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    No, I don't.
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    The University of Houston, Clear Lake offers an online MS in Finance with concentration in Healthcare Administration OnlineM.S.-Finance The Business Schools has AACSB accreditation and their graduate Healthcare Administration programs are accredited by CAHME.
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    I'm so happy to have found this forum. I am a dental hygienist looking to expand my career into the public health arena. I have only found one school which offers an MPH with a dental emphasis online and that is AT Still. Does anyone have any experience with this school? It is not CEPH accredited. How much of a problem does this pose in finding a job? I am not interested in obtaining my doctorate. I just want to know that this school is thought highly enough by prospective employers to consider me for a job.

    There is another avenue that I can go down which is obtain a MS in Dental Hygiene. This would also prepare me for a career in academics or public health. Anyone have any input on going this route?

    Thank you all for your time!
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    Agree with you this forum is very informative and help others a lot. I assume you have the experience and good academic grades when in collage, well I think it’s enough for you to be hire. Just a tip, impress them with good resume and portfolio. Good Luck!
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    I had some dental hygienists in my classes. I know that at least one of them is now teaching full time in a dental hygienist program at a smal state college after completing the MPH program.

    Beyond that, my observation is that experience often trumps CEPH (note that ATSU is exploring CEPH)
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    Thanks so much for the info and encouragement. I am still torn between an MPH or an MS in Dental Hygiene but I don't think I can go wrong either way. Beats the heck out of working in private practice :)
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    I know this is the MPH section but I was curious if any of you have a list for DL Doctorates in Public Health? I have a few local options, but I was just curious what they were outside of my little section of the world.
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    Can you guys consider extending the editing time period or removing the limit altogether? I can't stand not being able to add to my thread when I have 100 things running through my head at once....anyway enough ranting... :knockedout::stooges:

    If you go to the CePH webiste CEPH you can search for online programs. There is a little box you can tick and it will pull them all up. I never had any idea there were so many options like for instance Johns Hopkins. That's a hell of a recognized school in the medical field. It's interesting that they have several Emergency Preparedness options for DL that are CePH certified. I'm going to ask PSU if they are considering aplying...I find it odd they haven't yet.
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    I'm interested in this degree, but since it's not an actual MPH, how would this factor into career choices?
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    University of Washington Extended MPH - Home - Extended MPH Program (EXDP) in Health Services, Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs at the University of Washington.

    Looks like a good program, but there are short weekend sessions each term.
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    It's worthless if you want to do public health.
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    Sorry this wasn't clear. It was a response to:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Heiks View Post
    The University of Alabama The University of Alabama offers an online MA Health Studies (Health Promotion). At $312/hr., this 30-hr. degree costs $9,360. They are accredited by the Southern Association and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.
    I'm interested in this degree, but since it's not an actual MPH , how would this factor into career choices?

    The American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences is Home Ec
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    The program through Alabama is designed to set somebody up for the CHES exam. Having a CHES certification and a graduate degree in a health related area will open up jobs at the federal and state level in the public health realm.
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    While not technically an MPH, people searching for one might consider this degree as well...

    Philadelphia University MS in Disaster Medicine and Management

    Just thought I would pass this along. In writing a paper I came across this school in a search. I see almost nothing about it here on the site, except for some references to it many years ago. I have no idea what type of utility it would offer but the title of the degree stood out for sure. Anyway, just thought I would offer it up for discussion.

    Philadelphia University's Disaster Medicine and Management Program
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    Hello I am new for the forum and I am trying to figure out this. As i want some good posts as I found over here.
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    Walden University
    Rush University
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    Not an MPH, but Johns Hopkins is offering a new Certificate in Public Health Informatics

    The goal of the program is to offer training in methods and concepts of health informatics and health information technology for application to public health. It is designed for working public health professionals who wish to develop and area of expertise or specialization in this area. This new certificate program is available completely online.

    Certificate Programs

    Further, the program offers $10,000 scholarships toward the $18,732 tuition. Units from the cert can be applied to the MPH.

    Remember, this isn't some glorified chiropractic college. This is Johns Hopkins.
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    Always good for your resume. That's why I'm considering the cert from Georgetown as well, although in the medical field Johns Hopkins is really second to none.
  19. soupbone

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    I am not interested in a certificate, but I am interested in a good and repeatable MPH program with the full accreditations like the CEPH. Does anybody know if one should look for a school with the current accreditations for the school, the department the MPH is through, and the actual MPH degree. Or should one just make sure the actual MPH degree has the correct accreditation? This is an area I am confused about. I have heard from professors of MPH programs make sure the school is properly accredited, the department the MPH is through has the right accreditations, and the MPH has the CEPH accreditation. Besides Benedictine Univ, AT Still Univ, does anybody know a good MPH program that is a non profit school and has a program that does not take more than 3 years to complete. What do the employers do when one gets a certificate rather then an actual degree? I do not understand why somebody would get a certificate rather then a degree, unless $$ is the reason why. Give me the best MPH program that you really know about. If you say AT Still, Benedictine Univ, etc I know that you are just giving names. Real professional schools that offer awesome MPH programs.

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