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    I have seen this topic come up from time to time, and I think it is because there are plenty of people who are just as frugal (i.e. cheap) as me. I have done much searching online for free courses that, while they may not offer credit, do offer an opportunity to learn something new. You can then take that knowledge and try to get credit for it through CLEP/Dantes or Prior Learning Assessment.

    Here is the list I have compiled so far. Some of these may have been discussed on this board before.

    World Lecture Hall. Free online course material and access to lecture notes. From University of Texas at Austin.

    Free Radio, Television and Journalism courses from the BBC.

    Online computer training tutorials for programs such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop:

    Free courses on a variety of subjects:

    Free courses from MIT:

    Free online business courses from the SBA:

    Free online courses and reading groups at Barnes and Noble University.

    The official learning and development center of the U.S. Federal Government.

    Free online Bible study lessons:

    Free courses from the University of Washington:

    Free math courses online.

    Free online study guides at SparkN

    Free University Project. Study for the CLEP general eduction subject exams.

    Free study materials at Pink Monkey.

    Free online video courses on a number of subjects. I love these!

    Math For Morons:

    Geography Lessons Online:

    Free FEMA web courses. You can get credit for these through a couple of community colleges.

    Online Geography Text Book:

    Introduction To Sociology. Online text book.

    Free Bible studies online. Can be transferred to for-credit college degree through Ames Bible College later.
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    Part II

    Part 2:

    Free online learning provided by Columbia University:

    Free Genealogy courses From BYU:

    Tufts Open Courseware:

    Utah State University Open Courseware:

    Johns Hopkins Open Courseware:

    The Internet Public Library:

    Great Books Online:

    Project Gutenberg. Free e-books available for download.

    Google Scholar. Google makes available a database of academic articles and e-books.

    Fulbright Open Courseware:

    Kyoto University Open Courseware:
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    Part III

    Free Online Language courses:

    Free Bible and Biblican archeology courses:

    Suite101. Free continuing education courses.

    Free general interest courses from Take courses for free for personal interest, or pay $8 per contact hour for CE credit.

    Land-Grant Training Alliance. Free online computer training courses. No longer updated.
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    I took the course on bats from Fathom.

    It was very well put together, and did a great job of explaining how echolocation works (I had only a very hazy understanding of echolation before I took the course).

    Great list by the way... it would be even better if structured as a database with user ratings.

    You can also access electronic versions of McGraw-Hill textbooks online. Some of these sites are really full of all kinds of great stuff and incldue everything but the actual full text (you have to pay for that). They don't advertise this or link to the free sites very well, but you can do Google searches to get to them like this:

    "keyword keyword"

    then doing some more work to get to the most recent edition of the textbook in question.
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    Part IV

    Open Courseware Directory:

    Sofia Free Intellectual Assets:

    I will add more as I find them. I like the idea about the database, but I have no experience with many of these courses, so you'll have to explore them for yourself. Some of these courses are good to take just for fun, and in the end, you learn something new. My personal favorites are the Annenberg video courses, the Sparknotes and Pink Monkey sites, and Suite 101 for extension-type courses.

    For you "Great Books" fans out there, the Gutenberg Project and should be added to your online "favorites" lists.
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    additional links for studying online

    Your posting of the links will help out a lot of people. Great job!

    I was wondering, during your search for free study links, did you happen to come across any free links for nursing study material online?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Re: additional links for studying online

    Actually, I have come across quite a few free online courses for free nursing continuing education credits.
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    Tons of free nursing ceus and for others

    If you're looking for free nursing CEUS or medical CME none is better than I need 150 every 5 years and I get most of them there. Multiple areas of courses in every area of medicine /nursing.

    Other free nursing CEUS at:
    Free courseware for pharmacists, nurses, and physicians

    Another site where you can obtain lots of free CEUS is:
    All in area of pain control.

    These sites save nurses a ton of money.

    Others include:
    offers 1-4 free courses a month.

    For free NBCC( For Counselors) ceus ( hard to find free ones) go to:

    Topics include suicide prevention, tobacco cessation, addictions, genetics etc.

    and at

    will find some free courses for ceus needed approved by:
    The following online courses available on this site have been approved for credit from the following accrediting bodies:

    National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.
    National Association of Social Workers
    National Board of Certified Counselors
    NAADAC - The Association for Addiction Professionals

    Topics include bullying, substance abuse , domestic violence.

    These sites have saved me alot of time and money-hope they help you!
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    Excellent thread! Thank you for all that information.
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    Any Basic First Aid for Educators on line

    Wonderful list. I am looking for basic first aid for classroom teachers. Thank you. Hille
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    Part V

    Verizon Literacy Campus. Online literacy courses from Verizon.

    Free IT courses:

    School For Champions. Business and Science courses.

    Online chats and speeches from Harvard:

    Journalism training courses from News University. Offered by the Poynter Institute. Requires registration. Most courses are free. Some have a charge.
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    Thank you so much! This free exchange of information by those thoughtful enough to share is one of the best things about Degreeinfo.
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    Free online course in Arabic:

    Free courses in a variety of topics:

    Free online course about starting a business and writing a business plan. The course is free, but they charge for a textbook

    Free online course in Modern Icelandic.

    THIS IS COOL! Create your own online course. Free software!

    Free Jewish studies online:
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    cool, I can use some of these sites to prepare for clep exams!
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    Why on Earth would you need to prepare for CLEP exams? You already have two Master's degrees!

    Just curious.

    - Tom
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    Well I am wanting a third masters in either biology or environmental health and I do not have much of a background in the natural sciences. I am an education junkie one can say.
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