PhD Business Administration, Paris College of International Education

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TeacherBelgium, Jul 10, 2021.

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    On the bright side, your issues with getting into higher graduate programs have been solved. The higher experience levels are just a matter of time. Having the degrees now will pay off over time.
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    How does one of these degrees differ from a diploma mill? Yes, you will have to work to earn it, but how does the DEGREE differ? IMHO, the acceptance of such things is based on the fact that most people don't make these distinctions. But when they do, ka-boom!
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    Well since you seem to have a regular employment all academic activities beyond the regular job of course demonstrate that you seem to be willing to work very hard in my opinion.
    But you need to consider that you do not have the academic education with the best possible reputation.
    Also I'm still not sure about this PhD program, just because this institution is listed as a provider of higher education doesn't necessarily make it state recognized in my opinion.
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    TeacherBelgium stated that: "This degree is state-recognized here in Belgium. They are registered in the data base of higher education in France, so here in Belgium that would automatically translate to a state-recognized equivalency certificate that this is indeed a PhD. I don't know if it would be recognized as a PhD in the United States, but here in Europe it won't make for a problem."

    I really find it hard to believe that the degree is recognized for equivalency in Belgium. Here are the databases for the truly accredited French institutions;

    Doctorate-degree granting institutions in France:
    Master's degree-granting institutions in France (public and private institutions):

    I don't see the Paris College of International Education on any of these lists.

    A PhD equivalence in Belgium? Are you joking?
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    No, it's not.
    Tutelle means supervision in French.
    PCIE falls under supervision of the ministry of education.
    Horizon falls under the supervision of the ministry of interior affairs according to the database.
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    They are under supervision of the ministry of education in France.
    It's a private institute.
    Their degrees are state-recognized.
    They have to ask permission to the ministry of education in France for every new program they launch.
    They received the authorization from the Académie de Paris to offer the PhD in business.
    That makes it state-recognized.

    Something can look weird and be set up unconventionally but still be legit.
    For example : University of Phoenix.
    It doesn't matter that people think University of Phoenix has a bad reputation. They are legit / recognized. That's what counts.

    It's like someone who obtains a PhD from University of Sedona. It will seem cringy to people who obtained a doctor degree at a brick and mortar institute. But it still grants you the legal right to call yourself PhD. And the legal recognition prevails eventually.
    Speculation does not change that.

    Besides, not everyone does a PhD for the same reasons.

    The PhD was a lifelong dream of mine and I embarked on this journey because I love writing and for personal satisfaction.
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    Wish you the best. Your Reddit link had what would be some significant red flags to me, be careful.
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    I will be careful but am happy with their service after considering pros and contras.
    Thank you for being vigilant towards your fellow members here though. It's appreciated :)
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    72 pages down.
    Many more to go!
    Love the journey! Writing will always be my catharsis.
    Otium since litteris mors est.
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    Woo, I just learned some Latin! Otium since litteris mors est. In English: Leisure without literature is death.
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    I love Latin and Ancient Greek quotes, sorry couldn't help it :p
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    Still trying to figure out how taking this kind of degree is any different from just printing one up.
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    You're entitled to your opinion.
    De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est.

    The institution itself is recognized by the French Ministry of Education.
    The doctoral program itself is state-authorized but has no programmatic accreditation.
    Like SteveFoerster often mentions : "accreditation doesn't confer legitimacy. It's a mere independent demonstration of it."

    This school is duly founded and their program works for my needs.
    That's all a student needs to check before enrolling imho.

    The French embassies are willing to legalize it. A French embassy wouldn't legalize a diploma mill degree certificate. So the degree is at minimum state-authorized.
    Not everyone has the same needs either.
    Things are so different today from 30 years ago too, Dr. Douglas.
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    At worst it would be the doctoral equivalent of a titulo propio, and we all have hopefully seen by now that if tituli propii are conferred by institutions recognized by the ministry of higher education, despite the program itself not being accredited, that the program itself still has validity.
    Appreciation of a certain degree-program is also different between whether you strive to work in the private sector or in the public sector.
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    I'm actually eager to hear what your opinion of "University of the People" is? Is that a mill according to you, because it's not a conventional brick-and-mortar institute?
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    Rich doesn't need anyone to defend him, but also he's earned multiple credentials at schools that aren't conventional brick-and-mortar as long as they've been recognized so I don't think that's the issue. UofP has recognized accreditation, whereas PCIE doesn't.

    The problem is, you can't tell from the outside whether PCIE produces graduates that have actually mastered the skills one should expect a PhD graduate to have. And you as a student can't tell from the inside, because you don't know what you don't know.
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    Have emailed the French Ministry of Higher Education to ask if I can use my degree for employment in France afterwards. That will be a good indicator of PCIEs recognition.
    Also, please keep in mind accreditation here in Europe is completely different from accreditation in the US.
    In the US there is no central organ regulating HE institutions and accreditation is a private matter over there.
    Here in Europe it's the ministry of higher education who oversees institutions and if you are recognized by the ministry of HE then your degrees can be legally used for employment.
    PCIE is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education as an education provider. They are under auspices of the National Ministry of Higher Education.
    The Thai ministry of higher education grants teaching licences to TESOL teachers based on a degree from PCIE. That alone confirms its validity already.

    And I'm satisfied with my choice.
    It's fine for you all here to dislike PCIE.
    I assessed the pros and contras, made my decision, enrolled and am happy with their service. That's most important.
    Everything in life is a service the consumer must be happy with. Doesn't mean others have to buy it. As long as the consumer thought it was worth the $ then everything is fine imho.
    Different folks, different tastes.
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