Online Ivy League degree programs that require less than a week on campus

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    I am not including undergraduate and graduate certificates because creating the list would take too long. Let me know if I missed any programs that require less than a week on campus or if I included any programs that require more than a week on campus.

    Harvard (traditional)
    Master of Public Health
    Master of Public Health in Epidemiology
    Master of Education in Education Leadership

    Harvard Extension (on-campus requirement can be fulfilled with a weekend on campus)
    Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies (typically, two to three courses need to meet the on-campus requirement)
    Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
    Creative Writing and Literature
    Data Science
    Digital Media Design
    Dramatic Arts
    Global Development Practice
    Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    Information Management Systems
    International Relations
    Mathematics for Teaching
    Museum Studies
    Software Engineering
    Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies (four courses need to meet on-campus requirement)

    None (Executive MPH requires 10 days on campus, and the Physician Assistant program requires three weeks on campus)

    Columbia (traditional)
    Master of Social Work
    Master of Arts in Statistics
    Master of Arts in Adult Learning & Leadership
    Master of Arts in Computer in Education
    Master of Arts in Developmental Disabilities
    Master of Science in Diabetes Education & Management
    Ed.D in Nursing Education
    Ed.M in School Counseling
    Master of Science
    Applied Mathematics
    Applied Physics
    Biomedical Engineering
    Industrial Engineering
    Operations Research
    Operations Research – Methods in Finance
    Computer Science (Natural Language Processing; Foundations of Computer Science; Machine Learning; Network Systems; Software Systems; Vision, Graphics, Interaction, and Robotics; Computational Biology, and Computer Security)
    Chemical Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Earth and Environmental Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Doctor of Engineering
    Earth and Environmental Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering

    Columbia School of Professional Studies
    Master of Science
    Applied Analytics
    Enterprise Risk Management
    Human Capital Management
    Information and Knowledge Strategy
    Insurance Management
    Nonprofit Management
    Wealth Management
    Master of Professional Studies

    Brown University
    Master of Science in Cybersecurity

    Dartmouth College
    None (MPH requires 7 weeks on campus and MHCDS requires 25 days on campus)

    University of Pennsylvania (traditional)
    Master of Computer and Information Technology
    Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice
    Master of Science in Animal Welfare and Behavior
    Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership
    Master of Health Care Innovation
    Doctorate in Clinical Social Work

    University of Pennsylvania College of Liberal and Professional Studies
    Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
    Master of Applied Positive Psychology (currently 100% online but normally requires five, three-day weekends on campus)

    Engineering Management
    Systems Engineering
    Human Resource Management

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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Columbia University's Doctor of Engineering is hard to accomplish the admission. You are required to get a Professor to sponsor your research at the admission stage; if you can't get one you'll have to take two courses about $14,000.00 in tuition and fees to establish the relationship with a Professor.
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    University of Pennsylvania College of Liberal and Professional Studies

    Master of Science in Applied Geosciences
    Global Master of Public Administration
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    Cornell has the Masters in Legal Studies and their Johnson School of Business has the Master of Science in Business Analytics.
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    Salutations to the OP, sanantone.
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    Maybe I am overlooking it but it does not seem to have required virtual lectures. From a program offered by Dartmouth, I’d expect interaction with the Professor and classmates more than a discussion forum.

    Also, the program is (8) courses with the 9th course being the capstone. I’d like to see a minimum of (10) courses in a masters program.
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    Hey, that just more classes I can afford.
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    You can add these to the list:

    I mean personally, I’d avoid programs with less than 10 courses required for the degree. My MBA required 12 and my MS required 16. I just do not understand how Dartmouth and UC-Berkeley can offer Masters programs that have less than 30 credit hours/units. To each their own though.
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    Yes, for someone who wants a degree, when you get up to the graduate level, make sure to take the 30+ credit versions, when you get to the doctoral, you can research further what can/can't be transferred in... some allow Masters courses as exemptions or transfers...
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    I'm with you on this, Josh - but I should mention we've seen others under 30 credits -- in fact, we discussed an 18-unit MPA from Marywood. An accredited Master's degree, not a grad cert. or any other type of award. An outlier of course, but still -- from an RA school, apparently with full approval.
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    It is still cheaper than Columbia University's program via CVN. The tuition at Columbia is almost double.
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    My thought was that since they don't disclose the credit breakdown that it's possible some of those are 4 credit courses, not three. If you take three courses at 3 credits (18) and three courses at 4 credits (12) you land at 30. Once you get below 10 courses , I worry about getting the required depth. Even exactly at 30, I felt like my MS was just enough.

    Also: that 18-credit Marywood MPA is wild!

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