LBU Prez fake degree?

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  2. Johann

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    from the Wiki: "Before being ordained as a priest, seminarians who reside at Holy Trinity Seminary must graduate from the University of Dallas with a degree in Philosophy and Letters that is specifically designed for seminarians and their later priestly duties in managing a parish and attending to the spiritual needs of parishioners. Holy Trinity Seminary does not itself grant degrees, but rather serves as a residence for seminarians as they take classes at the neighboring academic campus of the University of Dallas."

    So there are degrees for HTS (Dallas) grads - but, strictly-speaking, from the "mother school."

    And yes - there are two other similarly-named schools. There's Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville NY and Holy Trinity College and Seminary in New Port Richey FL.

    For a guy who (you say) knows nothing about Christianity, because he's not a Christian, I'm batting 1000 today, it seems! :laugh: :laugh:

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  3. b4cz28

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    Well its still seems you don't know anything :silly: ! Those school have different names, similar is not the same lol.

    All joking aside the degree would be from Dallas not HTS right? I wonder about his undergrad degrees.
  4. Johann

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    And the Pres. of LBU may well be a grad. of one of the other HTS schools - not Dallas. Why? HTS Dallas is for education of Catholic priests and LBU is - what else? - Baptist.

  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Your clumsy attempt at insult is noted - and not appreciated.

    I am aware that SIMILAR is not IDENTICAL. That's why I said the school names are SIMILAR. I could find none that was IDENTICAL - or I would have said so.

  6. Johann

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    The wiki on LBU says the Pres. "does not have a doctorate from an accredited school" and goes on with the info that b4cz28 wrote about HTS in Dallas not awarding degrees. OK - but I just can't see a Catholic Priest (which HTS Dallas trains, exclusively) becoming Pres. of a Baptist school.

    So - I DID find this Holy Trinity - <b><Holy Trinity College and Seminary></b> . Definitely not Catholic. Also, does not award PhD. as far as I know. But it does award other doctorates.

    OML! I haven't seen an Angelfire site in years! I have no idea whether this is the HTS in question. I looked hard... couldn't find out.

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  7. Johann

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    LBU is an unaccredited school (religious exemption) - so it can basically employ whomever it wants. People have been talking in forums forever about LBU faculty & staff with unaccredited degrees. I could cite a dozen threads at least, going as far back as 2002. Might be some classic posts from Dr. Steve Levicoff there...

    If the Pres. of this school says he's got a PhD. - he probably has - from somewhere. What does it matter? The school enjoys State religious exemption. That means it can do/say/employ as it sees fit - within reason, of course.

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  8. Bruce

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    It seems as though ALL of Mr. Weaver's degrees are suspect. I couldn't locate the source of his B.A., M.Th. and Th.D., the "Eastern Baptist Institute", his D.Min. is from LBU under its former name (Baptist Christian University), and the Ph.D. is well covered in this thread.

    I will say that LBU doesn't look at all like a diploma mill to me; they're upfront about their unaccredited status, and their physical facilities look impressive from the photos on their website. As the old saying goes, if an unaccredited degree will meet your current & future needs, LBU may be a good option.

    Steve Levicoff coming off the top rope in 5...4...3... :lmao:
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    Stop being a clown you simple fool. You are nothing but a two bit internet warrior. Come to my thread and trash talk me? Get a life. See, if I wanted to insult you I'd have zero problems doing it you white trash.

    I was being nice.
  10. b4cz28

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    That's was not insulting personally, just an example what me insulting you would look like so next time you can tell the difference! I was truly being funny, or at least trying to .
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    Would any mods care to do their jobs here?
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    Why? I was merely showing what me insulting someone looks like so we'd have no confusion.
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    How dare you call Johann, as very well respected long time member "white trash". Save me your "it was just a joke" nonsense. Now, once again, do not speak to me, because like i said before, I will not answer.
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    Since Mods do not read every thread it is most helpful if members will send a notification when they have a concern. Thanks to the member who did so.
    I'm not really banning anyone, I'm just showing you what it looks like when I really ban someone. It's just practice. About 2 weeks of practice.
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    Fair enough. I guess I just think of you all as always here, but you're quite right there's a procedure for that.

    Thank you.
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    Here's the thing. One of the minions was tidying up around the palace and wrapped the Crown of Omnipresence in the Cloak of Invisibility and now I can't find it anywhere. I suppose I'll trip over it sooner or later.

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    Reported posts are especially helpful when some of us are enjoying a three day holiday weekend and staying offline for most of it.
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    What is this "offline" of which you speak?
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    Well, I do.
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    That's great Ted! Thanks for volunteering. I was asked to be a mod at another forum, and I said no gracias! It's a big responsibility.

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