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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Robert_555, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Hold on...i need to stop laughing...

    Ahhh...But you forget...That is how history works buddy. You get your butt kicked and you make due. The example the wonderful government of Mexico set is definatley a great example for us all. People in this country dont kow corruption till they look south of the boarder. I mean, didnt we just have to shoot up a couple of your army vehicle because they were SMUGGLING DRUGS accross our border. God help the mexicain people if we start holding their government accountable they way we do others!!! Its a real shame that the serious lack of leadership down there is causing a real problem for us here.

    Go play some basketball with your skull...

    Still very funny though...bronze people...your land...hehehehe
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  2. First of all, the usa is more corrupt than mexico. look at gw bush, tom delay, bill frist, etc. hahahahahaha, second, there is evidence those were americans dressed up as mexican soldiers smuggling drugs into the usa according mexican government officials. last of all, latinos will have the nation of aztlan returned to them and there is nothing the gringo can do about it. hahahahahahaha
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    Listen, Mexicain army soldiers have been coming over the border for years. You can buy the line down there if you want, I guess we will have to disagree.

    As for taking your land back. I find it funny how people who live in a whole in the ground want to go somewere else and make it a whole in the ground too. Can you explain the actual goal there. Of course if you are a lazy, no-good, worth, piece of dung than coming here and living on someelse hard work is probably very appealing.

    You are throwing around words like gringo, and most people here do their best to avoid "racist" language and there are many here that will call you out for it (DesElmS) You cant debate with people who has a heart soooo full of hate and anger that they cant see ANY light. Good luck...
  4. Mexico is a run down country due to American corporations and American government policy. America is afraid to see a successful Mexico. In fact, Mexico and its people have much more potential than most lazy Americans. We do the work no others want to do. We are latinos are improving financially and educationally. It will not be too long before the USA sees a latino president and gives Aztlan back to its rightful owners. As with me being hateful and racist. I have no hate but love for my people and wish to see them be successful. Latinos have a right to free healthcare, free education, low cost housing, and good paying jobs as a down payment for the reparations for the land that which was stolen from us. We also have a right to reside in Aztlan as it is our land and many many latinos are starting to see this.
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    Thats not racist...Is it just latinos that are entitle to be takin care or everyone? Or is that just good ole socialism...we all know how well that has worked out throughout the world. The Klan loves white folks! The Panthers loved black people! What an idiotic response. That is the definition of racist. What you want is latinos to be successful at the expense of other groups.

    What about the BILLIONS of unpaid debt? How bout the BILLIONS in entitlments we have paid for illegal aliens? I would love to see the mexicain govt take your stance. Just build the fence and let the govt challange it. They have already had suggestive rehetoric indicating they would use force to remove a fence on USA soil. Big mistake. Ill put the us Military against anyone, especially some half-a$$ed outfit like the mexicain army! Hell Id put the girl scouts against the mexicain army. But they are real busy patrolling their southern boarder. Wouldnt want any illegals coming accross would they???

    I want to see a strong neightbor to the south. It would be nice if they could take care of their people instead of counting on me and my tax money to do it. Does any decent human want anyone to fail? That also way off base...

    and for the record, my grandmother was Cherokee. Will you support me getting my "tribal" lands? That kind of crap doenst fly with anyone...Grow up, tell the wizard of Oz your are moving to the real world, and join us....
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    You can see from this thread that I don't believe in government restrictions on people who want to migrate peacefully, so if Hispanics want to move to California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, and get jobs and raise families and generally pursue happiness, I for one say bienvenido.

    But when you say that those descended from people from the rest of Europe need to get out of "Aztlan" while those descended from people from Spain and Portugal are somehow okay to stay there, I can't see you as anything other than a separatist racist, and a really unrealistic one at that.

    Sorry, but your call for Latino lebensraum is as offensive as it is silly.

  7. JLV

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    This person is not Hispanic obviously. He doesn´t speak Spanish whatsoever,and that´s not the discourse of Mexicans. That´s for sure. He´s probably an American flaming this place for some obscure reason, and you two are just playing his game. One last thing. Mexicans are way closer related to the people that inhabited what we call today Mexico and many parts of what we call today US than they are to "Conquistadores" from Spain (Portugal in Mexico? That´s a new one!). Current Mexicans probably feel like that. At least a good number of them who see the so called Madre Patria as evil. ;)
  8. SteveFoerster

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    But France did... briefly!

    I know, I know, Portugal didn't colonize Mexico. I only added Portugal because our Aztlanian correspondent referred to Latinos, which last time I checked includes Brazilians.

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    Although I'm not for illegal immigration, it is clear that the root of the problem is not the lack of immigration control but the extreme poverty that many countries suffer, the fact is that we can enjoy cheap products because on the other side of the world there are people being slaved and abused.

    You need to travel a bit more a see what is happening outside the US borders. Extreme poverty is not only in Mexico but South America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. We are lucky to be in a country (I'm in Canada) that has the resources to give our families food in the table but the fact is that not many are so lucky. If you were in the other side of the border making 10 dollars a day and seeing your children starving, I would think that you also would be immigrating illegally although you know that you will have to face hate and humiliation.

    I think we take things for granted and trying to think that we are the center of the world is not the solution to the problems.
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    I know how to cure the illegal immigration problem. Release some sleeping gas on the Rio Grande. Kidnap the would-be illegal aliens about to enter the US border. While they are asleep, transport them to North Dakota. When they wake up, they will run for the border and end up in Canada. Problem solved.

    No seriously. I respect people (illegal, legal or US born) who work hard for their families so they can achieve the American Dream. I was an immigrant so I can relate to subject at hand. The problem is beyond whether or not Jose has a greencard. Growing up in Southern California I can attest to what some members have already stated as far as illegal aliens doing the job that the native would not do.

    Personally, if an immigrant (legal or illegal) has something good to contribute to the American society then let Jose, Mohammad or Ming stay in the US. We’ve always been a country of immigrants. To deny good, productive, people from immigrating into the US is to renounce an American heritage. On the other hand, immigrants also have an obligation to assimilate into the American culture. This is the big difference between immigrants then and immigrants now. And this is what bothers me the most. Immigrants then considered themselves Americans as soon as they set foot on US soil. Immigrants now see themselves as Mexicans living in America, or Filipinos living in America, or whatever nationality living in America. And once they receive their citizenship, they hyphenate “American”. Even US born citizens hyphenate “American” – African-American, Asian-American, so on and so forth. Americanism is a matter of heart and soul. It is not and never was a matter of race or ancestry. You are either an American or you are not.

    Southern California has become a mini-UN. You drive around the city and you will see Armenian town with Armenian signs, Korean community with Korean signs. Mexican communities are the best. Those guys know how to party with their 24-hour salsa music blasting at 200 dBa. You get the picture. Some liberals will argue, “This is a free country. They can do whatever they want.” Yes, it is a free country. But what are these immigrants doing to the future of America if this sort of pluralism continue? Eventually “We the People” will no longer see ourselves as united Americans. Factions of different ethnicities will divide our country apart. It has already started. Look at countries whose citizens do not see themselves as homogeneous people. They have a long history of civil wars and ethnic cleansing. My native country of the Philippines is a prime example. It is a wealthy nation in terms of natural resources, but it is considered a third world country. Then look at Japan with no resources at all. There is a huge difference economically between the two, and it’s primarily because Filipinos cannot get along while the Japanese are a united people.

    Now, don’t call me white wash. I am very proud of my Filipino descent. I now live in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the white ladies here find my permanent tan to be sexy. I know where I came from and I will always be proud of my Asian heritage. But as a grateful citizen who came here as a peniless immigrant, I have an obligation to be an American.

    Economic issues (whether good or bad) are synonymous with illegal and legal immigration. But don’t let this be the major factor on how we are going to keep this country great. Social issues created by immigration reforms are just as important (if not more) than economic ones. E Pluribus Unum. One from the many. Instead of focusing on Pluribus, why don’t we focus on Unum?

    If you are an immigrant (illegal or legal), welcome to America. NOW SPEAK ENGLISH! Maybe read and understand the US Constitution while you're at it.
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    Just be sure this plan is only enacted in the warm summer months otherwise those poor Mexicans will face a rude awakening with a blast of cold Arctic air as they cross the 49th parallel. ;-)

    Why doesn't President Bush annex Mexico and put an end to the illegal immigration situation? Once annexed Mexico becomes a territory of the US of A.
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    I don't think that President Bush has any intention of doing this. On the contrary, he is thinking on building a wall in the Mexican border and perhaps later on one in the Canadian border in order to protect his citizens from the evil illegal alliens that come to destroy the American way of life.
  13. Abner

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    Baby Bush or his party have not intention of building walls. His corporation buddies need/want a steady supply of cheap labor. We are supposed to be the largest, most advanced country of the face of the planet. Do you mean to tell me we could not simply build a wall that would keep people out? Believe me, the republicans do not want this. They may grandstand, but they do not want this.

    Take away cheap labor, and we as Americans may have to pay $7.00 for a salad, rather than $1.00 or $2.00. I am not saying this is right.

    RFValve, my comments are not directed at you. Just my two centavos!!!

    take care,

    Abner :)
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    I agree. The same thing in Canada, we don't have as many illegal immigrants but the legal ones cover the same need. People in Canada always wonder why the goverment allows a massive amount of qualified immigrants (250000 per year) when the unemployment for professional jobs is very high. The answer is the same, cheap labour! immigrants take the low paying jobs that local people is not able to take. Without immigrants we would need to pay more for services and products.
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    Abner :)

    P.S. You may have seen this movie already. If not, rent "A Day Without the Mexican".

    Take care,

    Abner :)
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    Here is a link to the movie:

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    Actually Canada is such a respectful country, truly worth of admiration and praise how it historically has handled this problem...

    Over here we are debating not just about immigration because pretty much everyone acknowledges that it is necessary and to a certain extent unavoidable (if these economic differences persist). Here the debate is centered around Islam, on how we could integrate these people, many of whom seem to be anchored in the 8th century, and it is getting nastier by the day. I think at the street levels people manage all right (by looking elsewhere), but others, at higher stances, are worried about the lose of European identity these Muslim immigration means, and the potential source of conflict (i.e. see that cartoon crisis), since many fear, that in order to accommodate Muslims in the society, a number of freedoms would have to be restricted.


    JLV (from Eurabia ;) )
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    Hi JLV! Long time no hear. Hope you are doing well.

    Abner :)
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    Yeah, Abner, here I am. What did you think? That you could get rid of me? :p

    Un abrazo :)
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    :) Abner :)

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