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    I found what they are awarded as, says Military Science.
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    At APUS the Docnet courses are used as electives so you can use all 25 + courses available for your electives and the same goes for FEMA EMI courses -they count almost all of them (TESC gives credit for 39 -APUS gives more)
    The catch is that this is not a credit bank service-you must be enrolled in a program to get the credit and have taken a course with them before you'll get an official transcript. (They have issued unofficial transcripts showing FEMA and Docnet courses accepted prior to taking a course with them-but if you don't take a course it never becomes "Official"
    Although Docnet courses are in military doctrine they are free, easy to do and APUS has many majors and degree programs that accept these as electives.
    Since they only charge a fee of only 50 dollars (although it recently went up) to accept these "transfer credits" you can get a quarter of your degree done this way. (FEMA EMI or Docnet courses)
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    doctrine networked extension

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    You can find many recorded Video lectures from Stanford , MIT etc on YouTube and possibly in better quality on itunes.

    You can use these to supplement the classes.

    I used to watch more then one university lecture on a subject I was studying at the time.

    Examples are for Engineering such as software of Electrical but you can fins leadership and Business classes as well and many other.

    Lecture 2 | Programming Methodology (Stanford)

    You can get everything (including software, handouts, assignments) on the website of "Stanford Engineering Everywhere". Just google it.

    Here is IIT Bombay

    If you want here is class from Cal Tech:

    Imagine the possibilities :)

    here is 27 videos for the Stamford class:CS 106B Programming Abstractions
    This course (CS 106B) is the successor to CS 106A and covers more advanced programming topics such as recursion, algorithmic analysis, and data abstraction. It is taught using the C++ programming language, which is similar to both C and Java. In the past when both CS 106A and CS106B were taught in C/C++, the coupling between the two classes was very tight and it was unheard for students to take CS106B without having completed our CS 106A (we recommended CS 106X instead). Nowadays, some students do go straight into CS106B, this is typically appropriate for a student who done well in an intro programming course (e.g., scored 4 or 5 on the CS AP exam or earned a good grade in a college course) and has sufficient familiarity with good programming style and software engineering issues (at the level of CS 106A) to use this understanding as a foundation on which to tackle advanced topics.

    Here is Masters level class - Graduate level at Berkeley
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    very very nice info
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    Ya it was very informative,thank you for the information keep it up the good work going.
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    Academic Earth: Free Online Video Courses from leading universities around the world!

    What is interesting is that all of the lectures are "graded" - A, A-, etc. Very good stuff, from lots of great universities:
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    Catholic free online accredited degrees


    I'm new here! I live in the UK and want to do a Catholic theology/religious degree distance learning that is accredited. I'm just wondering if you have any information?:)

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    You won't be able to find one for free with that criteria currently.
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    This is a great list of resources. Thanks everyone for putting this up.
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    Free Building Inspection & Safety Courses w/Certificates -- NOT SPAM!

    Besides "free for all" courses, non-members may take all courses for a $289 annual fee. Many CEU's to be had.
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    Interesting! And Inspection is a subject that isn't that commonly-taught. :)
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    Here you can learn a number of languages with the help of native speakers.
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    I was wondering if any of you who have listened to some of the free online lectures have posted them your resume?
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    "Watched a video one time about xxxxxxxxxx"

    Probably not a great resume builder.
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    Learn Genetics

    The University of Utah has a site called 'Learn.Genetics'. Looks really interesting - even has teachers' resources and lesson plans, which includes some free pdf files.


    Wish there were sites like this on every subject. The design of the site is user-friendly, and not only explains the subject extremely well, but makes genetics sound so interesting... I'm almost not afraid of science anymore. :cool:
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    Thank you for sharing all these resources here for online learning. Did anyone of you try attending online classes through WiZiQ? is a platform for online teaching and learning. Here you will find classes on almost all subjects like English, Spanish, Italian, Dot Net, MS SQL and more. These are Free Public Classes and anyone can join at any time.

    The recordings of the classes is also available and if you miss the class, you can always view the recording.
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    Will Free CEUs lead to a Credits for degree?

    Hi Guys
    Can anyone advice on these free courses with CEU/FEMA on various subjects (Emergency Management, Terrorism Preparedness, etc) actually lead to a post grad degree (with one claiming credits with)? Any advice/experience shared will be appreciated.
    Thanks :)

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