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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Garp, Jan 26, 2023.

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  1. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    I firmly believe in religious freedom. I want everyone to feel free to believe and practice whatever religion they choose, their own version, or none at all. As long as they're following the law, I really don't care.

    But, and they're not at all alone in this, religion is commonly used as a scam. Heck, people scam all over the place. And we know the destruction brought upon mankind because of religion. Still, I don't like it when people's pursuit of their beliefs is trod upon.

    I would like to hold it to the same standards of other aspects of society, including, for example, taxation, education, discrimination, and a lot more.

    When it comes to pursuing religion as a scholastic study, there are all kinds of interesting aspects related to the humanities and social sciences (including sociology, political science, etc.). But at its core is a non-scientific system that requires acceptance without support. So, we can examine its role in our society, but "it" itself is nothing. It doesn't actually exist. The beauty of science and human knowledge is that they exist whether or not you believe in them.
  3. Michael Burgos

    Michael Burgos Active Member

    Why, then, do you make it a point to mock at most opportunities?

    What don't people turn into a scam? Government? Science? Name something.

    "Religion" is not a monolith. To assert "the destruction brought upon mankind because of religion" is akin to asserting the destruction brought about by governments. Your comment is a transparent grab at low-hanging fruit. Moreover, let's try to remember that, for example, the Christian church is the greatest humanitarian organization in existence and in history. The church has established more schools, orphanages, hospitals, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, universities, etc., than anyone or anything--ever. Indeed, the world's largest disaster relief organizations are parachurch or denominational organizations.

    That's nice of you.

    I see. The power of taxation is the power to destroy. The state cannot tax the church nor any other religious body owing to the prohibitions of such codified in our founding documents. Much the same can be said regarding education and discrimination. I suppose your gripe is with the American system and its recognition of human rights. Maybe consider moving to China if you'd like to see those rights disregarded.

    Unsupported assertions are like noses.

    Again, pushing aside the canard that "religion" may be characterized as a monolith, can you substantiate this claim? Or do your comments require "acceptance without support"?
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  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    They do not.
  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    That great Humanitarian killed over a million people - some of them its own believers - hunting down "Heretic" Cathars in France.
    Here's the story of just one of those massacres. ttps://www.britannica.com/event/Massacre-at-Beziers.

    Christianity has many, many other deaths to answer for. "Kill them all. God will know his own."

    I realize that Michael will say, likely in a contemptuous manner, that my post is a transparent mischaracterization, a chronological, exegetical, contextual and hermeneutic error, and that I'll catch on someday - whatever. Don't care.

    PS - There's a Cathar Revival of sorts, today. I like some things of theirs, e.g. "All things that are, are as lights." I can get with that...
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  6. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

    You make some good points Michael. Certainly the preservation of learning, the spread of hospitals, and education were thanks to people of faith (Christians). That includes many scientific discoveries driven by people of faith. Heck, the development of the scientific method itself.

    I always laugh at overblown nonsense about religion and destruction/wars, etc. Factually incorrect. Secular people have that down (according to a secular social science study). Religious people do have their issues at times but those are the issues common to humanity and so will not be eliminated by eliminating religion. In fact, people are quite capable violence over politics and sporting events.
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  7. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Go ahead and laugh, then. The number of lives - and the way people died - is WAY more than "overblown nonsense." Reminds me of another DI member who uses the term "Covid nonsense," even though it has killed over 1 million Americans. (He had Covid twice, he didn't die - so it's all "nonsense," I guess.)

    Life - including American life - seems to be regarded very cheaply on DI sometimes. That's pretty hard to take. Oh well, this kid has other playgrounds, if it comes to that.
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  8. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

    Life is regarded very cheaply on DI??

    Ps Haven't followed all the COVID issues on DI but is there really a horrific issue here?
  9. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Yes. Loss of many, many lives is all "overblown nonsense," according to you. A laughing matter.
    Judge for yourself. I didn't say or imply it was horrific. I do not wish to engage in further discussion with you. My ignore feature is on.
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  10. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

  11. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Funny, because even higher education gets that treatment here. Lots and lots of dumbassary. But lots of good stuff, too.
    Me, either. I'm not trying to win an argument or convince anyone of anything. I don't have to do someone else's homework, either. And I don't care if someone agrees with me or not.

    I post a lot of really complex stuff that never gets a response. Why? Because this board is about getting a degree fast, cheap, and good. (Any consultant will tell you that's impossible.) Everything else gets ignored--even if relevant--unless it makes someone mad.

    So, why do it? Because I like putting it out there, and because it's fun. That's it. If someone finds it useful, fine. If no one does, fine.

    When Levicoff used to lay into me for no reason, I took it seriously. Big mistake. Like a typical abuser, he played on my own very open insecurities. Okay, lesson learned. I've met, in person, exactly two of this board's participants in its entire history. (And I've been here since the beginning 22 years ago.) I like both of them very much. Everyone else, I just take 'em as they come.
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  12. Dustin

    Dustin Well-Known Member

    There are several people I'd like to meet in person from this board. I'm on another (non-DL related) forum where I managed to meet 3 people in person. And I married one of them! But nobody from DI yet.
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  13. JBjunior

    JBjunior Active Member

    Depending on your beliefs, and those of your bride, anything is possible!

    On a serious note, even as someone that recognizes the immense looming harm of social media, gaming, etc. I too have met people from gaming and websites that went out of their way to assist me when I visited their neck of the woods. Lots of good people out there just looking to connect and build relationships just like we are.
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  14. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

  15. Michael Burgos

    Michael Burgos Active Member

    Perhaps. However, the school has existed for less than three years and the president already resigned.
  16. Garp

    Garp Well-Known Member

    And a school must start some place (accredited schools don't generally fall from the sky). I would suggest that a more valid analysis (at least as far as academics go) are the credentials of the faculty, course requirements (length, texts, and measurements). There are some schools who may be able to substantiate their quality but for whom accreditation does not make sense financially (or is even necessary depending on their mission).
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  17. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I agree, Rich- but it must be really hard not to, with a flamethrower the size of his in your face.
  18. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    For more than 20 years. It started before this board on the old alt.education.distance Usenet. But I learned a lot from it.
  19. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I'm sure you did. Stuff learned the hard way usually sticks. And I can't imagine ANY learning mode harder than that. As I see it, that experience should be worth a third Doctorate. Or perhaps a post-service military decoration for your achievement "under fire."
  20. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Emo Philips:

    "Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, "Don't do it!" He said, "Nobody loves me." I said, "God loves you. Do you believe in God?"

    He said, "Yes." I said, "Are you a Christian or a Jew?" He said, "A Christian." I said, "Me, too! Protestant or Catholic?" He said, "Protestant." I said, "Me, too! What franchise?" He said, "Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?" He said, "Northern Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist or Northern Liberal Baptist?"

    He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist." I said, "Me, too! Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region, or Northern Conservative Baptist Eastern Region?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region." I said, "Me, too!"

    Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1879, or Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912?" He said, "Northern Conservative Baptist Great Lakes Region Council of 1912." I said, "Die, heretic!" And I pushed him over."
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