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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by DWCox, Aug 20, 2003.

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  1. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Words like "many," "far less," etc. are imprecise and unnecessary when measurements are available. This is particularly true when one has not analyzed the data. What is the difference between "far less" and "a little less"?

    FACT: In both admissions and in employment, degrees from nationally accredited schools are less useful.
  2. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

  3. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    No. What DETC's survey measured is that, of the graduates who applied for admission to a higher degree program, about 2/3 were successful. If those who tried applied to more than one school each, this could mean that more than 2/3 (or less than 2/3) of schools accept such degrees. There's no way to know, except that Bear's surveyed showed that about 20% always will and another 20% often will.
  4. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Oxpecker has it right. Please go to DETC's website and download the study.
  5. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Actually, the way the overall ratings from Bear's survey lined up, it would be:

    RA with some residency: 10
    RA 100% non-residency: 9
    Foreign (GAAP): 7
    National Accred: 5

    You can't interpret the data if you haven't read the data.
  6. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Re: You're not helping.

    This is so true. By having to respond to the exaggerations and unsupported claims, it makes it sound like some of us are anti-DETC. In my case, nothing could be further from the truth. I really hope they someday achieve a level of comparability in terms of effectiveness and acceptance. But that day isn't here yet.
  7. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    The survey also does not address the number of graduates who, discouraged by their degrees' acceptance, simply did not try to apply. We don't know if there are any out there, but it seems reasonable that there are.
  8. sulla

    sulla New Member

    Of course not. DETC is only for Dl schools. what was I thinking :D

    I actually was thinking about RA vs. NA schools, such as FMU I believe.

    Funny, I thought your study measured the acceptance of dl degrees and one of your conclusions was that the difference in acceptability between B&M and dl degrees was no longer that big (of was this Dr. Bear's study?).

    Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Bill Huffman

    Bill Huffman Well-Known Member

    That wouldn't be going downhill, it would be stepping out of the door of a plane at 30,000 with no parachute. :D
  10. kf5k

    kf5k member

    Walden University accepts transfer credit from DETC schools.

    Harvard University also accepts transfer credit form DETC schools into their DL/ Bachelor of Liberal Arts (ALB ) program.

    More schools will be listed as they reply to my e-mails.
  11. Rich Douglas

    Rich Douglas Well-Known Member

    Hopefully, these anecdotes are being used to direct graduates from DETC-accredited schools towards regionally accredited schools that might accept them. Because if it is an attempt to demonstrate the level of acceptability, it will be lacking.
  12. c.novick

    c.novick New Member

    Thank you James for providing this information.

    With oxpecker's information and now yours, I will be contacting some RA universities. I am curious and wish to be accurrate with the correct information.

    Thanks again.
  13. Anthony Ciolli

    Anthony Ciolli New Member

    Harvard's ALB program isn't DL.
  14. plcscott

    plcscott New Member

    Amen. You are exactly right Bill.
  15. kf5k

    kf5k member

    Valerie Dixon of the distance education support staff said that the ALB is the only distance degree or certificate program that accepts transfer credit, other distance degree or certificate programs don't accept any transfer credit. Up to 64 credits may be transfered to Harvard's ALB degree program if it was a C- or better grade. They accept DETC credits towards this degree, up to the maximum of 64 credits.
  16. kf5k

    kf5k member

    clear degree mill= plusungood
    unaccredited = ungood
    state approved = good
    nationally accredited= plusgood
    regionally accredited= doubleplusgood

    doubleplusgood= A
    plusgood = D ???

    What happened to your proposal, change your mind so soon? If doubleplusgood is an (A), then plusgood should be a (B). Let's make proposals we intend to follow.

    Here's how I see it, as per your proposal.
    clear degree mill=plusungood/ F
    unaccredited = ungood / D
    state approved = good / C
    nationally accredited= plusgood /B
    regionally accredited= doubleplusgood /A
  17. Kirkland

    Kirkland New Member

    The more I peer into the crystal ball the more I see DETC becoming redundant. With RA having B&M and DL and DETC being strictly DL, I don't see how they can survive in the long run unless they become the necessary accreditor of all DL even for RA schools. I believe DETC will gain more members over the next several years and could very possibly have their charter expanded to include doctorates. However, there will be a critical point in their lifecycle when the business volume they represent will appear on the competitive business radar of the RA community. I see DETC eventually losing that fight, as long as DETC appears to be a subset of the RA mission academically.
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  18. DWCox

    DWCox member


    I have no interest in tracking you (or anyone else) down. This was probably a poor choice of words.

    However, you and many others make it a point not to disclose any information so as to prevent any one from truly holding you accountable for your commentary.

    But, since you haven't any formal degrees arguing degree utility with you is pointless. Oh yes, you do have a copycat web site to protect, don't you.
  19. DWCox

    DWCox member


    It's easy to spout off when personal discovery is limited or null.
  20. DWCox

    DWCox member


    I am willling to be held accountable for my comments and opinions expressed.

    It Gus that is not!

    I have never reminded anyone on this NG or any other NG that that a persons comments are forever documented for all to see. What exactly are you referring to -- accountability.
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