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    A state university near me is offering an online doctor of arts in English pedagogy. There is no dissertation required for this degree. Would this degree be worth considering or is a doctorate with a dissertation such as an EDD a better choice? I am interested in being a practitioner more so than a researcher.

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    Can you please provide a link to the degree program?

    Is a D.A. without a dissertation really a research doctorate? According to the U.S. DOE, the D.A. is classified as a research doctorate "with a dissertation." You can read more at this link:
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    It looks like a souped-up Masters degree with extra curriculum-based coursework that is crowned with a capstone, but it lacks a dissertation, but it's still being called a D.A.

    Prediction: In 20 years, the PhD will be one of the few remaining doctorates that still requires the completion of a dissertation. It looks like dissertations are slowly being phased out.
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    A Doctor of Arts is a teaching doctorate.
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    There are currently three DA programs in History. They are Clark Atlanta University, the University of North Dakota, and Saint John's University. Back in 1984, when I graduated college, there were six: Clark Atlanta University, Illinois State University, the University of Miami, Middle Tennessee State University, the University of Northern Colorado, and the University of North Dakota. And there's one online DA in History, Harrison Middleton University.
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    Doctor of Arts in English Pedagogy and Technology - Murray State University

    This is the link to the DA program. From what I have learned it was originally going to be offered as an EdD but due to some issues it ended up as a DA. My main concern is that it will make me overqualified for as a teacher. I am interested in going into teacher training or administration. I am not sure if the program would be appropriate for me. The degree would place me in the highest pay bracket in the public school system, but I'm not sure if that's enough justification to enroll. (I would be focused on the language concentration)
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    As a current English instructor for a CC, I think this program looks attractive, and seems like it could very well further one's career. Of course, you have to get past all jokes on it being labeled "DA" -- err, what does that stand for again? At the very least, it doesn't have the same ring, or clout that PhD carries having been around for so long. Despite all this, I am glad to know this exists, as I continue to plan for my future.

    I think it has been mentioned before, but Old Dominion University offers a PhD in English that is almost exclusively online (summers require some on-campus time). That is another program that could fit the bill.
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    I looked into the Murray State program a little bit further, too. For what's it's worth, the tuition seems to be about $800 a credit hour, which brings the 48-hour program to just under $40k. A bit expensive for doctoral programs, no? At any rate, that was enough for me to pump the breaks and be a little less enthused. Others may disagree.
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    Unfortunately for me, as an in-state teacher this would be my only option. KY will not allow for its teachers to complete out of state programs while in residence and count them for advancement. I was told they did this to keep more money in the state. Most of the online doctorates here are all EdDs in educational leadership. I would be interested in curriculum and instruction or linguistics, but it's not available in my area.

    KY: Education Professional Standards Board - Certification
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    TESOL and others, do we know anything more about this program at this point? Just curious.
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    They wanted to start an EdD but had to make it a DA because it's offered by the Snglish department. The degree is very versatile and suits the needs of a variety of practitioners (curriculum writers/ administrators). All the content is geared toward pedagogy. The costs are disappointing. There is no incentive for being in state since all online fees are the same. Murray is far from any large city so driving there would be difficult. I think the program wouldn't be ideal for anyone wanting to teach at a research school though.
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    They have a Spanglish department? Que progressive!
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    Update on Murray State?

    I hope I'm not out of line with this thread bump, but I'm curious if the original poster or anyone else pursued Murray State further for their DA in English Pedagogy and Technology. Anyone currently taking classes there? If so what is the experience like?

    A couple of things I pulled out in my research:

    • Tuition seems to be $672 (per hour) for graduate web courses.
    • DA program is 48 hours in total
    • Classes on conducted in Canvas
    • GRE not required
    • Capstone instead of dissertation

    Maybe that will add some useful details to this thread for those dropping by and interested in the program.
  18. SteveFoerster

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    That means the magic number is $32,256. Not bad for a U.S. regionally accredited doctorate.
  19. TESOLer12

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    I spoke with the director of the program some time ago. The cost is actually over $800 per credit hour including fees. I'm not sure why this is not indicated on their tuition and fees page. I estimated the program would cost around $40,000 if completed online. Tuition is less if completed on campus.

    I thought of doing the program myself, but I'm still unsure of the utility of the degree. It would likely make me overqualified for many jobs in TESOL anyhow.

    I spoke with them about curriculum development and that was one of the potential uses of the degree. Perhaps maybe administration related to English teaching?
  20. Paidagogos

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    Yeah, I'm a community college English teacher, and I feel like this could be a good degree to move up/forward, or earn more money in the future. Still not sure about that price though. It's not terribly expensive for a degree of this type, but it's still a far cry from the bargain universities I attended.

    Anyone in here from Kentucky? What is the reputation of this school within the state?

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