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    Thanks, Abner. Unlike you, I spoke no Spanish as a kid - not much call for it back then in England! I took two semesters in college (evenings) here in Canada when I was in my 40s (about 30 years ago). I had a wonderful profesora originally from Chiapas, who was Mayan on her mother's side.

    Unfortunately, my Mongolian is still sadly deficient! :smile:

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    I don't know, maybe, but I believe there were two alternatives: St Peter University and International University of Management and Business. Apparently, GVU's founder preferred Global Vison.

    GVU is ASIC accredited and is also an affiliate of California University FCE, as are Hasaca National University and the University of Science, Arts and Technology. Paramount California University was accredited, en passant, by ASIC and so was Concepts College UK, a school in London that had affiliation agreements with Charisma University and Saint Monica University in Cameroon, both ASIC accredited. And Fred DiUlus is on ASIC's academic advisory board.
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    Global Academy Online
    Congratulations, Dr. Fred. Congratulations ASIC. Best wishes all round.

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    Ahhh, the oh-so well-known mill speech in this link is just, *MUAH*, milled to perfection!


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    The link said Global Academy is accredited by International Accrediting Agencies. I was curious - which one(s) - so I followed up. It's accredited by ACICU -- I actually thought for a moment that they meant the recognized National Accreditor ACICS - but of course, they don't.

    ACICU is here: Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities but I'm blowing myself off-course here. I'll just leave GVU and all other Global schools to the experts and go back to my knitting...

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    The web site is hosted on a server in Illinois. It shares server space with the web sites of a few of the schools that ACICU accredits, for example Hampden State University, Sheffield State University and University of Denton.
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    Oh, My! I just HAD to visit the "Hampden State" site. Weird, almost nonsensical text in places - 'way worse than the most hurried Internet automated translation into English. It offers a garbled history, not of itself but of the real, SACS-accredited Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. And I think that nice building is from the "real" school, too!

    "ACICU"-accredited Hampden State U. : woowoowoo-dot-hampdenstateuniversity -dot-com

    SACS-accredited (real) school, Hampden-Sydney College: H-SC | Hampden-Sydney College

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    Quote from the site of Sheffield State University:

    "ACICU is U.S Authorized Organization that assurances informative enormity and relentless standards for web taking in."

    Wow! Informative enormity! I'm impressed! :smile: And yes, there definitely appears to be some "web taking in" going on...

    More at woo-woo-woo-dot-sheffielduniversity-dot-com

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    University of Denton - offers life-experience degrees all the way to doctorates. Mailed in 7 days. There's even an endorsement for its Medical Science degree! :shock: Free delivery, too!


    J. (goes back to his knitting)
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    Here's some more informative enormity for you, Johann.

    Oneida University is another university accredited by ACICU. One of its IP neighbours is called Charleston State University, which, if memory serves me right, was ACICU accredited until quite recently. Regent International University is also accredited by ACICU and googling a few random frases from RIU will take you to Innova University, Scientia University and The Gate University Egypt. RIU claims recognition from ABCET, the Accreditating Bureau for Continuing Education and Training, a claim that can't be verified because the abcet dot org web site has gone missing.

    By the way, the mission statements of Global Vision University and Charleston State University make for interesting reading.
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    Ouch. I was posting to both DI and another forum at the same time and ended up mixing up the orthography of English with that of another Germanic language. Higly embarrasing, my apologies.

    Anyway, re Charleston State, Oneida, Regent International etc. I think this might be Rochville Nouveaux, but now operating out of Panama and Nigeria.
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    It's perfectly OK. I was eating a few random fraises at the time and hardly noticed. Terribly expensive - out of season. :smile:

    You mentioned The Gate University - Egypt. I blundered into that one a week or two ago. I mentioned it in a thread here, mainly about some other school. Was connected with a Gate Oil Consulting Co. or similar - that co. owned by an Egyptian national.

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    Nothing wrong with it. Frases = perfectly good Spanish for "phrases." No hay nada malo con eso. (Nothing wrong with it). :smile:

    I have searched the DI constitution and bylaws assiduously and find no rule that says postings have to be in a single language.
    Keep up the good work! :smile:


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    so I could be

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    And what is "ACICU"?
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    Nope, second baddest. He found that out after messing with the wife of a jealous man.
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    Ted, that was fully covered in the posts immediately prior to the one you ask about. Posts #26 and #27 in this same thread.

    It stands for Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities. It is not recognized as either NA or RA by CHEA or USDoE.

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    Great job! If you mean Kizmet, Moderator - certainly! 为什么不呢?

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    Sure looks like "La Nouvelle Rochville" or "Rochville Redux," perhaps. I note that Scientia University is GABDE-"accredited" and I remember that "accreditor's" name from Axact schools. Looks like either:

    (1) Not all of the "old crowd" were caught up in the Axact "sweep." OR
    (2) We have (a) copycat operation(s) here.

    I certainly hope this lot will not enjoy the long career of the original Rochville.

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