Regionally accredited life experience degree ?

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  1. newbie12345

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    Anybody know of a regionally accredited degree mill that offers a life experience bachelor degree?
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  3. John Bear

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    Not when you call it "life experience." But if you call it "life experience learning," then I believe it is still possible. The "L" word suggests that one actually knows something, whether learned in a course, in independent study, on the job, or from ones grandmother. And that learning is demonstrated, typically, by taking (or having taken) an exam of some sort. The good news here is that the American Council on Education has evaluated thousands of learning experience in hundreds of fields of study, and assigned university credits to them . . . and further good news is that what used to be 3 or 4 large and very expensive directories is now available entirely on line. Browsing here, one might find a good many learning experiences that could be converted into credit at regionally accredited schools. ACE CREDIT | The National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training
  4. dlady

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    Yes but a degree mill?
  5. AdjunctInstructor

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    Well this is a strange posting!:confused:
  6. Maniac Craniac

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  7. newbie12345

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    No, it is not a strange posting. It is a very good question. To get into graduate school, we need a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited University, and the online bachelor degree Universitites that I found, will not accept ALL of my Prior learning experience credit. For instance, I refuse to mention the names of the Universities here, but they will not accept ALL of my ACE accredited Prior Learning experience credits. They will only accept half or 60 toward the 120 credits. So I won't be going there.

    I found out that I can buy a Prior life experience degree from a Nationally accredited college, but it's the same as buying a piece of paper because I can't get into the masters program with it since it is not regionally accredited.

    Maybe somebody knows of a way to get the national degree converted to a regional degree?
  8. wmcdonald

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    The reason some have mentioned that it was a strange post is that "life experience" degrees are things that typically come from unaccredited degree mills. It has been discussed here many times, and you can search the site to read further, if you like. Very few accredited institutions will accept all, and in many cases none, of your experiential learning credits, and I am surprised to hear you say you can "buy" one from a nationally accredited institution. You are new to the board, but I fear you are getting ready to learn much more than you ever wanted to know based on your response above. Let me warn you in advance, some here are quite passionate about distance learning, so do not be offended at the replies you may get. I wish you good luck in accomplishing your educational goals, but it will not be nearly as easy as you would like, I'm afraid..
  9. Randell1234

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    What school can you "buy" this? There is not a conversion but you can get into some RA graduate programs with an NA bachelors.
  10. Ian Anderson

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    Excelsior College and TESC (and perhaps Charter Oak SC) will accept a large amount of portfolio learning towards their degrees but is is an expensive way to go. Look into CLEP and DSST exams as a way to earn credit using knowledge acquired through work, hobbies, or study.
  11. emmzee

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  12. newbie12345

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    I'm familiar with the big 3 and I did call them and research, TESC, Excelsior and Charter oak. Just as you stated, the credits still need to match up. They are ridiculously too expensive. They want 3K per year just to register as a matriculated student, then around 1K a class at 3 credit classes on top of the 3K a year. University of Phoenix is nearly 2K a class now too. Too much for me.

    I have over 100 credits from a ACE transcipt, but there is no guarantee they will accept them all, and I don't think it is right that TESC and Excelsior make us pay 3K just to find out if our credits are accepted. They rip us off.
  13. newbie12345

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    I just found out today through online research that Almeda University is a nationally accredited university that gives PLA degree's(degree mill). But it is a worthless piece of paper that I don't want to pay 1k for if I can't use the bachelor degree to get into a regional graduate program. So what Regionally accredited graduate school accepts degree's from Nationally accredited universities?
  14. newbie12345

    newbie12345 member

    You can buy one from Belford university and Almeda, but they are not regionally accredited.

    What Regionally accredited University will accept a National accredited bachelors? I researched and can't find any.
  15. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator Staff Member

    I am sorry but Almeda University is not accreditied by an organization that is recognized by the Department of Education. How much do you have to spend? If you have 100 credits you can complete 20 or so through ECE exams and DANTES for about $2K and an admin fee at COSC (it was about $1K when I did it). You might be able to complete it for about $3K.
  16. newbie12345

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    I don't know why these three always get recognition, surely there must be other online universities that will take 100% of PLA and transfer credits and certification ACE credits. These can't possibly be the only regional colleges. Anybody know of any other ones?

    I'm so fed up with the huge expense these American colleges are charging us, that I'm thinking that maybe a foreign bachelors degree that accepts PLA would be acceptable, then transfer the foreign bachelors back into the USA into a regional university masters program? What do you think?
  17. emmzee

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    I'm pretty sure those are the only ones, if there are others I haven't seen them mentioned on the forums.

    Don't take this the wrong way, but why should a school confer you a bachelor's degree if you don't meet the requirements? Having 120 credits in random things doesn't mean you've satisfied the requirements for a degree. I hope that no accredited school would award a bachelor's degree based solely on the # of credits earned with no additional requirements.

    That said, what other people have done is complete almost all the necessary courses via testing and via the cheapest schools they can find, then transferring them all at once into TESC/EX/COSC. That way you avoid all the extra fees. I don't think there's a cheaper/easier shortcut to do it.
  18. newbie12345

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    I thought 120 random credits qualifies for a general studies degree.
  19. Maniac Craniac

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    Not quite. If your random credits are all in Landscaping, then one could hardly call it "General Studies," you still have to fill the general education requirements, the upper level credit requirements and probably some "depth" requirements in a few subjects.
  20. NorCal

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    I thought 120 random credits gave you a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies ???

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