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  1. Bill Huffman

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    I don't know what plcscott said but whatever it was, I suggest that you, JimS, listen to him because he too has personal experience with KWU.
  2. russ

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  3. Rich Douglas

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    Responses to "russ":

    While you "proudly display your credentials, will you be proudly telling people:

    (a) K-WU is unaccredited,

    It doesn't have to be accredited

    Unresponsive. I didn't ask if it had to be accredited. I guess we can infer that your answer is "no," which means you'll allow people to believe it is a legitimate school. This is called "lying."

    (b) K-WU has never been accredited,

    So, what?

    Again, unresponsive. This reveals an utter lack of understanding of higher education. In other words, a perfect candidate for being a K-WU co-conspirator.

    (c) K-WU has never been approved by a state agency,

    It is licensed to grant degrees in the state of Wyoming.

    Which is not the same thing, as the state of Wyoming itself makes very clear. You, of course, will not make that clear to anyone. By your misuse of this "fact," it seems you will do the opposite.

    (d) K-WU has "moved" its license several times while continuing to operate in California,

    So, what?

    Legitimate schools do not do this. Ever. There are no examples of accredited schools that have done what K-WU has done. Several have moved to change RA jurisdictions, but none have made multiple moves to avoid state regulation. K-WU has made this behavior its stock in trade, a sure sign of a mill.

    (e) K-WU isn't licensed to operate in California,

    Who cares?

    Well, who can argue with such logic? Actually, it would be very damning for you to reveal this, so a "who cares" attitude is probably safest, so no one can discover the real nature of your school.

    (f) K-WU doesn't sell its degrees to residents of its own state,

    So, what?

    Ditto. Why did you bother to respond if you aren't going to be responsive?

    (g) K-WU doesn't require a full curriculum for earning a bachelor's,

    Neither do RA schools that allow testing out.

    This isn't accurate at all. Every RA school awarding the bachelor's requires a full 120-s.h. (or more) to earn their degree. K-WU doesn't do this, not at all. Again, why bother responding, "russ," if you don't have your facts right?

    (h) K-WU awards life experience credit without verifying the experiences, and

    They should verify.

    But they don't. Neither do other degree mills.

    (i) K-WU awards life experience credit to graduate students?

    This is fine if the person is very accomplished.

    Really? Show me an RA school that does this to the extent that K-WU does. Very millish.

    I don't understand why "russ" bothered. In typical degree mill shill fashion, he offered no new information, just a lot of "so whats," sprinkled with a few falsehoods.

    The main value in a degree from Kennedy-Western "University" is that the holders of such degrees are not found out. This is a heckuva secret to tug around.
  4. Jake_A

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    Dr. Douglas: Your statement above is so true, that it is scary! (LOL.)

    The KW"U" unaccredited degree which-the holder-hopes-everyone-will-think-is-accredited[/] secret "........ is a heckuva secret to tug around."

    AND ..... a heck of a huge time-bomb to carry on one's back!

    Plus, how can one stand the irritating noise... the tick-tock-tick-tock....... until the inevitable KAABOOOOOOOOM explosion!

  5. Lerner

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    How many people went to preson because they hold KW-U degree?

    I think they know that their degrees are second grade but I don't think they loose any sleep over it.

    The power of delusion is that they ( I think most of them)
    Think they got a good deal and feel quite happy with what they have.

    I see kW-U pop up allways among other legitimate schools so it's send a subliminal message " we are OK as AIU, Kaplan etc".

    They also have an option to join a legitimate school and earn a legitimate respectfull degree.

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