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    Here's a little update.

    My application to Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) was recommended for provisional admission, pending the alignment of my foreign degree. I must get my degree aligned with the Kenya National Qualification Framework (KNQF) by the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA). As mentioned previously, there is a debate about who has the power to align/recognize foreign qualifications. However, KeMU uses KNQA. Unlike the CUE (Commission on University Education - the national institutional accreditor), I did not have to submit a letter of introduction from the prospective institution. I submitted my application today. So, now, I am waiting for the outcome of their review!

    I spoke to the nicest admissions counselor at KeMU today. She connected with me on WhatsApp and told me not to pay my application fee until she reviews it and gets advice from the Admissions Department. I was asked to pay after confirming that they would give me provisional admission. In Kenya, Mpesa (Mobile money) is perhaps the most common way of payment (almost a cashless society). Pesa means money in Swahili. Anyway, I sent the money (Ksh. 10,500/$77) for KNQA (I couldn't get my card to process on their website*) and the application fee (Ksh. 2,000/$15) to the admissions counselor. I deliberately sent extra so that she could have it for herself. She was very grateful. I don't know what I would have done without her :) Anyway, she paid both fees and sent me receipts. The KNQA payment is already reflected on my online application and I got an email with my receipt.

    *I often use Eno from Capital One when processing online transactions using any of my Capital One cards. However, I always use Capital One when doing international transactions. With Eno, Capital One provides an alternative card number, expiry date, and CVV, so you don't reveal your real card details. If your bank doesn't do that, it's time to give them the boot :D
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    Capital One does this? I don't remember seeing this available anywhere.
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    They do. There's even a browser plugin that makes it pretty seamless to use a different card number every time you order from a different service.
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    You can add the Eno extension to your browser (I use it on Chrome). It automatically pops up when you're about to enter a credit card number.
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    My provisional admission letter for the MA in Counseling Psychology in the School of Education and Social Sciences (Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Counseling) at Kenya Methodist University.

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    Here's a university offering fully online programs. Not the cheapest but still not too expensive ($1,310/semester).

    Kabarak University

    • Ph.D in Education
    • Ph.D. in Business Administration
    • Ph.D. in Information Technology (general and security & audit option)
    • Ph.D. in Music

    They also offer master's and bachelor's programs.
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    That's great news, @chrisjm18! I hope all goes well and that you can get started soon. Please let us know how everything progresses.
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    Thanks. I didn't know about this one, but looks good.
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    Their application process involves manual submission of application form and attachments. Not what I would expect of an institution providing online courses
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    I checked with the Pennsylvania Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors to find out if a foreign degree in counseling would meet the requirements to become a License Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth. I also asked if foreign supervised clinical experience would meet the 3000-hour requirement. Their response is below:

    For the board to evaluate your foreign education, you must submit an application and have an official course by course evaluation completed and sent to the Board through one of the following acceptable institutions: World Education Services, Inc.; Education Credential Evaluators, Inc., and American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers' Office of International Education Services. Supervised clinical experience may be completed in any location, provided it meets all Pennsylvania Regulation requirements for licensure. You may wish to view the requirements at > Board Laws & Regulations > Professional Counselors.

    The program I will be pursuing at Kenya Methodist University consists of 54 credit hours. However, PA, and I believe all other states require 60 credits. Hence, I plan to take two additional courses (potentially at Kairos University). But when I reach that bridge, I will cross it. Currently, only a few states require CACREP accreditation. Twenty-seven states do not require it, and most of the others stipulate CACREP or an equivalent degree that prepares one for a career in counseling.

    Also, the Alliance for Professional Counselors is pushing back on states that are trying to mandate CACREP.

    Below is the specific coursework requirement for Pennsylvania with the Kenya Methodist University equivalent.

    PA Requirement - 1.png
    PA Requirement - 2.png
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    Here is an update on my KNQA application for my qualification to be aligned (evaluated). Here is the timeline:
    • May 19th - I applied and paid my fee.
    • June 6th - I called to inquire about my application. I was told that they sent a verification email to Ashworth College using the email I provided (from the transcript). However, when I called Ashworth, they gave me a different email. I sent it to KNQA that day.
    A few weeks passed, and I heard nothing. I called again and was told they had received the verification from Ashworth and that my alignment would be completed soon. After another week or so, I called, and this time, they said they were awaiting the verification. I challenged this "story" because that's exactly what it was. The representative then provided the correct information that Ashworth already verified my qualification, but I should give them a few more days. At this point, I was tired of the runaround.
    • June 27th - Being Chris, I sent them a somewhat nasty gram. "I still haven't gotten my alignment report. Each time I call, I keep getting the runaround. Very unprofessional organization."
    • June 28th - The deputy director reached out to apologize. He asked me to send all the documents I submitted with my application, which I did.
    • June 30th - He acknowledged the documents and told me that prompt action would be taken.
    • July 3rd - Certificate issued.
    Screenshot 2023-07-03 181930.png
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    I was looking through the CUEA FAQs and it looks that one would have to travel to do exams:


    Are there any exams?
    Yes, there will be examinations, continuous assessments and assignments as required by commission for university education (CUE). Examinations will be taken on campus or at regional centers. In addition, you are required to make an active participation in and may be assessed via coursework, group work, class participation, presentations and other types of assignment.
  13. chrisjm18

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    I would clarify that with the school. I know a lot of schools don't require any in-person exams unless you are in Kenya (KeMU, KCA, ANU, MKU, etc.).

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