How to choose an UNACCREDITED school?

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  1. Mac Juli

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    Hey, we quoted Pulp Fiction some days ago. Time for another quote, I guess: "Did you ever hear the philosophy that once a man admits that he's wrong that he is immediately forgiven for all wrongdoings?"! :)
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  2. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Good to know, - BSU, AITU and all of it. Thanks!!
  3. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Said no wife, ever.
  4. heirophant

    heirophant Well-Known Member

    I think that I would look at it this way...

    First off, there are a couple of questions that don't really address the academic legitimacy question but which will be critical make-or-break questions from a prospective student perspective.

    1. Does the school offer a program of interest to whoever is potentially interested in it?

    2. Is the program affordable?

    Then some questions that more directly address academics.

    3. Does the program syllabus look credible? Does it address the subject in the way the student would like? (There are many ways to address most subjects and a student will probably find some more congenial than others.)

    4. Who is teaching the program? Do any of them have any kind of reputation in the subject? What are their specialties and interests?

    5. If the program is a graduate program, particularly a doctoral program, does the program produce any kind of scholarship? How is it received by the wider academic and professional communities?

    6. Is the school involved in any kind of collaborations with better known schools?

    7. Has the school, its departments, research units or faculty won any grants or awards?

    8. Perhaps not so important for DL, but something to consider. What kind of physical footprint does the school have? Does it have an expansive campus with laboratories etc? Or is it just a website? If the website went down tomorrow, would there be anything left of the school?

    9. (This one is crucial) What is the word of mouth in the professional community about this program/school? Has anyone even heard of it? What are they saying? Do any companies, professional bodies or government agencies refer to it or collaborate with it in any way, such as using it for training for their own employees?

    10. (This one is crucial) If the school teaches a regulated subject that requires a license to practice, what do the licensing bodies think about it?

    Bottom line: I think that unaccredited programs need to be evaluated in much the same way as accredited programs are. Accreditation isn't the be-all and end-all. It's just a starting place. Accredited programs still need to be evaluated for their relative standing in their subject and for their suitability for each particular student. Well, exactly the same considerations apply to non-accredited programs in my opinion.
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  5. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Some niche programs, at least, survive. One that interests me is Signum University. Its curriculum has a pronounced Tolkien and mythology influence, with some very interesting (at least, to me) culturally related and literary side-issues - e.g. early Germanic Languages, in which it offers a certificate - and a Master's program. Even though Signum is unaccredited, it requires a Bachelor's from an accredited school for entry into its Master's.

    Reading the course list is stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Almost like a spa day for the imagination. A good niche to be in...

    BTW - some faculty are known to have day-gigs at RA schools. At least one Signum Prof. has also recorded lectures for one of the well-known "course companies." Someone posted those lectures (Anglo-Saxon) to YouTube and I watched them all. If those are anything like what you can get at Signum - then it's pretty good. But it's definitely not cheap... and maybe it shouldn't be. This is education-as-a-luxury, not as a job entry ticket. We have a Signum thread or two here on DI.
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  6. heirophant

    heirophant Well-Known Member

    I like Signum too. Very much. In fact I was just thinking about them. And I agree with Johann, their course list is absolutely wonderful.

    How could somebody not love this?
  7. mbwa shenzi

    mbwa shenzi Active Member

    And Senior Vice President for International Programs at the University that sued us, and an affiliation agreement with the Global Association for Quality Management (ASIC accredited), CEO, American Learning Center (ASIC accredited in the past), director, The United Quality Management Institute. Etc.
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  8. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Man... that ASIC co. sure gets around...doesn't it? :)
  9. heirophant

    heirophant Well-Known Member

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  10. felderga

    felderga Active Member

    Just found a guy on LinkedIn who has a Bachelor's in Computer Systems from Breyer State and is now a IT VP at Sony Pictures. So I guess it great for those who got mileage out their degrees. For vast majority I still steer clear.
  11. Tireman 44444

    Tireman 44444 Well-Known Member

    Well goodbye UNISA, hello Signum. I am in love!
  12. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    I think the initials BSU were extremely appropriate. They could have offered a major, or at least a concentration in BS. Perhaps even MBS and DBS degrees. Breyer grads obviously knew the value of BS and many were adept at it without special training. What wonders their BS might have achieved, had they been encouraged and educated by skilled professors of BS!

    So tragic that much of it is now lost-and-forgotten BS littering the LinkedIn Superhighway.
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  13. Maxwell_Smart

    Maxwell_Smart Active Member

    I'm tried of all of this talking. Look, we should all just sack up, get unaccredited degrees, and DEAL with it.
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  14. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    LOL! ROFL! Max, smh.
  15. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    Some times the person starts in a position that didn't require a degree, maybe equivalent experience, and a set of skills.
    The person can be promoted based on their performance.
    Still, it's not a reason to get a BS***t degree. Instead use tution asistance and go to real school.
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  16. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Sony Pictures -- didn't they have a big data breach a few years back? All the actors' and studio execs' private emails getting sold to the Tabloids? Well, if they were hiring senior IT people from schools like Breyer State - maybe they deserved to get hacked. :)

    Oh yeah -- here it is:
  17. nyvrem

    nyvrem Active Member

    Must have a nice name
  18. Lerner

    Lerner Well-Known Member

    There are a number of fake Blablabla State Universities selling paper for 300$ a pop.

    One has the name Humptydumpty State University, the other is Sheffake State University ( the names been slightly modified :))

    All programs include the following Documents:
    • 1 Original Accredited Degree
    • 2 Original Transcripts
    • 1 Certificate of Membership
    • 1 Award of Excellence
    • 1 Certificate of Distinction
    • 4 Education Verification Letters
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  19. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    We know. They've been doing it for over 10 years. It's a Pakistani outfit called Axact, headed by a guy named Shoaib Shaikh. They've spawned over 300 fake schools, many fake accreditors etc. The exact wording you gave has appeared on many of their sites - From Belford U. (10 years ago or more) to recently.

    In case you missed it, we've had a 13-page thread in the "Accredited" section about Axact, since the news broke in 2015 or whenever. And I tracked down Sheffield State - the one name you slightly disguised. Yep - still there, still Axact. What the hell is Humpty Dumpty State really called, when it's home? C'mon, you can tell us. I couldn't even guess.

    I'll leave you to catch up on your DI reading. Gonna be a long night for you. :)
  20. Johann

    Johann Well-Known Member

    Here's Humpty Dumpty in Latin, for those who like Latin . It's been 60-odd years, but I think this is about it...

    Humptus Dumptus in muro sedit
    Humptus Dumptus cecidit;

    Et omnes equites hominesque regis
    Humptum colligere non potuerunt.

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