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  1. japhy4529

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    Johns Hopkins
  2. warguns

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    San Jose State or Alaska U

    Both accredited and cheaper. In my opinion, unless your online school is a well-known and well-respected name, you're better off with a state university.

    I would stay away from AT Still. Osteopaths have a mixed reputation in the US and an unsavory one in other countries.
  3. Kizmet

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    It seems that Kooler posted to this thread without reading any of the stuff that came before. C'mon Kooler, it's all right in front of you. This is a great degree with a lot of employment potential. Read through and do your google searches. In a week you could become the master of mph knowledge.
  4. japhy4529

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    So he could end up with an MMPH. ;)
  5. japhy4529

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    Well, he asked for the best and few would argue that JHU trumps San Jose and Alaska. If other factors are to be considered (e.g. cost, 100% online, no GRE. etc.), then the options broaden considerably.
  6. Ted Heiks

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  7. japhy4529

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    Another online MPH program to add to the list:

    University of New England - MPH Program

    UNE just received CEPH accreditation last year. The GRE is not required, provided that the applicant has completed at least one science and math course. UNE is one of only a handful of CEPH-accredited programs that don't require the GRE.
  8. japhy4529

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    From the great state of California

    National University - MPH
    The cost for this 18-month program is 26k.

    NU recently obtained CEPH accreditation for this program. The GRE is not required.
  9. Graves

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    UWF - School of Allied Health and Life Sciences - MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH <br /> Fully CEPH Accredited, Fully Online

    University of West Florida.
    CEPH accredited +
    GRE Required -
    Part time option +
    Fairly cheap for residents, or with an out of state waiver
    •Florida in-state tuition per credit hour: $379.91
    •100% Out of state tuition waiver per credit hour: $411.32
    •90% Out of state tuition waiver per credit hour: $474.14
    •Alabama Resident Differential tuition per credit hour: $484.91*
    •Full Out of state tuition per credit hour: $1039.55
  10. Ted Heiks

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    University of Liverpool
  11. Kizmet

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    Is the MPH becoming the next MBA?
  12. japhy4529

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    Yeah, maybe for people who are bored to tears with the thought of pursuing an MBA and want a little more science/health-related content in their degree program. :wink1:
  13. airtorn

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    As a guy with a MPH who will be transitioning jobs in the next 2-10 years and wants to get back to the public health realm, I hope not.
  14. soupbone

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    I hope not as well. I know it's only anecdotal, but I really don't know many people that have an MPH, or any that desire to pursue one. :popworm:
  15. CalDog

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    One potential warning sign for future degree oversupply: is the for-profit education sector involved? For-profit schools have no incentive to limit enrollments -- on the contrary, they tend to expand aggressively to meet the demand. They also tend to market aggressively in order to increase demand.

    Incidentally, a recent study by the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) reported that the top MPH school by enrollment in 2009 was Walden University, with 3,853 enrolled MPH students.
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  16. Kizmet

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    O'man you're making my point. Isn't the number of DL MPH degree programs increasing yearly? At what point does the market become saturated? I don't know the answer. As for Walden, I like that school in general (overpriced, I'm sure) and they've had an MPH program for years but if Phoenix or some other for-profit school opens a new MPH program then watch out
  17. CalDog

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    There are signs of significant growth in MPH programs. For example, the number of CEPH-accredited institutions increased from 142 to 153 in 2013 alone. And 30 more institutions are now candidates for CEPH accreditation.

    Walden (which is not CEPH accredited) only issued its first MPH degrees in 2004. Five years later, in 2009, Walden was the largest MPH program in the country, with enrollment of nearly 4,000 MPH students, as noted in post #75 above.
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  18. NorCal

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    Personally I like the idea of having a MPH, I think it offers wonderful utility. In fact, when my best friend wanted to go back to school to get his bachelors I told him to go the PH route and now he is at AMU finishing up his undergraduate. He and I both work in healthcare management, and we've noticed more and more managers looking to move up are going after the MPH.
  19. japhy4529

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    Master of Public Health | Online Public Health Degree at Kaplan University
  20. Kizmet

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    OK. I have a totally serious question to ask. I know that the Feds and the 50 states each have their Departments of Public Health. So with an MPH you could work for the gov but those positions have to be very scarce these days. Maybe you could work in a hospital but what would you actually do? What does an MPH do? What are the jobs? What are the reponsibilities?

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