Proof of MSM bias agaisnt President Trump

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by me again, Jun 9, 2017.

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    The difficulty that the left-media are encountering is that while they constitute the vast majority of the total national media, all of them are competing for the same 50% of the audience, the left half of readers and viewers.

    Conservative media are a much smaller percentage of the total media, but they occupy a less competitive space appealing to the right half of the population.

    It's especially hard for CNN since they have historically tried to position themselves as a centrist bipartisan space so as to be the place where Republicans as well as Democrats turned when important news events were breaking.

    I don't think that CNN is going to attract nearly as many Republicans now that they have started wearing their hostile partisanship so obviously on their sleeve. So as they complete their editorial swerve left, they will find themselves competing along with all the rest of the MSM for an inevitably smaller share the left half of the population.
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    Yep it is 10 to 1. Steve Fox News is not what you and others think it once was. Most Trump supporters merely tolerate them as the options are so lacking. They are no different than the rest with the exception of a few (My Man Tucker!) To even assume Fox is right wing is so 5 years ago.

    I like One America News....very good channel.
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    Fox News has been a joke for years. Just like all the rest. The only people who pay attention to Fox news are your right wing grandparents and scoffing harrumphing liberals who know in their hearts that everyone who doesn't think exactly like they do is a Nazi.
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    Drudge Report passes CNN in media traffic

    For the MSM: It's the Internet, stupid!

    Drudge Report pops to #2 in media traffic: Passes CNN, Google News, NYT, Wash. Post, etc:
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    I pay attention to Fox news. (I actually prefer Fox Business.)

    There isn't really much choice if you want to watch news reporting on TV.

    I do agree that it's slowly been sliding leftwards since Rupert handed it over to his sons. Those sons want to be accepted in the tight and exclusive NYC media community, but they don't want to kill the goose that lays golden eggs: The only right-leaning national TV outlet with half of the nation's TV news viewers all to itself, while everyone else fights over the rest.
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    I think he'll serve a full four years. I don't think he'll be reelected.

    But admittedly, I was wrong about whether he'd be elected in the first place. So we'll see. But he's alienated a lot of centrists since then. We'll see who the Democrats nominate. If it's someone passable, they're in great shape. If not... ugh.
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    President Donald Trump will win re-election by a landslide. Then Pence will be elected after that. Thus, the United States will have a full 12 years of Republican presidential leadership. After that, who knows?
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    “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
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    They'll need much better approval ratings for your predictions to come to pass:
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    MSM Politburo Polls

    SteveFoerster, please note that the MSM's pre-election disapproval ratings (in their polls) indicated that President Donald Trump would lose his first election by a landslide. Oops, what happened!!!? One idiotic memorialized MSM poll interviewed primarily Democrats (67%) and then concluded that it was impossible for President Trump to win an election against Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The inaccurate partisan polls were (and remain) skewed dishonest un-intellectual garbage -- just like CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the leftist owned and controlled MSM politburo.
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    Not a Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian--am apolitical. No fan of Trump; unreal that we're being led by a former reality show/WWE/ultimate ugly American guy who has been thrice married. That said, am taking absolute delight in the way that CNN, MSNBC, et. al. are failing so miserably against this guy and showing how downright biased, foolish and supercilious they've always been. They think they know better, they've tried to control our perception of events for decades. They have no integrity.

    And this is coming from one who once told friends and family "If Trump's elected, I'm becoming an ex-patriot." Trump has been good for at least one thing; glad I stayed around to watch the hacks in the media exposed.
  14. Ted Heiks

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    ex-patriot or expatriate?
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    My mistake, you're right.
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    FNN can't handle Trump's spectacular success

    Stunning success of Trump's presidency:

    Obama warns against American patriotism:
    Obama warns Americans about too much patriotism - on July 4th weekend! - The American MirrorThe American Mirror
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    Just realize there are people out here (like me) who are not Republicans and absolutely not Trump supporters and who are sickened by the rank hypocrisy of the media and find ourselves somehow rooting for the narcissist in his battle against the media because at least he's putting them on tilt and giving them the opportunity to show just how biased they have been for decades. I like fair play, even for my enemies, and am sick of the media and their condescension, corruption and hypocrisy.
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    Them fighting words, coming from someone who apparently does not realise ongoing wars make countries less safe. Also, real lefties like Prof. Noam Chomsky would laugh historically at calling corporate media "leftist owned".

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