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    thanks generous people. this thread really helps a lot for individuals seeking online degree programs. effective and very useful
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    Your post was such a big help. I myself is also looking for a free online course. That means to be a great thing to do while working online.
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    YouTube EDU

    Thousands of free video lectures available through a new service provided by YouTube.
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    Academic Earth

    Thousands of free video lectures from the world's top scholars.
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    Brushing up on my algebra right now on! Fun. Seriously. I can't believe I forgot how to factor a trinomial. Its like getting back on a bike. Can't wait to tackle the rest of algebra and trig and find some calculus open courseware.
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    I have no idea there are many websites that offer free online courses. The internet indeed is a big help to many people today who want to acquire knowledge through formal online courses in the convenience of their home. How I wish I have more time to learn other stuff.
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    Learning ADP (payroll software)

    Does anybody know, by any chance, where I can learn ADP online?
    I have a job interview that requires ADP, but the last time I used it was about 3 or 4 years ago.

    Will appreciate any help i can get.

    Thank you!
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    Wow, scary... there is almost TOO MUCH infor in this thread! lol
    Oh well, might as well add to it! Hope this isn't here already!

    Introduction to Gemology,
    by Barbara Smigel,PhD,GG

    Gems & Gemology: Emporia State University

    Gemology: UC Berkeley

    Gemology Project (Wiki-Style Gemology Encyclopedia )

    YourGemologist (Basic Gemology with proper gemology student forum)
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    Being Careful To Avoid Free Online Degree Scam

    It’s very pertinent for one to be very careful to avoid becoming a victim free online degree scam. This is because most of these free online degrees are scams designed to defraud unsuspecting victims. Be careful!!!
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    Very nice post. Thanks for sharing such useful links. I 'll try to chk them all.
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    You have any idea about beauty course in distance learning?
    plz....if you get info plz mail meon

    [email protected]
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    Out of curiosity, how long did it take to complete the BENEFIT course? Could it be done in 6-8 weeks?
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    Courses on "You Tube"

    Complete Psych 101 course from UC Berkeley on You Tube.

    Many other courses on You Tube. Enter "lecture" and search "Playlist"

    For individual lectures, enter "lecture" and search "videos". Sometimes these individual lectures continue. Look at "More From" on right side of screen.
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