Proof of MSM bias agaisnt President Trump

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by me again, Jun 9, 2017.

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    In a very real sense, you're right, the media is definitely pro capitalist and on the right inasmuch as they are a huge industry driven by principles of capitalism and supply/demand, and it may well be that they are largely owned by those on the right end of the political spectrum (though I haven't taken a look at this to confirm), but it's also true that an inordinate percentage of reporters and newspeople tilt leftward and that the U.S. Congress, seldom split more than 60/40 in any direction, far better represents the people in terms of ideology than the media taken as a whole.
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    It looks like CNN has returned to doing hard news. I did two hours of CNN last night, and not once did I wanted to switch to the competitors.
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    What were they covering?
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    It was mostly about the threat to the US posed by NKorea. Many of the guests were professionals, not political hacks. There were also discussions of the upcoming G20.
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    They just cannot help themselves. The guy's the ultimate Ugly American, he's crass and vulgar, I know, I know, but they should just report the events of the day neutrally and if they're going to oppose him, openly admit that they're biased, in editorial mode, and oppose him on substantive grounds, such as free trade, rather than personality and not try to play above it all (like they did with the wrestling take down video) when it's sparklingly clear that they're not and are truly willing to do anything, including break the law (heck, I teach the stuff, kind of my gig, and when they threatened the anon poster they almost certainly did) in their war against this guy. CNN, MSNBC, et. al. just cannot stop, like an addict who just insists on another hit even though it's slowly killing them. There's a high percentage of journalists with a very clear agenda, a very strong political bent, and very little in the way of moral compass to compel them to stop doing unethical things in their attempts to spin the events of the day--and if one has no integrity, how do they learn it? I almost find myself rooting for Trump now, even though I didn't and never would vote for him.
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    CNN is and has been for a long time (if not always), the serious version of The Onion. But in their defense, they're not really much different from the rest of the joke MSM.
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    Actually, I think that Trump's speech in Warsaw was very good. If Obama had delivered it, the media would be wetting their pants in ecstasy about how 'brilliant', 'transformative' and 'visionary' it was.

    That is, you would have been impressed if you actually watched Trump's speech. If you watched the MSM commentary, you would have come away with a very different opinion.

    It makes me wonder why they call journalism a "profession", alongside medicine or engineering. What kind of special training, knowledge or skills are necessary in order to be a journalist? Why do universities have journalism schools? What are they supposed to teach?

    In today's world, journalism just seems to consist of expressing personal opinions, or at least the opinions of one's organization. Anyone can do that.

    I find myself tuning out the news more and more. I'll glance at TV or internet news daily to see if something interesting is happening. (I'll probably find out about war with the Norks when a sub lurking off the coast nukes San Francisco.) But if the headlines are the same old political opinion bullshit, then I don't even read it. I already have plenty of opinions of my own, I don't need to read theirs.
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    Dead-on balls accurate, as Mona Lisa Vito said in My Cousin Vinny.

    Journalism is mostly dead in the United States. It used to be serious business, as well as a skill; informing the public, cultivating reliable informants and abiding by a code of ethics is something that should be taken very seriously.

    Most of the mainstream media, especially CNN, has thrown all that right out the window. They're no longer a news outlet, they're a ridiculously biased propaganda machine for the Democrat Party, and they aren't even making much attempt to hide it any longer.

    The latest fiasco with their ham-handed blackmail attempt with the Reddit user who created the WWE/CNN .gif just underscores that. Their original statement, that read like a two-bit Mafia extortion racket from a dime novel, has since been sent down the Memory Hole, but the damage is done.

    CNN has jumped the shark, is beyond a bad joke, and they simply just can't help themselves now. They're like squirrels that can't resist the shiny object (Trump's tweets) while Trump gets to work under their absurdly short-sighted radar.

    Who wants to set the over/under as to when CNN finally pulls something so outrageous with fake news that they get their White House press credentials pulled?

    I'll go with the under of September 1st.
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    FNN = Fraudulent News Network

    CNN (aka FNN) is Hemorrhaging Viewers and is Poised to Lose Advertisers:
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  13. me again

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    AI to create more fake news?

    The UK Press Association Wants Robots To Write The News - Newsy Story
  14. LearningAddict

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  15. me again

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    How do you know that and/or what is your experience in that area?
  16. Abner

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    I'm a robot. They call me El roboto! :smile:
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    I think that LearningAddict means that if they already employ human beings who behave like robots, then replacing them with literal machines wouldn't be a huge leap.

    Replacing human journalists with robots and 'AI' wouldn't make the news any more objective, credible or less "fake". Everything would then come to depend on what kind of "story templates" the machines are supplied with and how they are programmed to fill in the blanks in their pre-written story outlines.

    That would just generate stereotypical thinking, where all news events are forced to conform to pre-programmed expectations.

    We already see that kind of "journalistic" thinking with the human beings out there in the media (both left and right) today, where the actual events that happen the hugely complex real-world only serve to provide illustrations for pre-existing political/social-change narratives.

    Robots can no doubt do that bullshit as well as humans, and probably less expensively and more reliably. But it wouldn't make the news any more objective, trustworthy or intelligent.

    What they seem to be proposing is some kind of automated ideological news-filter. (Just Google's thing... not unlike the 'Great Firewall' that China has cooked up for its citizens, ensuring that all the news the billion Chinese are exposed to is consistent with communist party doctrine.) I viscerally oppose bringing that model to the West. It's fundamentally totalitarian.
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    I don't mind news coming with spin, so long as it's presented as such, i.e., an opinion piece. Everyone has bias, understood. No big deal. It's why people like Maher (even though he makes me nuts with his "I'm not clever enough to realize I'm not clever, live in mom's basement" brand of atheism) or Limbaugh (even though I cannot stomach one who is utterly incapable of nuance) are just fine with me, for at least you know what you're getting, they make no pretensions about which side they're on. But when news is presented as legitimate but with a heavy load of bias, just hate that, it's unethical. Or when people, even those who make their bias clear, play editing games and present lies as truth. It's why I think Michael Moore might be a sociopath.

    Just give us the truth, and if you have a bias, announce it.
  19. me again

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    MSM Ideological News-filters for Ideological Indoctrination (totalitarian)

    Excellent points.

    We are getting closer to a robotized-politburo-ideological-news-filter to determine which ideological viewpoints are suitable for public dissemination, consumption and ideological education. However, the MSM "party line" is now being broadened in an unprecedented way to reach-out to influence the gullible, albeit it didn't work in the 2016 election, just as MSM techniques are clearly not working now because:
    - Those freedom loving Americans (the Bill of Rights)...
    - and their love of free thinking (the First Amendment)...
    - and their love of sovereignty (the Second and Fourth Amendments)...
    - are major impediments against global-socialists who desire the implementation of a communistic State, where everyone is subservient to, and fully reliant on the government, to meet all of their needs, from cradle to grave. President Donald J. Trump AND the Constitution of the United States have aligned as the perfect antithesis against the socialistic absorption of the United States into a globally controlled government. The repeal of Obamacare is the first major communistic pillar that needs to be fully dismantled because it will be yet another sovereign vote against creeping global socialism. If the owners of the MSM love it, then it's wickedly unholy and needs to go.
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    Bingo FTFaculty. You get the door prize. And millions of other silent Americans are also seeing those exact same things.

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