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  1. cookderosa

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    I know this topic is discussed all the time, but the search feature keeps pulling out NA and RA saying it's too short- and so I'm not finding what I need.
    I know there was an old list and multiple threads floating around, can anyone think of the title or a better search phrase so I can narrow down an MBA list for my husband? He graduates in June from New England Culinary with a bachelor's in hospitality and restaurant management, and wants to apply to an RA MBA program. On his list so far is APUS.
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    Try the University of North Alabama. They just opened up:

    Culinary Arts

    You would know more about the various intracacies of these programs but I would bet some discussion might be worthwhile and lead to admission to the MBA program.

    Southwestern College has accepted NA degrees.

    Troy University has a procedure for attempting admission with an NA degree.

    I don't know of any RA school that unilaterally accepts NA degrees but we have members who have done so. Beware of any lists as these can be misleading and individual circumstances (as well as the power of persuasion) can result in admission or denial despite others having made the leap. In addition some schools that have accepted NA degrees in the past seem to have changed policy (Northcentral University for example).

    heres a thread with some info
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    Thanks for the leads- I have a few hours today to look around and dig up a few schools for him to review. I have noticed many times, the college doesn't specifically say that an RA bachelor's is required, they simply say "bachelors" but I want to set him up with a list of real possibilities- not just shooting darts at schools.
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    If I recall correctly, your husband is a food service professional. I would think that with the experience and his degree, that he could apply wherever he wants. A quality MBA program will look at the entire package (GMAT if required, experience, and degree).

    My advice is for him to pick the school he wants, and then work with that school.

  5. cookderosa

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    Maybe I should ask this in a new thread- I might if it gets missed....

    As I look over various programs, a concentration in "hospitality management" or similar limits options significantly! Even programs that offered that concentration in old threads have done away with them. There are very few.
    Can any of you business folk suggest an alternate concentration? Something more mainstream? In a nutshell, my husband has been an executive chef or kitchen manager for about 20 years in a variety of settings. He is looking to merge into a more "white collar" capacity since kitchen work is very physically demanding. So, he is looking for a step toward F&B or GM position at a hotel (ex. Marriott) or corporate restaurant chain (ex. Darden Restaurants) or even a club manager. What alternate concentration would be a feather in his cap? Management? I guess HR is an option- but I think he would rather go the GM route. Finance might be too mathy...suggestions??
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  6. TCord1964

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    As a student of two different NA schools I have actually done quite a bit of research on this topic. The RA schools I know of for certain which accept NA bachelors into their MBA programs are:

    Liberty University
    Western Governors University
    Southwestern University
    Ashford University
    Bellevue University
    University of Phoenix
    Walden University
    Argosy University
    University of North Alabama
    University of Wisconsin-Platteville
    Kaplan University
    Ellis University
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  7. cookderosa

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    A zillion thank-yous to you!!
  8. Shawn Ambrose

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    My recommendation is for your husband to pursue an MBA with a Management Concentration, preferably at a school with AACSB accreditation. Take a look at Get's rankings. The University of Nebraska has a very affordable program.

  9. rdl50

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    best option

    Hi there,

    I am in the same situation and have made the leap to F & B management from an restaurant manager position.

    I am looking to change my career and here are some of my thoughts:

    I am at an age where going back to school does not make sense age wise and financially. I would go back fulltime if i was able to get into a prestigious program like cornell

    So i have set my mind on doing a masters degree.

    It is very hard to choose a program that fits all your needs, so I am going to base it for myself on the price, since I do not think it would add much value to have a harvard degree in the hotel industry ( cornell is an option but am just short of the 100000 dollar it cost me to do the program:cool:) seems a good idea if you become part of their special tuition program is good if you want to get a known name degree and you can get two masters very easily.

    do the masters in training and by choosing the right electives you can get the master in science very easliy

    If possible we ( your husband and i ) can work together in getting a choice made for the masters degree.

    my email adress is [email protected] or send me a PM via this site, hope that this helps you
  10. Kizmet

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  11. Ian Anderson

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    How about moving into the wholesale restaurant foods business with a company such as Sysco?
  12. Ted Heiks

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    MBAs in Hospitality Management/Hotel-Restaurant Management

    Sorry to say it, but the MBA Sticky has gotten stuck again while attempting to compile info on dl business-related master's programs from the great state of Kansas. However, preceding that alphabetically ...

    From the Great State of Alabama, Columbia Southern University offers the MBA in Hospitality and Tourism (accredited by the Distance Education & Training Council).

    From the Great State of Florida, Florida International University offers the MS in Hospitality Management (accredited by the Southern Association), Florida State University offers the MBA in Hospitality Administration (accredited by the Southern Association and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), Lynn University offers the MBA in Hospitality Management (accredited by the Southern Association and the International Association for Collegiate Business Education), and Schiller International University offers MBA in International Hotel & Tourism Management (accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools).

    From the Great State of Georgia, South University offers the MBA in Hospitality Management (accredited by the Southern Association).

    From the Great State of Illinois, DeVry University and offers the MBA in Hospitality Management (accredited by the North Central Association).

    Looking a little further down the road ...

    From the Great State of Nevada, one of the University of Nevadas (though I forget whether it is the University of Nevada Las Vegas or the University of Nevada Reno offers an online MHA (Master of Hospitality Administration) which, if I recall correctly, is the only graduate business-related program in the state on offer via dl.

    From the Great State of Texas, both the University of North Texas and Texas Tech University offer the MS in Hotel/Restaurant Management via dl.

    I'll continue to post back to this thread as I make further progress with the MBA Sticky. :eek:
  13. Ian Anderson

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    From California
    Although it might be difficult to get into this program with an NA bachelor degree - but one could try.
  14. Kizmet

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    Too good Ted, just too good. Thanks.
  15. SteveFoerster

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    He should go through the HETA list:

    These are institutions that agree to at least consider transfers from schools regardless of accreditation type, and there are more of them than one might think.

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    LOL, so not interested.
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  18. cookderosa

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    Ted, all I can say is YOU ROCK :) Thanks for those updates!!
  19. kozen

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    Another 2 strong B&M schools which accepts NA bachelor is

    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Baruch College, The City University of New York

    Both RA with AACSB accreditation.
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    Thank you!

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