LBU Prez fake degree?

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    As Bruce mentioned, LBU has been under discussion for years. Their President had announced intention to seek accreditation with ABHE in 2012, but after two trips to ABHE headquarters and a visit to LBU by ABHE, LBU announced that it had reconsidered. Reason: this accreditation was thought more suitable for a campus-oriented school than a distance-school like LBU. Second, accreditation would have required a dramatic increase in fees to students. (Source: LBU's Facebook page.)

    I'm sure Bruce is also correct about the President's degrees all being unaccredited. I believe Eastern Baptist Institute closed long ago - I have seen it on a couple of old "unaccredited" lists. And yes, Baptist Christian University is the former name of LBU. If he says so (and he does) I'm willing to believe the President of LBU has a doctorate from a school called Holy Trinity Seminary. I'm not positive where this school is, but yes, I think it's likely unaccredited - and that doesn't make it "fake." There are 22 states with religious exemptions ...

    Summary: The prevailing opinion in the several LBU threads on various fora is: Although LBU has faculty who hold terminal degrees from LBU or its predecessor school, the school does make a sincere effort and has improved under the current President. That, to some, makes LBU one of the better unaccredited religious schools. To others, all unaccredited schools (regardless of State exemptions) are anathema, so ... you can make up your own mind.

    Sample thread:

    And thanks to posters & mods who helped me out, here. I appreciate it. :thanks:

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    Dr. Neal Weaver's degree is not fake. The former LBU president earned his doctorate from Holy Trinity Seminary in New Port Richey, Florida, and not from one of the others you mentioned. This particular HTS is unaccredited and I believe is no longer in operation or has merged with another institution.

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