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  1. chrisjm18

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    In Jamaica, we had the University College of the Caribbean (UCC). However, it changed its name to the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (still UCC).

    Today, we have The Mico University College, which waa formerly Mico Teacher's College.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Also, University of London's University College London AKA UCL.
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    Indeed, that's one of the reasons I referred to "American ears". The term "university college" is widely understood in other English-speaking areas to mean an institution that awards Bachelor degrees but not postgraduate qualifications, much as "college" does in the US.
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    In Scandinavia, the term university college is used in the English names for a type of institution that's called university of applied sciences in most European coutries.

    These university colleges may also offer Master's degrees.
  5. Neuhaus

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    I get that it has a history and I understand the significance of their name. But as far as names go, it was clunky as hell.

    While I am not a fan of "Global Campus" anymore than I am of "Online Campus" (as is stamped on my CTU transcript) I also find that outside of a forum like this it is a distinction very people make. Nobody, practically speaking, cares which Penn State campus you attended. You went to Penn State? Cool. Lion pride and all of that. Where it gets dicey is in larger systems like UNC where the institutions are separate but under a system umbrella (perhaps like UMaryland). To someone outside of NC, saying you went to "The University of North Carolina" would probably be more than sufficient. Of course, anyone familiar with their setup would promptly ask "Well, WHICH UNC?" Because there is a pretty big difference between UNC Chapel Hill and East Carolina University.

    It's one of the reasons why, despite the distinction between Purdue and Purdue Global, I suspect that Purdue grads will not really run into much resistance in the workplace. Whereas if, as some people here have proposed, you got an Empire State degree and went about saying "I WENT TO SUNY!" you're going to get some odd looks.
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  6. Neuhaus

    Neuhaus Well-Known Member

    Considering how much people are paying for some online programs it might end up being a wash. At least you might get the experience of travel added in rather than putting yourself tens of thousands of dollars into the hole without ever leaving your house.
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  7. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    Another school to consider: Kenya Methodist University. They offer a lot of programs via distance learning mode (DLM). I spoke to the admissions team and they provided so much information. If you're not in Kenya, you can take your exams online. However, if you are in Kenya, you have to take them at one of their campuses.

    Check the links to see what programs are offered through DLM.

    School of Science and Technology -

    School of Education and Social Sciences -

    School of Business and Economics -

    School of Medicine and Health Sciences -
  8. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    I haven't been able to submit my degree for equation (evaluation) as yet because I need to submit a Letter of Introduction with my application. This letter either has to come from the prospective school or employer. Basically, you can't just get an equation unless a specific school or employer requires it. I submitted my application to KCA University and requested the Letter of Introduction, but I haven't heard back. I emailed the chair, and nothing. They've ghosted me, lol.. but ill give them some time since the May trimester just started, and they had orientation all of last week. They are still accepting students for May until the 26th. So, they probably will get back to me after that since I'm applying for September.

    Anyway, I can't seem to get past the KCA hideous name :D As much as I didn't want to attend another religious school, I'm going to apply to Kenya Methodist University. The M.A. in Counseling Psychology is offered through distance learning mode. Tuition is 73k in the first trimester and 65k each in the second and third trimesters. The second year consists of the practicum and thesis. The total cost for the second year is 120k. So, the total amount is 325k Kenyan Shillings (approx. $2,400).

    The admissions guy said I should submit my application and they'll provide the Letter of Introduction. So, let's see who comes through first. :)
  9. Messdiener

    Messdiener Active Member

    At first glance, this looks like a great find, @chrisjm18. The university has a wealth of programs, in English, at reasonable prices, and with detailed information for some of the degrees.

    Best of luck with your application, and we look forward to hearing more soon!
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  10. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    The school you're applying to has to provide a letter of introduction? That's so strange. Isn't that what the application is for?
  11. Messdiener

    Messdiener Active Member

    Forgive me for speaking out of turn here, but I think he needs the Letter of Introduction from the university in order to have his previous degrees evaluated.

    It does seem a bit strange to me too, but perhaps that's just the bureaucratic process there? Every country seems to have its own...unique processes.
  12. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    Yea. I guess their reasoning is that you must have a legitimate purpose for wanting one. While I think it's nonsensical, that's just how they do things. I can't expect them to change for me because if anyone comes to the U.S., they have to do things the American way.
  13. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    This part. I saw an AA couple complaining about how hard it is for professionals like nurses, doctors, etc., to practice in Rwanda. They seem to forget that many foreign-trained professionals have to jump through many hoops to practice in the U.S. I think some Americans go to Africa with the mindset that Africans are supposed to bow to them. That's why many run back to the U.S. despite their Blaxit hopes.
  14. Rich Douglas

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    There isn't a flagship school in the SUNY system (like there is in the California system), and Empire State IS a SUNY school, one of 64. But we don't normally see someone claiming to have graduated from "SUNY." They almost always provide the campus distinction, like SUNY-Albany.

    If you go to UC Davis, you wouldn't say you went to "Cal" because that distinction applies only to UC Berkeley.

    As for Penn State, the online program my son did for his master's was conducted at Penn State-Harrisburg. That's a separate campus from the main on at College Station. The graduation was held in Harrisburg, too. But the diploma doesn't make this distinction. Just "The Pennsylvania State University." (The UC system seems to do this, too.

    In Maryland, for example, UM-Baltimore ain't the same as UM. At all.

    I think what it boils down to is whether there is a difference between the campuses, and whether what you post/say/write leaves a wrong and distinctly different meaning in someone's mind.
  15. chrisjm18

    chrisjm18 Well-Known Member

    Kenya Methodist has a unique requirement for admission to its Ph.D. programs.

    "To be admitted to the KeMU Ph.D., applicants are required to submit a clear hand-written statement* of goals and objectives showing their specific area(s) of intended doctoral-level research work along with the other credentials. Such statement is expected to be sufficiently specific to enable the department and the Board of Postgraduate Studies make an accurate assessment of the students’ academic, research intentions and capabilities"

    *Handwritten in 2023 :D LOL.
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  16. Rachel83az

    Rachel83az Well-Known Member

    That is... mutually exclusive. I guess I'll never get a KeMU PhD. :D
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  17. Johann

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    University College! Brrr. Not a good place for me, when I was 5. I had my tonsils out in University College Hospital, London. Doctors and nurses were OK - and so were most of the other kids. But the Warden -- I mean the Matron -- always had a mean scowl on her face.
  18. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Mico? I thought at first that was Micro! "Oh no... here we go again. Micro degrees, micro-teachers - micro-jobs at micro-salaries, teaching micro-kids?" But they aren't. .... are they?
  19. chrisjm18

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    The Mico was founded in 1835 through the Lady Mico Charity, one of four teacher training institutions established during this period in the British colonies and the only one to survive until the present.[1] Jane Mico had died in 1670 in England and she left £1,000 to relieve slavery and it accrued interest until it was worth over £100,000. Thomas Fowell Buxton and abolitionist judge Stephen Lushington took an interest in the bequest that had been stuck for 200 years. They believed that her bequest would supply education in Jamaica and elsewhere.[2] They were able to establish a new set of trustees for Mico's funds. Lushington and Buxton were trustees and they obtained government grants[3] that were used to supplement the fund.

    The institution is the oldest teacher training institution in the Western Hemisphere and English-speaking world.
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  20. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Chris. That is a really warming story. Glad I got to read it.
    As a guy who has studied Islamic banking and finance, I'm not supposed to like interest - at all. But in admiration of the sheer power - and the great good that was done, here - I'll gladly make exception. :) ...Once.
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