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    I'm From Kentucky and Murray State is well respected and popular among instate residents. Not widely know out of the area though. It's in the extreme western part of the state so it's a four hour drive form my home in central KY. It's in the middle of a corn field, but I hear many professors brag about grad programs they sent students through there. Should be a decent choice.

    I thought of doing the program. I'm a public school teacher and it's the only way I could get a instate doctorate in my field. Kentucky schools does not guarantee rank changes to out of state programs.
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    Newsflash # 1: Clark Atlanta University now offers a PhD in Humanities/Afro-Amrican Studies.
    Newsflash #2: Saint John's University now offers a PhD in World History.
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    Saint John’s also revised their DA in English to a PhD.
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