Is Cambridge International University now Spanish?

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    I think some of these have been mentioned in other threads, but it would be cool to have a single thread that highlights these universities.

    I'd expand it to distance learning in any language. I kind of doubt that there are programs in languages other than Ukrainian or English (possibly Russian, though I don't know how well that'd go over these days), but I'd like to hear about any that do exist.
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  2. Stanislav

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    I don't know about IQAAR. NAQA, on the other hand, seems to be English for НАЗЯВО, which is, indeed, the proper government accreditor. An independent agency formed relatively recently, as part of reforms in HE sector.
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    I came to the site seeking opinions about a specific situation. I got them from several contributors. My task is over now. Some of us are very busy people and can't afford the time to post on online forums near daily.
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    And some people are very busy but do it anyway. And with less judgment.
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