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    From the Great State of Arizona

    The University of Arizona offers a Graduate Certificate in Public Health online. Tuition for this 15-hr., 5-course program is $1,613.06 per 3-unit course in-state and $4,172.06 per 3-unit course out-of-state, leading to total program tuition of $8,065.30 in-state and $20,860.30 out-of-state. They are accredited by the North Central Association and the Council on Education for Public Health.

    Northern Arizona University offers an online MAdmin Health Science. Tuition for this 36-hr. program is $296/hr., for total program tuition of $10,656. They are accredited by the North Central Association.
  2. Ted Heiks

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    From the Great State of California

    Loma Linda University offers an online MPH Health Education and an Online Executive MPH Public Health Practice. At $649/hr., the 58-hr. MPH Health Education costs $37,642 and the 66-hr. Online Executive MPH costs $42,834. They are accredited by the Western Association and the Council on Education for Public Health.

    TUI University offers an online MS Health Sciences/Public Health. At $345/hr., total program tuition for this 40-hr. program is $13,800. They are accredited by the Western Association.

    The University of California Berkeley offers an online MPH.
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    How important is Council on Education for Public Health accreditation? American Public University is RA, but is not listed on the CEPH site.
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    CEPH accreditation has importance if you wish to move to a Doctorate of Public Halth from the masters. The University of Oklahoma is CEPH and will consider non CEPH degrees on a case by case basis. There may be a couple of prerequisites that will have to be taken to ensure your program meets all of the requirements of the CEPH degree.

    APUS is not CEPH accredited but they seem to be changing the MPH programs. They have increased the number of hours and have some concentrations now, such as public administration and emergency management. I chose to stay in the old program as they will allow my agreement to continue, and in my situation it will work.
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    Least Expensive MPH Program?

    Anyone know the least expensive distance learning MPH program out there?

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    I would guess at AMU/APU.
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    It's very important for employment purposes, both in public health and academia. If you're only going to get one MPH, why not get the best one?

    I choose the San Jose State MPH

    about $22,000 (however free for me because I'm over 60)

    You might also want to consider South African programs. I know of two: Western Cape and Unisa. Inexpensive. Personally, I would choose a SA program over a DETC.
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    This is the best time to be enrolling in an MPH degree. I read somewhere recently that public health administration is one of the most sought-after and amongst the highest paid occupations in the field of healthcare services. Have you considered Independence University to get your MPH degree? I learned from a friend that the Independence University is one of the pioneer institutes offering distance learning and online education. The Masters in Public Health program offered by them may suit your requirements. You may check it out!
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    The cost of Independence University seems very high for a DETC program. The listed tuition is $475/hr. APUS is RA and much less expensive. At the price for Independence one could go to a CEPH accredited for not very much more.

    I agree with Wargun (great handle BTW) on CEPH accreditation. Although situations are different. If I were younger, starting out and interested in teaching, then CEPH would make a great deal of difference. If I were intersted in teaching or moving on to a Doctor of Public Health degree, it would make a difference. In my situation, I am not interested in teaching and have 17 years experience as a pharmacy director. My niche is just different and I feel comfortable with RA only as I will likely be at my job for a long time after obtaining the degree.

    I have read Dr. Bear, Dr. Douglas, et al., on posts warning of ensuring your degree and accreditation meets current and future needs. I would probably say the same thing.
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    I'm sure that John's "friend" is his boss. I would have expected a bit more from a DETC school.
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    Each of "johnmiller"'s previous posts has been a disguised ad for Independence University. My personal feeling is that a school that has to resort to that kind of deception has a reputation in jeopardy and should be avoided.

    "johnmiller" should at least have the sense to throw in a comment on some other subject to camouflage who he works for.
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    University of Illinois @ Springfield also has MPH options.
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    Des Moines University has a CEPH accredited program; tuition there is about $20K for their completely online program.
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    Tulane has a DL MPH in Disaster Management --

    It has a hefty price tage at around $38,000 but I can say that in the gulf coast area Tulane is very highly regarded. Is it worth that price? I guess that depends on your goals. I believe that the combination of MPH and Disaster Management makes it a very versatile degree but the return would have to be great in order to justify that price tag.

    From the website: "The MPH program is a 42 hour program of graduate study targeting disaster management courses plus the public health core areas. It includes 18 credits of the public health core courses, 18 credits of disaster management courses plus ENHS 660 Principles of Toxicology and 3 credits of electives. The MPH also requires the completion of a practicum and a Culminating Experience project. Mid-career students may be able to waive the practicum requirement with the proper documentation."

    Does anyone have a site that lists average salaries of MPH holders?
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    Hahaha So typical "I Love My College". Randall Id say google it Sir, then you make your mind up. If you want to do the online thing then its going to come down to 2 main things, How much money do you want to spend? And How cool does the School Mascot look like on a ring? Any Online Program is going to have lots of writing. Lots of people cut and paste and blow thru them, untill they get to the Integrative Project at the end of the Masters. Mine was a Breeze, 4 weeks into the Course I had worked Straight thru and finished!! I love to research and write so it wasnt an issue for me. Lots of Points here to follow
    The biggest PRO i read was look at the accredidations. Some ARE more accredited than others. I know TUI used to be, not tracking anymore, Im just blowing thru my Army GI Bill to spend it, so im on my 2nd Masters, and working my PhD as well.
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    Do you have any experience with TUI Ted Heiks?
  20. Randell1234

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    I am not Ted but I do have experience with them. I completed my MS-ITM in 2004 and I am working on an MBA in Marketing in my "spare time". Do you have any questions?

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