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    you are excellent

    Thankyou for your links -
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    ACT Online Free Cyber Security Training

    Wanted to make certain that this excellent Cyber Security Training find by Woho made it here in this thread...
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    Just to give the right credit: It was not spotted by me but by our local certificate guru MichaelGates ( but a bit burried in one of his treashure threads ;) )
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    Free Math videos

    There's tons of math videos out there but here are my two favorites - Calc I,II, III and some Diff equations. Also has some Trig and algebra. - Tons of videos not only relating to math. Really amazing how he simplfies concepts and how he makes sure you get the intuition for it. He's got multiple degrees from MIT and Harvard yet he's doing these videos for free.
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    Don't forget all these free OpenLearn courses from The Open University.

    There are hundreds of courses under these topics:

    Arts and History
    Business and Management
    Health and Lifestyle
    IT and Computing
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Modern Languages
    Science and Nature
    Study Skills

    There are no certificates but one could print out the statistics and quiz results to demonstrate completion.
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    Thank You!

    Wonderful list, very helpful.

    I should take the math for morons

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    Need self administered courses for credit please.

    Thanks for the courses, but besides the nursing ones, and the bible, and fema, and the csi casio, does anyone know of any more courses free or even not free that are self administered, that offer college credit?

    I know this probably sounds crazy, but I want to earn a degree soley (or as close as possible) on courses that are self administered.

    I'm also unsure of any colleges that would let me do this.

    Other then the hopes of TESC, Excelsior, Charter Oak.

    Also wasn't there another college or universities on here once that was going to be considered in changing the big three to the big four? Another institution with distance learning that you can earn a degree from testing out and stuff?

    And if one of the big three (or four) don't accept credit from all the courses in the world that offer college credit, then I assume I could just trasfer credit from these sort of courses to another college and then transfer it to one of the big three (or four, who ever that institution was)? Can someone therefore tell me which one of the big three is best for this?

    I was thinking TESC since they seem to just be great in general regarding credits (other then their reputation for horrible customer service that is).

    A few courses I already know about that offer college credit besides the ones I mentioned above are also

    Aleks, straighterline,,

    (Also courses mentioned on this page here)
    (scuba diving, courses for credit ace recognized)
    (they offer free courses online and even admit on the site that you can write down the courses you take online for free into a portfolio and submit it as pla or life experience,)(it seems that even the PLA assessment option through them is free for non students) I will try this and let everyone know what happens. Perhaps I can earn credits through this life experience and transfer them to a RA college.
    (I still don’t know if I can get any actual credits to transfer from this college to another, although it does say on the site “Courses vary in credit hours”.) Am I to assume that there are credits that can be transferred here and there to whoever will take them?
    This is a list of free courses online, however I have no idea if there is any college credit for these? Or if there is anyway to get a transcript to apply for credits if I were to show a college my completed courses. However until I know, I will go through the courses, and mention them for any PLA portfolios.
    They currently at this time only offer 1 free accredited course for 3 credits in medical. Ofcourse you have to pay for the credits, but they are cheap, and if it’s a selfgraded course, you really can’t fail.
  8. Ted Heiks

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    Western Governors University offers degrees based on establishing competencies. Ohio University offers an online BSS (Bachelor of Specialized Studies) that is very Big Three-like.
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    Wow thanks your great.

    Can anyone answer the other questions I had to the best of their abilities? Any help is appreciated.
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    wwfjdraw, EVEN IF you earn 500 credits, they only make a degree when they are distributed into the correct headings. You can't just rack up credit. You need to understand this concept first. The FEMA, PADI, etc are all in the same category. (Free electives) ALEKS is math. There isn't any way to put an ALEKS class into your social science requirement, or a scuba diving course into English composition.
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    US Consulate DL Courses

    While searching for courses I came across this page offering free non-credit courses by a US Consulate Office in Turkey

    This might be of interest for non-US residents who, if interested, could check with their nearest US Embassy.

    Maybe these courses could be used to study for CLEP, DSST, GCE or other challenge exams.
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    e-learning resources

    I'm one of the frugal member. It's not i'm cheap, it's just i'm luck of money to spend.
    What a great information. I love this.
    Thank you guys.
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    Free Courses

    I have also found things at They have some good webinars that are free.
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  16. Ian Anderson

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    No credit but you get certificates after completing each of these courses in weather
    Perhaps passing several of these courses could be used towards gaining portfolio credit
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    Programming Methodology (Stanford)
    CS106A is an Introduction to the engineering of computer applications

    Psych 1 - General Psychology - Lecture 1 UCBerkeley

    Computer Science 61A - Lecture 1

    Statistics 21

    Lec 1 | MIT 18.01 Single Variable Calculus, Fall 2006

    Lec 1 | 8.01 Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Fall 1999

    Lec 1 | MIT 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002
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    Great list of online Courses...I really need links for Free Text book online....
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    A:An "Open Access" Curriculum in Sexual Health

    Six free online courses in Human Sexuality endorsed by several Sex therapy training organizations.
    1. Basic Human Sexual Anatomy and Physiology
    2. Human Reproduction
    3. Physical Problems in Females and Males
    4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Their Prevention
    5. Sexual Dysfunctions and Their Treatment
    6. Human Sexual Behavior
    No certificates but some colleges may be contracted to provide credit upon completion.


    Free and low cost courses in Ecopsychology. Credit can be purchased from Portland State Umiversity

    These courses used to be open only to the military -now can be accessed by others. Worth 1 credit each (up to 32 courses) but only at APUS
    They also accept some of theFEMA EMI courses that Thomas Edison State College won't accept

    Offers free courses on Political Economy based on the work of Henry George
    Certificates awarded
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    Have you taken any of these course? Did you go through the process to get the credit? What were the credits awards as?

    Please post any info you may have on these course, I am very interested. Thanks

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