, along with Excelsior, were doing so for a short period last fall), yet we have recommended them for 10+ years, along with Edison, Excelsior,and occasionally Athabasca, for degree completion.
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    No. You need to actually choose your disciplines and complete a required amount of coursework in them for an Interdisciplinary degree.
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    Absolutely none of this is true, and the very content of your post shows me that you know that it isn't true yet say it anyway. What you are looking for, in your own words, is a degree mill. You have come to the wrong place for that.
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    First, Chip owns the site. Second, define over priced and what do you mean they won't transfer the credits? It would be helpful if you shared with us what your price point is.
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    Also review this article on the Degreeinfo home page:
    From 0 credits to accredited bachelors degree in 12 months: Roger Habeck's story

    At Excelsior you are only required to take 3 or 4 semester units in residence (other than the big three most schools require you to take 30 units in residence). You can take courses at any RA college and transfer them to Excelsior – that is how you can significantly reduce average course cost. Ask here for specific course suggestions and you should receive responses. And as I mentioned above CLEP and DSST exams are very reasonable.

    What I recommend is not enrolling until you are within one year of finishing – that way your cost will be $1,470 for the enrollment and graduation fees (plus the costs for the 3 or 4 units in residence).
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    Seriously, your question has been asked and answered. No RA school is going to give you a BA because you have 120 credits. Instead of arguing with everyone about why you do not think that is fair, why don't you invest your time into investigating the options that have been presented to you.
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    Where can I find an updated list of degree mills? I am astounded to find that some colleagues where I work, even including a couple from senior management, are listing degrees from notorious degree mills on their LinkedIn profiles. I would be curious to do some additional searches to see who else happens to turn up. Thanks...
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    You'll never find such a list. Degree mills come and go. They are here and then they are there. Once in Alabama, now in Tiera Del Fuego. Once in Switzerland, now in Wyoming. They change names. Their owners change names. You could try to create such a list (go ahead, build a thread) but if you want this list to be current at all times, and comprhensive, you'll find that it's like shoveling against the tide. No one has the time to undertake such a task.
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    If I'm not mistaken, some credential checking firm purchased a license to the Bears' Guide database of unaccredited and unwonderful schools to be used as part of their comprehensive education background checking. The Bears' Guide database, combined with the resources at degreeinfo, would comprise the most comprehensive list anywhere of unwonderful, fake, and fraudulent schools. As part of our deal for doing the last round of major updates to the database as part of the co-authoring of BG14, degreeinfo also owns rights to the database, but it is woefully out of date at this point. One of our many "when we have time" projects is to update it, but the problem is, it would be difficult to monetize without inadvertently sending business to the frauds, which we don't want to do.
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    What would some of the more blatant mills be that show the most consistently here in DI discussions and/or the news. Here's the ones I know of off the top of my head:

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    1) If you think that Charter Oak is overpriced then you will probably never be able to afford a US degree because it's one of the more affordable schools in the country (assuming you play you cards right).

    2) If they won't transfer your credits it's because your credits are of too low a quality.
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    Nice, I love it straight to the point- :laughing:

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